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Comments on song "Solaah Baras Ki Waali Umar Ko Salaam"
rklover786 on June 19, 2013
More like 21.
Avish Jain on June 19, 2013
i lost brain cells watching this disgusting video. this is not real india.
16 year olds in america aren't even like this
Nahida Islam on June 19, 2013
It would b 18
rachana shah on June 20, 2013
Super cool, loved it :) ppl who are talking of censor boards should be more
active when shahrukh is holding is crotch all the time in ra-one and it is
a movie for kids. And please, it is very real for those who feel kids still
play only Pokemon at sixteen.
Pappu Kar on June 20, 2013
i love u please call me this number +8801673235537
Robin Raj on June 20, 2013
Nice dialogue but both are wrong.
abir ahmed on June 20, 2013
I'm Sixteen.. :p
Shrikant Birajdar on June 20, 2013
what is the name of this movie ???
mannat bakshi on June 20, 2013
For all those losers, who are an example of hipocracy..just to let you all
know that with the changing times and the changing nature of life, this
part of cinema is necessary to enhance your lil dim wit brains..!! and
also, the members' of the indian cinema's censorboard have the right, the
experience and the knowledge to pass off a piece of art as such. So, the
next time you all want to behave like real critics .ONLY THEN COMMENT !!
mannat bakshi on June 20, 2013
@ pappu kar i love you 2 please call 100
Rakesh Khanna on June 21, 2013
D.P.S walen ..yahan bhi :DDDDDDDDDD
Venkatesh G on June 21, 2013
Mr. Pappu Kar has proposed 8 girls in 32 hours... way to go!! :D
Ankit Singh on June 22, 2013
Anti Christ material... To disturb school going kids mental level... Mann
its more like 21 yrs.. _|_ for indian Sensor board ...
solamen on June 25, 2013
holy moly. I dont do that kinda stuff now.. let alone at 16. Jeez, what is
happening to today?
Aneesh Menon on June 26, 2013
maybe for all you losers who go to cheap public schools think that this is
weird but im sure all kids who to good co-ed icse / ib schools will be able
to relate to this movie
ankitt kaul on June 26, 2013
girls who think this is cool. i want to chill with u
sumeet durgia on June 29, 2013
Tussi Gr8 ho... :)
DesiSongsVIDEOS on July 03, 2013
Izabelle Lelte is Virat Kohli's girlfriend for 2 years.
ankitt kaul on July 20, 2013
super gross
saurabh singh chandel on July 21, 2013
agree with u
tangerinebutterfly on September 16, 2013
well i am a normal individual with not as much "DEGREES" as you but my
common sense tells me that media is shaped by the opinion of people who use
it. and also no content that is not accepted by people can ever take the
shape of media. (eg. you don't have much intellectual content available
since people are not so intellectually oriented).Just Common
Economics you know.demand and supply.
tangerinebutterfly on September 16, 2013
Actually if you have watched this film closely it doesn't pass any
judgements on any of the activities that teens do. nor does it suggest any
thing. This is a realistic movie which is just portraying a common trend
and asks teens to just apply their brains for every decision they take...
Vinayak Sutar-Patil on September 25, 2013
bhai baat toh teri clear he... good!
tangerinebutterfly on October 11, 2013
death penalty is too easy for rapists. castration is a bigger humiliation
for them...!
Singla Softwares on October 22, 2013
hi +919872943150
md-iqbal A.K on February 10, 2014
Owsm song 2day generation only nt u oldy
md-iqbal A.K on February 10, 2014
Owsm song 2day generation only nt u oldy
rafsan rox on June 20, 2014
over here no one is 16 !
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