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Deepika Padukone, Neil Nitin Mukesh

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Comments on song "Lafangey Parindey"
Khan2705 on July 08, 2010
nice song , love it :) waiting for the movie
pkhanna10 on July 08, 2010
i love it ! Whens the music releasing ?
JoGaMaKi on July 08, 2010
song is great, can't wait!
M. Riebe on July 08, 2010
song is great, When he comes to Germany, I want to see the film.
bietsrohit on July 08, 2010
bad upload reupload it video not working smoothly
naureennoni on July 09, 2010
i also love the ring ring rang rang part. I was expecting a fun song =[
JoGaMaKi on July 09, 2010
@naureennoni you expect a fun song in a thriller? ha ha...
naureennoni on July 09, 2010
@JoGaMaKi its bollywood you get everything lol
BOLLYHDMUSIC on July 11, 2010
nice song .. i can "t wait for the movie and music out...
MyKatrins on July 11, 2010
@JoGaMaKi Hey, it's not a thriller movie. It's a romantic-comedy.
MyKatrins on July 11, 2010
Love it at 0:40. LOL .
sudhirkaran09 on July 11, 2010
I like the song but I wonder why the music , promos hv not been released.. YRF is known for their promotions.. maybe they dont want to promote this film .. !
sbav3731 on July 13, 2010
awesome song i m waitng 4 its release
mabokplak on July 13, 2010
@FAIZALOOO Can't hope too high on YRF's film anymore..haha
djmew1000 on July 15, 2010
This z wt i wnt 2 b.
hafsa h on July 15, 2010
wow i luv dis movie ... is it out????
aocsite on July 15, 2010
No new concepts here my friends.. From this trailer I can see here typical indian movie scenes, and fight scenes are unbearable. Also seems like they forget sometime that shes blind..
And yes, it seems like another flop!!
we people are not that creative, we are very good with "following" things...
loginakashverma on July 16, 2010
hey thats awesome movie niel looks diffrent in this movie an having fun with deepika
loginrajarajvi on July 16, 2010
hey that deepika looks gorgeous
YProd1 on July 17, 2010
yalda96 on July 19, 2010
She looks like kim kardashian at 1:21
QuantumQuacks on July 19, 2010
@aocsite I agree. It's like every movie with a blind person that doesn't move their head around. They might not see, but they can still hear and they do move their heads around to hear from which side the sound is coming.

But otherwise it can be hard to make a new, successful movie, if humanity already did a movie about everything. Casablanca, Gone with the Wind or even Die Hard are the greatest because it was something new back then, but today another Casablanca movie just won't succeed.
aocsite on July 19, 2010
@pranabnaik oh yeah? yes, I am a Paki and I *ignore* guys like you. Hows that? Now keep on swearing because the more you talk, the more you show your *true* nature and I am not gonna read it because I know it already. Cheers.
aocsite on July 19, 2010
@yesim18th well, i talked about it because someone here had posted that it seems like a new concept or something.. anyway. I never asked anybody not to watch it. And you could have enjoyed the "mast" trailer without bothering to read the criticism.
Michael Rao on July 21, 2010
Is she realllllyyyy blind
Ragini Sharma on July 22, 2010
u knw..i think der is a twist in d story...mayb deepika isnt actually
aksankaran2003 on July 22, 2010
hellow youtube viewers, please inform how to download the trailer to mp4 file? till yesterday i was able to download. from today i cannot download files from youtube. any settings is there ?

onkar chavan on July 24, 2010
yash raj ka aur ek "FLOPPPPPPPPP" moviee
onkar chavan on July 24, 2010
song to sabke aache rahete hai dost!!!
onkar chavan on July 24, 2010
yes frd u r right!!!!
SAEvids on July 24, 2010
@vishakhaanand ha ha ha, nice joke, u know i received sms like that many times
SAEvids on July 24, 2010
@mybtps thats the tru spirit of an Indian, India pride on people like u
mybtps on July 25, 2010
@SAEvids Thanks brother
1000katrina on July 26, 2010
@aocsite I agree with u...this film be a flop.mark my words every1.
Incognito6543 on July 26, 2010
@intheTea04 i think she did learn to skate! But yeah, ure definitely right
on the blind part!
Incognito6543 on July 26, 2010
@aksankaran2003 there is no way to officially download youtube videos.
there was never and most prolly never will be any setting on youtube to
download videos.however, you can download by installing mozilla firefox,
and then using it's addon "downloadhelper"
Incognito6543 on July 26, 2010
lol... seems like a big debate over the fate of this film at the box-office
is going... i think it's gonna be average... i don't know but I can never
come to like Neil.. he doesn't LOOK the part of an Indian actor! Deepika
looks good and it's a different role i like how yashraj is trying to make
different films than typical YRF fairytales and casting new stars but YRF
was good at those typical fairytales and does better with the classic
stars! I don't want YRF to change!!
Damian Oswald on July 26, 2010
@Incognito6543 - I suppose we'll find out when the film is released. But I
can see already that she DEFINITELY is not skating in this movie. Like I
said, all close-up shots of her skating are above the waist, whilst all
long shots of her body obscure her face so (they think) we can't tell its
her stunt-double. Shoddy nonsense.
huzi94 on August 06, 2010
Below is a better firefox addon to download youtube videos:

1 - Click Youtube Video Downloader

Ujy29 on August 20, 2010
this is a really good movie really enjoyed it everyone watch it
sriavneesh on August 23, 2010
Actors are too good; especially Neil & Deepika, else the film could not
have been successful. Editing, cinematography & music are plus points.
Could have been more Exciting than this..(not the trailer..the movie)
carolyli on October 21, 2010
i saw the movie but i never get the scene from 1:34... where is it in the movie?
Noman Ahmed on December 04, 2010
Lafange Bike Rider????????
mnnasib777 on January 30, 2011
@aocsite jahil log tum khud tou Road k kire ho Actiong dkho or tuny kya
kalri critvity wala jo bhasahan mar rha hai apriciate kar tak k wo next
time confidence se kam kare jahil log ...pata nhi kis ne coment karna
sikha dia :@
simrankaur11 on May 06, 2012
it was there when he pushes her head in the bucket of water (the first day
of her training)
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