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Comments on song "Divaana Mujsha Nahee, Iss Amber Ke Niche"
passionableguy14 on May 28, 2009
i mean green/hazel/brown eyed dudes r verrrry nice people.
amitsp23 on May 31, 2009
Hey..its such a wonderful song. shammi is my fav...
mahmuda7 on June 03, 2009
what the this .
kushal Eswarappa on June 08, 2009
Asha!! look tat sincere request to all the
heroines of today..learn a bit of elegence frm her...mam u r jst
wonderful...god take us back to that generation ..
alemoh on June 11, 2009
Absolutely agree with you on Asha Parekh, one of the best actresses and
dancers of all time. A true Icon of Indian Cinema.
sona1234heera on July 21, 2009
Am only 134 years young.And i hate zis song. Too old for me. Michael
Jackson was much much better. But Shammi surpasses this negro who turned
whiter than white and the man who turned into a Woooman.
darknite2510 on July 25, 2009 too
Rakesh Pant on July 28, 2009
shammi kapoor has his own style and class
nandamehtra on August 06, 2009
whacko jacko came later and shammi was the first - so dont make silly comparisions - to each his genre
aqeel4641 on September 18, 2009
Muhammad Rafi Sahib was a great singer and Shammi Kapoor is the only one
who realy properly act on Muhammad Rafi Sahib song. i am realy thankful to
Shammi Kapoor Sahib for dances and acting on Muhammad Rafi Sahib song. it
was a great combination with Muhammad Rafi Sahib voice and Shammi Kapoor
Sahib Dance and acting.
forzaazzuri100 on October 08, 2009
im from nepal. Im a great Muhammad Rafi fan.
indodesi on October 08, 2009
shammi and rafi: the greatest combo ever.
MariaV0071 on October 13, 2009
Wow, what an amazing song. I love Rafi's voice. I can listen to this song
the entire day!!!
iwantwhatiget on October 19, 2009
I cannot get over how beautiful this song is. <3
LaggardInLove on November 16, 2009
Nope, he is Shammi Kapoor.
nandamehtra on November 30, 2009
it is the inimitable shammi
ppolaris1 on February 04, 2010
Shami-kapoor and raafi greatest entertainers
joshuadiesel on February 23, 2010
this is great im 26 and enjoy more of the old songs because they keep me in a good mood and i think that rafi saab and shammiji were a great combination and both delivered an amazing hits that stays in our hearts and can be good for all ages even for young guys like me
avidutubeuser007 on March 17, 2010
@iwantwhatiget I'm glad to know that I'm not the only young person who still appreciates Shammi/Rafi combos! :)
Bollywood has not found a true successor to them yet.
avidutubeuser007 on March 17, 2010
Elvis is the American Shammi! lol :D
avidutubeuser007 on March 17, 2010
So true. We are still waiting for a true successor to Shammi Kapoor.
alemoh on March 26, 2010
Absolutely agree with you on Asha Parekh, one of the best actresses and dancers of all time. A true Icon of Indian Cinema.
pagal m on April 06, 2010
no one can beat rafi sahab and shammi kapoor.
angela alimi on April 11, 2010
dewanna mujhsi na hi.. i love this song. nothing beats the classics.
manimajra1 on April 19, 2010
@rodungp IT IS NOT A COPY. 'Eh Kancha' which is a wonderful song, is the inspiration and frankly hindi version sounds much better.
findingnemo emo on April 25, 2010
this song is copied from Nepali song called "aa kancha" by late Aruna Lama.
anyways hindi version is good too.i thought actor was Dewanand.
arv68 on April 27, 2010
@avidutubeuser007...the counting still going on buddy..what can i say ; old
wine taste much better
Abu Adel Khan on April 27, 2010
very nice hart touching song from teesri manzil. *deewana mujh sa nahi. es
amber kay nechay aagay mera qaatil hai aur main peachay peachay.
Anayatullah from doda shadiwan.
Abu Adel Khan on April 27, 2010
lovely song film teesri manzil.
Mustapha Chater on April 28, 2010
Il n'y a rien à ajouter , c'est de la classe un pur plaisir un vrai delice
, je me lasserais jamais de les ecouter ...
Melancong48 on May 04, 2010
to date I still appreciate Shammi acting..but Shah Rukh Khan is an actor
liked by the younger generation...we cannot b young to b like them n what's
past cannot b just remain to b remembered..
ss S on May 12, 2010
I love shammi Kapoor. He is my all time favourite... his acting ..his
dance..his look... he is just amazing...
Inatsikap on May 16, 2010
The Legacy of Rafi Saab reigns supreme and will continue through the ages!!
falouter on May 19, 2010
c 1 merveille!!! tht's all folks!
zombiezqueen on May 29, 2010
this is my favorite old hindi movie n i absolutely love shammi kapoor and
asha parekh in it!the songs in it are awesome too!love it!
Dinesh Ganti on June 23, 2010
The slight humming at the very ending by rafi saab. Simply superb!!!!
riotgirl on June 24, 2010
awesome song
gauravgijoe on July 06, 2010
ji nahin..hamari yehei jagah hai..peeche
peeche...rofl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gr8 song though
MsMusku on July 10, 2010
This is my all time fav song & movie..I luv shammi & asha...
Renuka Mahesh on July 12, 2010
i want to download this song !!!pls telmw hw to??
spsyed on July 31, 2010
Rafi sahib passed away 30 years ago (31 July 1980), but his legend lives on as his voice still continues to entertain and amaze millions around the world. No one replaced humble, modest and pious Rafi sahib. He changed Indian film playback and music industry forever. He is a book on how to sing. His playback voice changed the fate of most Indian film actors, and made them superstars of their time. I am honoured to have met him, be his family's neighbour in London-UK. RIP Mohammed Rafi.
mykkrockz on August 02, 2010
Love mohamed rafi's sweet voice and shammi's style of dancing. Briliant
movie. A must watch!
janeetaali on August 10, 2010
great song.shammi kapoor is the best.and asha parekh is very decent actress.
zzaaiidd10 on October 15, 2010
kya baat hai my fav song sung by the legendry rafi saab
alemoh on October 18, 2010
Absolutely agree with you on Asha Parekh, one of the best actresses and dancers of all time. A true Icon of Indian Cinema.
Zatpatkhana patel on November 08, 2010
Old i gold ,thanks for posting...
Dizzy Blu on December 19, 2010
@devenautar Basically hes saying "no ones crazier about you than me"
kiranphalke on January 30, 2011
@devenautar There is no lover below this sky better than me for loving you.
.In front there is my enemy and i am walking behind her. I found the enemy
very lovable.
Luvutubevideos on January 31, 2011
udti huyi zulfi funny bhi lag rahi hia aur ache bhi
Mohammed Bhatti on February 09, 2011
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