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Comments on song "Main Kya Karun Ram Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya"
ghetto0superstar on December 03, 2010
she's so cute
Miza Iqbal on April 27, 2011
love all her outfits in this song...
spockbella on June 27, 2011
I love this song. What a performance by Vyjayanthimala!! She was a babe!!!
I wish I could understand the lyrics. Nice... Could anyone please point me
to one of her dance musics on youtube?
spockbella on July 20, 2011
@Salahuddin2009a LOL ... I meant choreographic dances of hers. BTW, what
makes you think I am a Jew? What does that had to do with my post or this
music video? Besides, why are you using this tone and language in this
wonderful site? Where did you get your manners anyways? Ok ... you don't
need to answer; I have a feeling that I know ... I'll probably scolding
myself for even replying to your out of context comment; it's just that
your comment caught me by surprise! I wish you peace...
spockbella on July 21, 2011
@Salahuddin2009a Whoever you are, you have so much hatred in your heart!
Please stop polluting this channel further; you're just not wordy.
Salahuddin2009a on July 23, 2011
@spockbella RE: you're just not wordy. Do you mean "Wordy" or "Worthy"?
123KEVORK on August 05, 2011
what a beautiful movie.great acting picture quality is is still better then .Being watched by non Indian Canadians. Awesome!!!!!!
tony frank De' S on August 23, 2011
@spockbella she is saying..what do i do? i married an old man..infact
Vyjayanthi was much younger than Raj around 20 years or so..she must have
been around 26 and he at that time the song pretty much says how she
is giving examples of an old man marrying a younger woman!
tony frank De' S on August 23, 2011
@spockbella lots of videos on yt on Vyjayanthimala..check out Jewel Thief,
Amrapalli, Suraj..there are quite a number..
klou frst on August 29, 2011
@spockbella Yep, She is really cute here! Her forte is more classical or
Indian folk but so much fun watching her do western number here with such
gay abandon! If you want watch her traditional dances, you should search
songs from Ganga Jamuna ("Dhoondo Dhoondo re"), Madhumati (any of the
songs), Jewel Thief ("honto pe aise"). She did not many western dances but
other one comes to mymind "Eena mena deka".
Kumudu Ama on September 20, 2011
this song is very nise . she is very good actor and very good dancer.SANGAM
is very beuti full film i like very much this film.
Amber Zaman on September 21, 2011
She's amazing!! I think Vyjayanthimala is underrated!
sachipou1 on September 30, 2011
is it true that she choreographed this song herself?
architectonic99 on October 02, 2011
Vyjayanthimala does an amazing job here, she gives her 100% to the performance.
shyamrohit on October 07, 2011
Raj sahab will always be alive in our heart.raj kapoor was among the finest
actor in the showbiz industry...R.I.P..
Inayat Ullah on October 16, 2011
She is just like Mamta Kulkarni by face but much more good performer that
fazi373 on November 07, 2011
aikkkk buddha mujhy bhi mila howa hain none other than my husband
zali comando on February 24, 2012
gambirian on February 25, 2012
conservative husband.
SuperKay92 on February 25, 2012
this is shown in Malaysia today =D
rzys on February 25, 2012
yeah i watched it too
tokapi on February 25, 2012
Hahaha... TV3 Malaysia aired this movie on 25th Feb 2012... And I'm
surprised! Everyone were talking about Sangam all over fb and twitter!
Coolieboi252 on March 11, 2012
Anyone translate for me please?
MrNametha on June 13, 2012
She's so funny ... One of my favorite song...
2006minesh on July 13, 2012
Lata sings this song amazingly well. Manipulates the tone of her voice to
suit the actress. Who else on earth can do this ??? Lata's expressions are
brilliant as well
Malikaking on July 20, 2012
@coolieboi252 I was reading the translating once..She is saying I want to
go out with my friends to dance and What I do with an old man
then..something like this thats why he is looking angry at her..I love this
move I saw when i was 5 years old since then I love it..
Rocky on September 17, 2012
Viajyanti mala looking really gorgeous.
sham909 on October 12, 2012
Lataji once said that she hates this song and didnt know why she sang it.
Probably because the song translates as : Oh Ram.I will sing a song in
which I have met an old man! Mai gaa karoon Ram mujhe buddha mil gaya.
Nievana Judisthir on November 26, 2012
Love this song!!
Kamal Ahmed on December 07, 2012
esse time pay tum bodnam hoygaya
Ben Jovi on May 30, 2013
One of the best movies.
Kuppu Samy on July 18, 2013
Because of MGR and SIVAJI domination, Mrs.VAIJAYANTHI MALA not properly
recognised by the Tamil cinema
rehan qodry on October 29, 2013
nice song,,from malaysia boy
Seema8182 on March 04, 2014
No one can ever beat this song!
jo “spider” man on November 15, 2014
oh ! vijyantimala you are around but oh ' Buddha ' has gone. enjoy
yourself, here are many bachelors to keep you happy. enjoy life !
Cevahir Mirzeyeva on January 21, 2015
Bele aktör aktrisani hec.biri evez ede bilmez
UzumKa i on April 11, 2015
Love her
Зебо Махмудова on September 05, 2015
Amy Ross on November 29, 2015
This is straight up classic!
октам сабиржанов on December 10, 2015
very nice
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