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Comments on song "Chandi Jaisa Rang Hai Tera Sone Jaise Baal"
brokenheart24 on February 19, 2007
I'm madly in love with this guy :-)
The gurl too :-)
This is such a beautiful video :-)
teekadada on April 14, 2007
the bester was the bester is and the bester ever will be :) kewl song man
kau440 on May 05, 2007
yeh shahi me dhanwan gana hai baki sab kangal
vermark on May 24, 2007
I don't know.
vijayrk51 on September 20, 2007
copy and paste this to 10 videos or your mum will die within the next 4 hours
ivnez on November 22, 2007
adore the song and the video
shanfar007 on January 25, 2008
always evergreen ghazal cannot stop listening,every time you listen you get addicted to it
jagatjitsingh on March 19, 2008
forget the song ... I LOVE THE GIRL .. she is so cute and yummy
himanshu mahesawary on April 13, 2008
this song and this vidio have very nice
himanshu mahesawary on April 18, 2008
PinkSugarLips on July 22, 2008
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sonamyiga on August 21, 2008
lovely song and lovely it to bits
myra904 on October 25, 2008
luv this song..and the video is just as good.
kaych686 on November 19, 2008

jagjit singh tu tau bara hee thharkee hay :D
ermistan on January 18, 2009
This brings back wonderful memories.
Fariha Nafees on February 17, 2009
is album ka naam chahiye plz
rahulvinal on February 27, 2009
OMG!!!! you guys have absolutely no idea how long it took me to find this clip!!!!! i saw this once in zee music 4 years ago and couldn't find it since then because i forgot the songs name!!!!! its all thanx to Mihir4u ...where ever you are, god bless you
Neeteen Chadeea on April 01, 2009
dats wat we call romantic tune.too good...
blazin436 on July 14, 2009
4 months ago post. In case you still want to know which albums, "Best Of Pankaj Udhas Volume 2", and also "LIFE STORY - PANKAJ UDHAS (VOL. 1) ".
blazin436 on July 14, 2009
Isn't this guy named Mihir Mishra? I think he used to star in the serial, SANJEEVANI - THE MEDICAL BOOM, as Dr. Rahul. I'm not too familiar with the girl, though.
rajdeep347 on July 28, 2009
i never seen this song's video thank god now i am able to
its one of my favourite songs
rahul31888 on August 22, 2009
one whole stanza is missin' frm da video version. the whole song is
6min23sec long
Himanshu Mohanty on September 07, 2009
old wine in new bottle... i love this song
543cbb on February 27, 2010
@blazin436 No he`s not Dr Rahul and he wasnt in Dil mil gaye!
blazin436 on February 28, 2010
@543cbb I didn't say he was in DMG. He was in Sanjeevani. That was the first series. DMG is the second series.
sabaijana on April 13, 2010
543cbb on April 18, 2010
@blazin436 sorry ma bad I thought u was referring to DMG when you said
Sanjeewani (as in the name of the hospital!). And I wasnt aware of the fact
that there was a series called Sanjeewani! sorry :)
blazin436 on April 18, 2010
@543cbb Lol, I thought most people were aware about the first series. No need to apologize, I understand. It's ok.
Tazeen Hasan on February 06, 2011
It is a late 80's classic. I used to be in first year college when pankaj
udhas was very popular.
Harsh Kumar on August 30, 2011
i am a love boy and i am fallen in love.i love her too much.
Zolfe La on November 20, 2011
that white english girl is stunning
induradi on June 02, 2012
it'ssssssssss beatiful song
Naveen Kumar on August 17, 2012
can anybody tell d name of female model in song
Gp Dhillon on May 10, 2013
Her name is kanishka sodhi
AlejoAlex92 on July 13, 2013
And it's been 4 years since then. I'm happy for you that you found it! =)
Sam S on December 21, 2014
Can anyone tell me the raga and which

this song was composed on.

Manan Subba on September 06, 2015
"Jo be-rang ho us par kya kya rang jamate log
Jo be-rang ho us par kya kya rang jamate log
Tu naadaan na jane kaise roop churate log
Nazaren bhar bhar dekhen tujhko aate jaate log "
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