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Comments on song "Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Tum Rahti Ho"
Debu106 on August 04, 2011
Happy Birthday .Kishore da..we will never forget u Sir :)
Uneducated Literate on August 05, 2011
its 31 mad caps
Uneducated Literate on August 05, 2011
@breezb its 31 mad caps now
Uneducated Literate on August 05, 2011
shirish mehta on August 11, 2011
You are right. Those who dislike this song do not have ear for good music
and lacks sense of beauty.
Mishal Ali Bhutta on August 13, 2011
32 dislikes = himesh fans
Aditya Kumar on August 26, 2011
@breezb are atleast respect himesh for his music...better say Atif here
nakul irish on August 27, 2011
what a beautiful combination and those 33 people are the dumbest ever
people on the planet sorry duumb 33
Srinivas Siddarth on August 29, 2011
Unbelievable melody and beauty.Thanks a lot!
nivedita6987 on August 29, 2011
the voice of kishore da is sacred!!
jewellers100 on September 03, 2011
@yumjoman well said. Im from South Africa and enjoy the music and not all
the politics
victorgagan on September 04, 2011
immensely beautiful song...several yrs down the still sounds so
Farooq khan on September 05, 2011
@breezb How can a sane person dislike such a gem?
prashant balyan on September 12, 2011
The more the song proceeds, the more beautiful it of Kishore
pakmanishere on September 16, 2011
these dislikes are the ones who didt have anybody with them PAL PAL.
Malik Devendra on September 17, 2011
Awesomw great great . ohh my dear P.. kaha gayii re. pal pal
dil ke paas tum rahti ho...
MrRubbishness on September 18, 2011
Poor things, those who disliked. Must be blind and deaf not to appreciate
an all-time classic like this!
naveen bhati on September 28, 2011
heart touching song.
mangochery1 on October 09, 2011
no words for such a beautiful song, the why he sung. am flat
mangochery1 on October 10, 2011
plz comeonce
himanshu82882 on October 12, 2011
touches deep inside in the heart very nice song by kishore da .!!
Rahul gupta on October 13, 2011
kishoreda u rocks
modelsyed on October 21, 2011
Amazing song, i love this lyrics and the tune as well, kishor da has sung
soo nicely i cant express. thats why i tried to sing this song. take a look
TheRajsareen on November 05, 2011
meri zindagi hi nahi meri saanso mein aur mere khoon ki har boond mein basa
hai yeh ...yeh sirf ek geet nahi meri zindagi
TheRajsareen on November 05, 2011
meri har saans mein, khoon ke katre mein, har pal har lamhe mein ,yeh pyara
geet hai... shayad yeh sirf aur sirf mere liye
hai..pal pal dil ke paas ... yeh geet mere paas aur
mujh mein hee basa hai.i cannot share...anything else but my love
arshiyakashish10 on November 09, 2011
very beautifull song.. i love it..
madehaaaaa on November 28, 2011
awesum song.
frommuddywaters on November 29, 2011
can someone translate this - love the rhythm and flow of this song
169terminator on December 03, 2011
@frommuddywaters pal pal dil ke paas tum rehti ho means every second of
time you stay close to my heart..
frommuddywaters on December 04, 2011
@169terminator Thank you for the translation - appreciate it. The lyrics
are as beautiful as the rythm
V Kap on December 05, 2011
Really very romantic song with so good music & voice
Photon98 on December 05, 2011
जब कला मनुष्य के दिल से निकलती है तो वो मास्टर पीस बन जाती है, पर आज कल
बॉलीवुड में सब कुछ "जितना दिखाओगे उतना बिकोगे" का ट्रेंड है...
Jaideep Kamath on December 05, 2011
this song hurts my heart like hell!
anurag chaudhary on December 06, 2011
are bhai music to aaj bhi aacha aata hai bollywood mein rahi baat video ki
to tujhe kya dekh na hai in dono ko rotey huein
Sandra P on December 11, 2011
@ronnie80fan I could not disagree with you
pl20101 on December 12, 2011
One of the Best Bollywood songs ever composed. Kishore Da at his best! One
only wishes that they made such songs today!
vishal kaushik on December 13, 2011
best romantic song ever !!!
Praveen Unni on December 13, 2011
Listening to these Fabulous Old songs do inspire us to live one more day :)
davinder pal singh Bindra on December 17, 2011
Really this song is near to the heart every moment i.e PAL PAL (HAR GARHI)
ecute13 on December 29, 2011
@ronnie80fan It does not matter, the popularity is only temporary. Voice of
Kishore da is forever.
kaushik179 on December 30, 2011
lovely song...
Hasmukh Gandhi on January 02, 2012
one of most beautiful love song...
Nobin Regmi on January 11, 2012
COLDONEunification1 on January 13, 2012
Thumbs up if you're still listening to this beautiful song in 2012 :">
julian correa on January 16, 2012
salute Kalyanji Anandji , Vijay Anand _\
test5091 on January 16, 2012
Although I am not Indian. But I did enjoyed the beautiful sound of sining
fills ear with emotion.
MrAashishkaushik on January 19, 2012
what what what, this song only have18,00,000 views. are all the jackasses
busy in watching chameli bai'
amargaan1 on January 25, 2012
awesome song,i just love this song.
Shab1978 on January 26, 2012
This track is just soooooooo romantic!!
surgefast on January 30, 2012
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