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Comments on song "Hazaar Baaten Kahe Zamaanaa Meri Vafaa Pe Yaqin"
Ali imran Khan on May 05, 2009
thnks,,i love it,,i do believe in ur loyality with lata,,lol
gorapup on May 17, 2009
I ll try but i cant promise..
gorapup on May 17, 2009
You are very welcome... :)
lost world on August 03, 2009
thanku so much fr uploading this beautifull song,,,,,, hey anyone can plz
upoad this somg..mahi re mein kaise kahu apne jiya ki from the old
jasbirdhanjal1 on February 08, 2010
one of the best song I ever heard.
naMetanoissaP on April 02, 2010
Loved this song. Thank you for uploading it. Nice!
Shaam44 on April 02, 2010
Khandeel :) What a song and what a VOICE !! It touched my broken heart and brings tears to my Eyes Besides ,It Melt my heart.

The Quality of this Audio is unbelievable and outstanding which made me feel so good to listen to the queen of melody.

OMG !!! Never heard it before,I love it so much and it does straight to my Favorite section.

Thank you my best Khandeel for posting this song in this very holy day"Happy Easter" to you and all your family and Friends.
Zulo7 on April 02, 2010
Very beautiful song and I agree with Shamm44,I feel so good as he said.
tofan85 on April 02, 2010
Great song ,Her voice is so sweet.Thanks Jemal"shaam44"for forward this one.
conaan71 on April 02, 2010
One of the best song ever ! Very good audio quality,Thank you shaam44 For sharing.
OnlinebollywoodMovie on April 03, 2010
Wow!!! dis is gud. thanx 4 da upload..
khandeel on April 03, 2010
@Shaam44 Jemal..! As always your comments are very encouraging for a beginner like me. You always stand by your best freind and I truly appreciate that.
Thank you.and hope you have a great Easter weekend too!
khandeel on April 03, 2010
@OnlinebollywoodMovie Thanks Khurrum,for your lovely comment.
khandeel on April 03, 2010
@TheDiamondRafi You are welcome...and thanks for your comment.
khandeel on April 03, 2010
@conaan71 Thank you for your comments.
khandeel on April 03, 2010
@Zulo7 Thanks to you and Jemal for sharing this with you.
chamogaa on April 04, 2010
A sterling upload reflecting exquisite taste. That Lataji is the eternal goddess of melody is by now a cliche ,but some truths never get tiresome no matter how often we repeat them. Repetition of such labels for Lataji when backed by such divine songs only helps highlight the folly of resistance from skeptics. Glad you forwarded the song to me, khandeel. Thanks.
DokhiDil01 on April 04, 2010
woow, Greeeeeat song this song is so heart touching, this song has great lyrics.first time i heard this song now its always well be in my heart, yaar ur choice is always great, Mindblowing and Fantastic. Thank u so much for sharing
khandeel on April 04, 2010
@DokhiDil01 Thank you, Zariyab for your comments. I am glad you liked it.
This is one of my favorite songs. Glad to hear from you.
tomandjerry2007 on April 04, 2010
Super words and super singing by Koyal of India.
Sounds like Ravi's music direction ?.
kchopra4080able on April 05, 2010
Hard it is to get your love prevail when those against it are numerous. But not when Lata joins your cause and sings her way past your demons! And that too, in a way only she can!
Lata represents uniqueness and has proved it time time and again. Just as here.
Thanks Qandeel forsharing this upload.
khandeel on April 05, 2010
@kchopra4080able Thank you ,Kanwal jee, for your superb comments. Lata can sing for any cause and it would be hard to resist not to give in.
khandeel on April 05, 2010
@tomandjerry2007 Thanks T&J for your comments.Not sure about the music...will check.
khandeel on April 05, 2010
@chamogaa Prof.Mago, Its always a pleasure to hear from you.Your comments are something that YT would not exist without. You make uploads more appealing just by your comments. Thank you.
khandeel on April 05, 2010
@naMetanoissaP Thank you, for your ''nice'' comments.Looking fwd to more comments from you.:)
Mashakkal on April 05, 2010
Oh! So meaningful words.I have Heared This Song With you Many Times.
The Nightingale Of India,Has Sung this Sweetly.
Khandeel,Take Inspiration From These Words and Face The world.
Thank You For Sharing.
Mashakkal on April 05, 2010
@kchopra4080ableGreat comment.
ShahidKapoor4ever on April 05, 2010
I really like this old and i mean very old song. Good work!
Malleck1 on April 05, 2010
Great upload . I only seldom heard it. the song is Rare and so beautiful.

Khandeel, i like your choices.

Thanks for sharing.
salrupa on April 05, 2010
It was so hard for me to pay attention to poetry,taabla and Lata voice at the same time.First i thought tabla is best,then the poetry littelry went in to my bones,just like current runs from head to toe and make you helpless,and then Late voice gave me CPR,lolzzz..Outstanding combination.Thanks Khandeel jii for sharing...You are the best...
khandeel on April 05, 2010
@salrupa Now thats what I call a rib tickling comment. And its genuine and funny,which means it is the best..! Thank you Khurram jee for 100% pure!
I am glad you liked it.
khandeel on April 06, 2010
@Malleck1 Thank you Malleck for your lovely comments.
Aartib40 on April 07, 2010
Khandeel Dear, Superb choice, Great song by Lata ji.
This line says it all "Kise ko hansta na dekhe payein ajeeb shay hai ye behri duniya. I dun get it why people can not see another person happy. Anyway beautiful calming song sweet true lyrics. thanks4the beauty.
khandeel on April 07, 2010
@Aartib40 Thank you ,Aarti jee for your lovely comments as always.

I know the lyrics are very touching.meri mohobbath ki zindagi ko nazar na lag jaye kissi ki..,Yes, the world does not like to see anyone happy.Becoz they can't see that maybe..I think Lata jee sang this so sweetly.
jamalnasir1975 on April 13, 2010
A truly soul stirring & well-meaning song by Lata..That particular era belonged to her when most of her songs had become a RAGE..
Great choice Qandeel Sis..Fabulous audio quality..

Keep up the good work..

Thank you for sharing this eternally beautiful piece..
khandeel on April 14, 2010
@jamalnasir1975 Finally Jamal bhai, Now I can breathe. Your approval was much awaited for.Thank you for your presence ! So glad to hear from you.
avi11may on April 18, 2010
I've been looking for video of this song for years. Can someone plz upload its video?
Sikandar Ali on July 20, 2010
why i listen this song can you tell me
nkp777 on July 25, 2010
Voice of the millennium
JunaidKhan899 on August 25, 2010
beautiful melody.priceless lata mangeshkar.great pick of upload.thanks khandeel.
khandeel on August 25, 2010
@JunaidKhan899 Thanks Junaid, for checking each of my upload.
imran19632 on January 22, 2011
best voice ever .
Sajeda Saeed on January 27, 2011
my most fav song in da world by lata jee.. her voice is real charm. lyrics
is so touchin.. thanx 4 sharin.
Alka Singal on September 01, 2011
Beautiful song by Lata as usual.It has haunting qualities as many of her
songs.I just wish someone post a video of this song so we can enjoy movie
scene related to song.
poojamusic on November 23, 2011
Love this song.
ravindrashrivastava on February 28, 2012
Music is by Ravi. Such a lovely composition.
ASHOK DHINGRA on February 07, 2014
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