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Comments on song "Gan Gan Gulaabi (Title Song)"
Some Desis on February 06, 2014
Madurai looking amazing!
Some Desis on February 06, 2014
Madhuri looking amazing
Julianna A. on February 06, 2014
Theyre both beautiful ! Glad theyre together in this movie
Manash Kumar Rout on February 06, 2014
extra Ordinarily acting
Neely Marichike on February 06, 2014
This song is so darn CATCHY! And the visuals, goodness gracious me! Madhuri
Dixit!!! Maar daala!!!!! <3
Pallab Saha on February 06, 2014
Anthem for women power
aryankhan65 on February 06, 2014
WOW! Powerpack song! Impressive. Eagerly waiting for Gulaab Gang :) Great
to see such meaningful women oriented movies. Bollywood needs more such
movies, and spare the drama of the nonsense masala flicks.
Arjun on February 06, 2014
Average song. But Juhi is just Rocking ! She s gonna overshadow everyone
The247th on February 06, 2014
Finally, seems like a good movie to wait for..
Atif Khan on February 06, 2014
Sharmin Mohsina on February 06, 2014
Only for juhi ma'am!!!!
Kalpak Chavan on February 06, 2014
very powerful song and the video.. looking forward for the movie.. madhuri
Aadil Moosa on February 06, 2014
Great Song Soumik Sen. Orchestration is great. Singing is perfect and
Madhuri is just perfect! 
Haider Jr on February 07, 2014
Both rockkss. Both legends. Madhuri is outstanding. Juhi is awesome. Total
respect for both and please people stop comparing..
SNEAKER PIMP on February 07, 2014
a dream came true...2 legends 1 movie... this film has blockbuster written
all over it.
khaalid samad on February 07, 2014
Halmali is a die hard sridevi fan so let's just ignore his hateful comments
and focus on the movie and song. The song is awesome, both madhuri and
juhi are fantastic actresses. Can't wait to see this in the theater 
Jese Ochoa Jr on February 07, 2014
Class acts by both legends. Juhi Chawla ma'am I love you. Madhuri Dixit
ma'am l love you more. FDFS for you Rajjo. #ClassLadies #Respect
Saniya Patil on February 07, 2014
I love Juhi Chawla! ^_^
Chaymouta Madhuri Dixit on February 07, 2014
awsome and Madhuri its fabelous
Sophie Gurung on February 08, 2014
Cyrillia Louis on February 08, 2014
what is the name of this movie?
sweetnawesome23 on February 08, 2014
Bravo Soumik Sen! Excellent INDIAN soundtrack! 
Gourab Choudhury on February 08, 2014
Madhuri Dixit has done it again.she looks as fiery as Draupadi...look at
her expressions as she walks out at 1:18 secs like a Devi warning the evil
before she slay them.The song is beautiful too and magnificently shot...
Gulaab Gang should be a milestone movie in the history of Bollywood.
Sonu Handa on February 08, 2014
dawood shaikh on February 09, 2014
MADHURI is back. one cant get bigger then her in bollywood.
dawood shaikh on February 09, 2014
MADHURI is back. one cant get bigger then her in bollywood.
Saptarshi Roy on February 09, 2014
Juhi Chawla is very bold to try such a role... go baby go
preeti bisht on February 11, 2014
incredibel madhuri.
Halimali on February 11, 2014
1:30 from the over botox and the cheek implants u can clearly see Madhuri's
inability to open her mouth widely. pause the video here and look for it
sinem padukone on February 12, 2014
Tinni Bose on February 13, 2014
Halimali watever u say baby,sridevi have 2 rebirth to even come close to
Madhuri. So pls shut ur mouth
Naina Agrawal on February 14, 2014
MAdhuri looks pale and fake in front of Juhi Chawla !!
Chaa Gayi Juhi.
Madhuri Ko Khaa Gayi Juhi!!
hazarag on February 16, 2014
Love juhi chawla , good she is bakc 
Naina Agrawal on February 17, 2014
Aaah! Madhuri is looking like a botox queen... TOO MUCH...
Sumedha Ghatpande on February 17, 2014
People who were talking about Madhuri's Botox should look at Sridevi amma
pakoda. She was dark like burnt medu vada but then suddenly became fair
after Chandni!!!! what did she applied?
Jese Ochoa Jr on February 17, 2014
And South black Sridevi's hog again.. hahahahahaha..StiffDevi or LadooDevi?
Oh wait...BikiniDevi..hahahahahahhaha
Manas Singh on February 20, 2014
Such a powerful song Madhuri is unmatchable...juhi is also good but cant
beat the fact that the movie has Madhuri ! , seriously, I am so disgusted
to read the comments below by some random people...women talking nuisance
about another women...what else to say...I would suggest halimali if u r a
women, this movie is a must watch for u also some one named naina agarwal u
too :-) . please be sane about what you comment on a public forum ...
if u r a sri fan why are u here ? Even I am a big fan of Sridevi, but does
not mean that others are bad, how can u people comment like this...really
annoying and disgusting..GROW UP !
Pradeep M on February 21, 2014
Loved it. 
Sandhya Pillai on February 21, 2014
so good to c two great actresses on the same platform! Cheers to both.
Padmoja Roy on March 02, 2014
I would like to see Sridevi vs Juhi. I think, Shridevi is much better for
this type of character whereas Madhuri for glamorous or fashionable
character. Wrong selection
Tulip Suman on March 05, 2014
shud hv taken smone else instead of juhi .smone who cud hv acted at par
with madhuri
Sacred Plants on March 07, 2014
@halimali what about the song balma with sridevi from nagina? Both madhuri
and sridevi are the best at classical indian acting. For example: devdas.
And with sridevi nagina and nigahen 
Rinni Soni on March 25, 2014
Juhi looks really pretty! 
Pubudu Akalanka Watthuhewa on June 01, 2014
If this movie unable to brake Box Office records I've got 3 words for ya!
Madhu Bala on June 12, 2014
Inspiring song who live alone and no one to take care of them !
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