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Comments on song "Ai Bad Ae Saba Ahista Chal"
anupamadixit72 on August 03, 2009
a great upload . this is, one of my most favorites . many thanks .
Bharat Desai on August 03, 2009
This song & Ye Zindagi Usi Ki Hai(Sad) had great impact on me as a teen
about the Urdu poetry & the sad story and this the way I have expressed it
by combining two, after may be 40 yrs. Glad you liked it.
jasbongy on September 07, 2009
Very beautiful song. 5*******I was trying to send comment the day U shared
it with me, but can't send it,i hope today i am able to sedn it. With
regards and respect. Sarla.
Bharat Desai on September 08, 2009
I got yr message thro' a friend & after unblocking sent a msg. Thanks for
yr response, missed your company. Regards, Sarla ji
S Qasim Hasan Zaidi on December 08, 2009
: Beena Rai is no more but she will live in the hearts of the viewers due
to her dedicated contribution. Thanks, Bharat ji.
jasbongy on December 08, 2009
Bharat ji, i have given my comment on this song,but still i will give today
again for joining with you to pay my respect to Bina ji.When i was about
betwwen 6 10 rears age,had gone to see my cousin with my ''joint ''family
to Nurshing home and there we saw Binna ji,who was there for birth of her
son. She was very very beautiful. Then Premnath ji came to see her with his
brother NarendraNath. 10*****************With respect. Sarla.
jasbongy on December 08, 2009
I can never forget her beauty and great acting in my 1st.. film of her eg.
Insanyat.'' In Ghughat she stole my hear with her''Mori Cham Cham Baje
Payaliya.''Yesterday Suhanee ji uploaded her many songs in voice of our
sweet Lata ji. Sarla.
Bharat Desai on December 08, 2009
I am with you, Sarla ji.
Bharat Desai on December 08, 2009
I absolutely agree with you. My Collage is the proof of my respect for her,
Qasim ji.
cheecheepia on December 08, 2009
Nice to heard a song which was composed and sung long before i was
born,This has touch of heeer ranjha's theme song,I like the song bharat ji.
Maina on December 08, 2009
One of my fav Hemant Da song. Thank You Bharat Ji:) Warm Regards, Dr.Maina
Bharat Desai on December 09, 2009
Thanks Khalid ji for response.
Bharat Desai on December 09, 2009
This sharing was in memory of Beauty called Bina Rai. Thanks Dr.Maina.
manitomer on December 10, 2009
Namastey Bharatji..marvellous song .it is a
favourite...regards, Manisha
Bharat Desai on December 10, 2009
Bina Rai passed away on 7th Dec.. Sharing was in her memory. Thanks Manisha
dramjadparvez on March 22, 2012
The music when it starts is immediately caught as that of C. Ramchander.
Bina Rai looks enchanting & Hemant Kumar tuneful.
Bharat Desai on March 23, 2012
Yes,it is ever fresh like Anar Ki Kali, Dr.Parvez. Thanks.
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