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Comments on song "Easy"
Theodore Angelos on September 04, 2011
Joy fills my eyes, remembering your hair, with tears. And these tears roll
and shine. A dark night with raindrops and the rolling and shining of
love... only love. You know... how it feels. Feeling is easy... I know.
When I was young... you know... it was real. ❤
Jennifer Carlisle on October 10, 2011
Another beautyfull piece!! She is so georgous her father must be very
proud!! :)
Anil Kumar on November 17, 2011
2 half sisters - together - very refreshing music. I wish they have more
NovaScotiaChick on December 03, 2011
3rdsidewalker on December 25, 2011
they should make a movie of this family
Anjali Pertin on January 06, 2012
So beautiful, couldnt help self with tears..<3 <3 <3
Anjali Pertin on January 06, 2012
Been through similar situation...expresses all my hearts feeling so deeply.
Ken Wells on January 14, 2012
A beautiful song by two beautiful women, well done Raviji.
SheStillRuns on February 16, 2012
wow, the sitar and western music just don't go together! at least going by
kd Kapoor on March 07, 2012
@afghanforlife How TRUE!
Kunal Tom on March 11, 2012
4 dickheads were on this page!
viralmonkeymarket101 on April 16, 2012
The whole cd is good..I like the song with Sting
fatimah amirah on May 07, 2012
oooo my good nice music... i luv dis music
Lobitta504 on May 14, 2012
Wow.I've been a fan of both Anoushka Shankar and Norah Jones music for a
long time now- and I never knew they're actually half sisters O_O
cobrafusion on May 17, 2012
Wich one ? :D
cobrafusion on May 29, 2012
Yep (That gives a sense to my question )
Lobitta504 on June 04, 2012
what do you mean- uh? I think I was clear enough..
abraham_1991 on June 20, 2012
abraham_1991 on June 20, 2012
Es impresionante la tranquilidad que me entrega esta canción al
geeti si on August 23, 2012
yeh this song make me cry too, cause this song remind me of my lovee nd our
lovely memories nd those clean emotions!!:)
LSU Gamer on September 15, 2012
its only love...
3rdsidewalker on October 04, 2012
Ravi shankar is surely a blessed father
Jürgen Joherl on October 12, 2012
Ah..can't help it.goosebumps!!!.thanx!!!
pokan on December 14, 2012
pokan on December 14, 2012
Romulo de almeida portella on December 16, 2012
thanks to know!
Mari posa on December 21, 2012
mujeres hermosas...canciones hermosas...hermanas hermosas...
Schoemanski on January 31, 2013
When i was young, you know, love was real, my heart was open, feeling was
easy.. than i grow up in this world, lost the feeling, lost the love you
know.. but now i know, i've been shown, now i know better.. feeling
is easy, feeling is great. Love is there if you want it to be. You just
have to see that it is wrapped in beauty and hidden away between the
seconds of your life. If you don’t stop for a minute you might miss it. ;-)
Reshmi2013 on February 06, 2013
Well said! :-)
Gayathri Menon on February 07, 2013
wow anoushka certainly has her father's gift with the sitar!! beautiful!!
Schoemanski on February 07, 2013
Thank you... for hearing me
Thaddeus Villasor on March 11, 2013
Beautiful fusion!
udennyn on March 23, 2013
en·chant·ing /enˈCHantiNG/ Adjective Delightfully charming or attractive:
amazinginspiration on April 25, 2013
WOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LSU Gamer on May 11, 2013
I found this song on accident. so glad i did :)
Mari posa on June 04, 2013
My thoughts exactly. None the less, two very beautiful, talented and
blessed sisters. Anoushka and Norah.
SMC72 on June 07, 2013
So glad I have such an open mind for ALL cultures and ALL music. This is
MrDSheth on July 11, 2013
beautiful song
Tilak Gajmere on October 27, 2013
Very nice..!
3lullabies on March 05, 2014
Would love to here Anoushka and Bjork together,would mesh well.
Eliana Irene Mundaca Aguilar on March 21, 2014
+santiago andres diaz muñoz 
Eliana Irene Mundaca Aguilar on March 21, 2014
+Marion Díaz Morales 
blueearth5000 on June 13, 2014
Such an amazing feeling everytime I listen this. Special collaboration of
two beautiful sisters...
mritunjay guha on November 03, 2014
thank u for sharing this..nectar like sweet music
Raya Banerjee on December 01, 2014
Thanks for posting the lyrics and the album.Its divine.
Hendrick Looysen on December 14, 2014
It Sisterhood we need to love the world
vaisakhan babu on February 21, 2015
heven u anushka
SuperStargazer666 on July 02, 2015
LSU Gamer on November 28, 2015
Ive been shown the other side < Joni mitchell reference
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