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Comments on song "Pehli Najar Me Kaisa Jaadu Kar Diya"
sajbay0206 on September 17, 2009
does anyone know if the words to this song are translated to english. All i know is that it means First sight but what else is he saying
iLuvAkshayKumar on September 18, 2009
i THINK it means it was magic at first sight! =/
xven on September 20, 2009
Pehli Nazar Mein Kaysa jadoo kar diya = At the very first sight, its like you put a spell on me.
Tera paan betha hai mera jiya = My life is placed/relies on you/yours.
Jaane kya hoga, kya hoga kya pata = Who knows what will happen, what happens who knows
Is pal ko mil ke aaj hee le zara = Keep this moment and take it/embrace it today.
Mai hoo yaha, tu hai yaha = I'm here, you're here
mere bahoe meh ah bhi ja = Come into my arms already
sajbay0206 on September 22, 2009
thank you soo much I appreciate it
shaziakhushi on September 22, 2009
It's a lovely song beautiful beat
tomyunggung on September 22, 2009
written in pritam's son's hand

"Mera baap chor hay" xD
tahseenpirzada on September 26, 2009
when i listen this song
i ve remember my past some special
princevinny97 on September 27, 2009
lisson to the Trinidad and Tobago version

salmanjosh on September 28, 2009
the new guitarist ASAD in atif's band used to curse atif aslam while playing in JOSH band 9 years ago. now he is a back bone of atif.wat a munafiq he is.just for money and fame
ham645 on October 10, 2009
who is the best singer 1) lucky ali 2) atif aslam
people plese give ur opinion
salmanjosh on October 10, 2009
atif is only a studio and bathroom singer for sure.
soa123456789 on October 12, 2009
then u are a back door like ur bund pounded by big lun
shan91shan on October 14, 2009
Atiff aslamm is an awesomee singerr, lovee his singingg
umyraisthebest on October 15, 2009
i actualii like atif aslam
i tink he has a great voice buh dats jus my opinion :D:Dxx
mayelaine2 on October 18, 2009
This is the same soundtrack as "I love My Friend'' from Delightful Girl Choon Hyang O.O
mokn2749 on October 18, 2009
Gosh, this song is exactly what I feel about a girl, too bad she doesn't know that I feel this way about her.
hulalas2h on October 18, 2009
4 M viewes..!! says it all.
dont think any other hindi song has this many views..
dhamma1434 on October 28, 2009
I miss u Tikali. This song is dedicated to u.
deewaniLadki on November 01, 2009
I love this song and atif aslam is a gr8 singer!
nafeey on November 10, 2009
love this song! love the film aswel!! i found a good site for some of the newest hindi movies, i watched them at : newmovieshindi . c o m
MissZ786 on November 12, 2009
Sweet memories I carry with this beautiful song :D
sameer7687 on November 12, 2009
every indian should watch my favourate hero amir khan blok boster movie"SARFAROSH" then decide your singer
Indira321 on November 14, 2009
Keiner... Bist echt billig!!!
vijishellboy on November 18, 2009
bet Atif makes most of his money from the Indian market, no wonder when he came to my friend's college to perform he shouted :"I LOVE INDIA" ten times in the show. I Love his music and he loves India =)
raat420 on November 20, 2009
Great singer will make everybody jealous,,he has great feelings and
ZaF786London on December 11, 2009
Atif..Your The Man.
pikablu12 on December 12, 2009
Stop saying that Korean = amazing
JSpine on December 13, 2009
respect to my brother ATIF from Karachi.. God bless you and your music
aamszia on December 20, 2009
Atif is Best

Dont Fight INDO PAK People ..

he Happy

Love from Karachi
flamencog on December 25, 2009
scream BAKRI scream!!!!!!!!! atif BESURA aslam!!!!!
goduk321 on December 25, 2009
India is our future colony.
They study English.
LahoreD on December 29, 2009
chill :)
TheTikTalk on December 30, 2009
Nice thoughts! but you need to keep them telling !
asilahq on December 31, 2009
the song from SASSY GIRL right!!!
habibimohamed on January 02, 2010
OMG...i love this song..<3
arzooarjun on January 03, 2010
the english messed it up!!
janu4u2 on January 03, 2010
A mind blowing lyrics with a cool composition, its really superb.
MrAngelsndemons on January 03, 2010
Almost all of atif aslam songs are in indian movies.
asmamirza1 on January 04, 2010
kat is so beatiful.. i jus love her !!!
ahsan2kute on January 07, 2010
Awesome Song MAnn love Atif Aslam
Guyss .. Write "RAAMISH MERA PYAAR" in the searchbox .. listen that song .. really amazing guitar and song .. hope you like it ..
love 4 all Rock LOVERS ... \m/
salvashady1 on January 13, 2010
i want to get married !
Ariyan01 on January 15, 2010
WOW over 4.488.000 klicks-keep it up atif- nice voice-cool song
555discovery on January 21, 2010
Atif...ure simply the best singer ever!!
yasir77 on January 22, 2010
they used to do in the nineties..
DdanNdt on January 25, 2010
Really love the opening !!!
rohan00009 on January 27, 2010
copies song from a south korean movie..saala chor indian...pritam.but lyrics ARE GOOD
MeLoNaNaS on January 28, 2010
speechless... the song is too amazing!!!!
billybug55 on January 30, 2010
its so great what a true song.billybug
sofiajawid on January 31, 2010
atif u have a unique voice god bless u and keep up the good work :)
mOOnpEEls on February 02, 2010
true. i wonder if he even paid royalties to the south korean singer.
but his voice is still amazing in the hindi version
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