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Comments on song "Mero Allah Meherbaan (Raga Bhairav)"
jack on February 07, 2012
quite technical :)
ACleverMonkey on February 07, 2012
nice one nirali ! JSK
Anupam Anand on February 07, 2012
bahut umda! allah bless
Cj12sings on February 07, 2012
omsatya on February 08, 2012
Nirali wonderful job. It was nice seeing you in India. Lovely singing as
usual. -Akhil :-)
Patricia Khan on February 08, 2012
When can we buy this on Itunes?
Suril Udeshi on February 08, 2012
vocals, music arrangements, set up, video all of it. great!
Anuja Piplapure on February 08, 2012
Beautiful rendition !
MumbaiBeats on February 14, 2012
Niraliji! do the song cover for "Tadap Tadap ke dil se", i am sure you will
do amazing!!! :D
Jit Mukherjee on February 21, 2012
why this song ever stops!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandeep on March 01, 2012
@pecan529 google shakar tucker go to his website and buy option is thr
Raj Ambhore on March 07, 2012
this is so divine song that the one who dislikes it will go to the hell! ;)
Shez Patel on March 09, 2012
This song touched my inner soul. Well sung and great music!!
Ali Mughal on March 09, 2012
no doubt mero Allah is very mehrbaan...
Harish Inamdar on March 14, 2012
MrBC101 on March 17, 2012
@malini30 This is bhairav, not bhairavi... ;)
musicisgod on March 17, 2012
oh.. thanks for the info.. :)
Umang Gupta on March 17, 2012
Everything is great .. the composition .. the singing ... shankar's flute
... Very honestly. i have tried to listen it at different times to
ensure before i made this comment but i found that humility missing ... a
bandish is a prayer and the lady is not rendering unto it as it...
a02sweetdream on May 17, 2012
i'm so so so so so in love with this. amazing rendition of Bhairav!
Jayeta Saxena on May 29, 2012
this takes me into trance..
oma maharaj on July 03, 2012
absolutely wonderful!
Sachin Joshi on August 09, 2012
Just fell in love with Music all over again ... again and again.. this lady
and Shankar have never let down my expectations :)
Somah79 on August 15, 2012
When will your music be on itunes?
Shamsher Singh Mann on October 20, 2012
Your rendition of this bandish is fantastic. Loved the taans and the
crispness and look forward to more.
Bharadwaj on November 03, 2012
Thumbs up if you want her in Coke Studio with Shankar Tucker !
Vineet Gaur on January 30, 2013
beautiful.. mesmerizing
Farida Hossain on February 11, 2013
She is so sweet!
Sarbjot Kaur on March 25, 2013
Raags today goes diminishing but you preserve it and giving through your
voice to all world keep it up
patbusy1 on June 19, 2013
Sorry but this is not a Pt. Jasraj bandish. This is a much older Delhi
gharana bandish (maybe by Ustad Chand Khan or older). This version borrows
the tonal and lyrical structure closely. Here's the original: Mero Allah
meherban Koi bigad sakat nahin mero Mero Allah nigehbaan Aulia peer
paigambar aawe Ali Nabi ka sadka pawen Hassan Hussain hain pyare jinke
Sadke mein humein mile gyan Imaan..meherban There's a proper rendition by
Ustad Anees Ahmed Khan on You Tube which should be easy to find.
Phosphorus on July 09, 2013
Tie your hairs behind when you sing this raag. It will make you look more
powerful and more in control.
Rajendrakuvarba Jadeja on July 12, 2013
good singing...
Apoorva Kanhere on July 26, 2013
Bhav Bhakti and rash bhairav. You have presented this song in soulful
manner. Look forward to more of this in futures. God bless ..
T Kohli on July 30, 2013
I just loved this
misteratoz on August 18, 2013
Amazing voice. This is teen taal right?
rasel hossain on September 11, 2013
this one was the first where I found this legend "Nirali Kartik" :D god
bless her
Superman Returns on September 12, 2013
well not all people can understand shashtari sangeet so I would not be
surprised if not much thumbs up but who understand it they will vote . I
will Gave Credit to all team not just the one person but there is
definitely someone deserve extra credit
Sangamitra2012 on January 09, 2014
Thank you, Nirali. What a gift of a song - you offered it with such fierce
strength and lyrical sweetness. I really love your song and singing.
bvs7691 on January 12, 2014
just beautiful... thank you:)
Psyche1954 on February 06, 2014
very well attempted.. she has done justice to a difficult composition..
pandit Jasraj has sung the definitive version against which all singers
will be judged and that is in fact the challenge for Nirali.Hope she
accepts the suggestion made by one of the commentators re bol baants etc
wagishwa on February 20, 2014
shankar tucker, lul

great music!
Anshuman Sharma on October 31, 2014
U r divine...u activated ur chakras...awesome, from where we can purchase
ur DVD ...
Rama Bommaraju on May 13, 2015
wow! You bring the essence of the lyrics with your whole heart!
Danish Parmar on June 06, 2015
بهٽ هي خوب...
Danish Parmar on June 06, 2015
بهٽ هي خوب...
Badar Qureshi on June 18, 2015
Very Nice, God bless...
Rishikesh Ganapathy on September 26, 2015
awesome music
Abdul Baig on December 01, 2015
Great rendition as well as great grasp over ragas and relevant sub ragas. I
am convinced and massive fan of your artistry in singing. Love your work,
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