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Comments on song "Sun Rubia Pyar Ho Gaya"
syrian71 on February 19, 2010
Awesome song and beautiful Amrita singh.
roshni65 on February 19, 2010
One of the most famous song.
gabbar48 on February 19, 2010
Awsome song,And they both look great and feel in love with each other.
marker390 on February 19, 2010
Such amazing song and dance.
zorba286 on February 19, 2010
Wooww !! What a fantastic song and what a fantastic dance !!!!!
gypsy933 on February 19, 2010
This is my favorite song! Love it.
balraj441 on February 19, 2010
Wonderful !! Everything is beautiful.
malta331 on February 20, 2010
This song is my all time favorite and this film is my all time favorite too.
guyanesedude18 on April 09, 2010
this film and song is so cool. Like the beginning father Anthony lol
vinaz can on April 16, 2010
I love Amitabh Bachchan
punjabangal on April 22, 2010
dont know y,,,but I love dis song..
Nevertari on May 21, 2010
khod deeh ya deemos lelet elhendy el3azeema
azamgr8 on July 05, 2010
kaash is gaanay main MEIN TERA TAANGE WALA, MEIN TERI TANGE WALEE kee jaga
aisa hota: mein teri diljanee too mera dil janee, would be awsome romantic
that way,, i know tangay wala word is more kind of like comedy...
env85 on August 03, 2010
shaam thank you i love this song until now more than any new song i love
old indain movie :)
Mano Kuppusamy on August 26, 2010
Wonderfuly sung by the expression queen of the south indian music S.janaki
tadebiyi on October 24, 2010
am half indian and i still totally love these films.thanks shaam44 for uploading
just2hello on November 13, 2010
i have watched this movie so many times . i like it too much.
song, music, story, comedy, action,dialogue everything is fantastic.
thanx for it

just2hello on November 13, 2010
this is approximt above 30 years old bollywood superstar amitabh's movie "MARD"
that time it was superhit.
complete entertainment
Grim Reaper on November 26, 2010
@just2hello its still a great movie
mrbigbachchan on December 16, 2010
Amitabh Directing Sholay 2. Chk out the video to
arashmo1 on March 19, 2011
i am persian but i love this song &this actress
msmudesser1 on March 21, 2011
i love this song because ammart sing is nice dance with lumbe jee
jennyrock42 on August 12, 2011
One of the best movie of Amitabh Bachan

jennyrock42 on August 12, 2011
MARD (The Man) , what a name of the movie it was quite unique.

Mano Kuppusamy on April 20, 2012
S Janaki is such an expressive singer..She has such command and force in
her voice that she can do the expressions in her singing with such
ease..S.Janaki he is truly amazing
roger moore on November 02, 2012
good times.
Red555One on November 20, 2012
see : watch?v=Uur31ysKxd4 if U still interested ! I hope so
renal reyo on May 25, 2013
في شي باغاني فيلم مارد يتخليك غصب عنك تسمعهم روووووعة الفيلم واغانية بتجنن
وبموت باميتاب باتشان
Amresh Anand on July 01, 2013
this movie was the bomb !!!!
بدر الرياض on July 26, 2013
يعجبني مرد والي معه جميله جدا
mahmoud taha on October 28, 2013
First you looks like her very much as I told you before they came to you to
ask you what shall we do to act like you Second: I miss you & I need you &
I love you And I'm Ready to Say it in front of All The world You are my
second part ..You are my heart You are my Spirit ...You are my
memories You are my Life ..You are My WIFE
mahmoud taha on October 28, 2013
حلمت كتير اكون البطل أو الفارس اللي ييجي ويخطفك على حصانه والله يارب
ينولهالنا وتكوني ملكي لوحدي
boyka yuri on December 19, 2013
fabulous video 
Shamshaid Hussain on February 27, 2014
Reminds me of my childhood great song :-D ♡♥
‫רחל אוחנה‬‎ on May 10, 2014
בקיצור ולעניין my love
Shobha Nivas on October 17, 2014
raouf ahmed on January 14, 2015
السونج دا حكايه 
LoveForMusic on February 23, 2015
reminds me of 1985/1986... my childhood. Big B
‫فيصل القرشي‬‎ on March 22, 2015
اجمل اغنية واجمل ذكريات . من اجمل ذكريات الطفولة
Man Old on March 22, 2015
احلى ايام والله ما اسمع اغاني هذا الفلم انقهر

Man Old on March 22, 2015
اكو اغنيه هنديه ما اعرف شنو اسمه
بس اذكر بالناي يدك وابوه ما يقبل تجي يمه تغني الممثل عنده لحيه وشواب ممكن
Man Old on March 22, 2015
Man Old on March 22, 2015
والله جدا" اشكرك اخ عزيز +Shaam44 
Man Old on March 24, 2015
+Shaam44 اخ
maya rahhal on April 12, 2015
يااااااااااريت لو ترجع هديك الايام ادفع نص عمري وارجع لأيام الثمانينات
‫محمد المغربي الطيب المغربي‬‎ on September 19, 2015
بجد اميتاب بكل المقايس فنان عالمي ربنا يوفقك
‫محمد المغربي الطيب المغربي‬‎ on September 19, 2015
احلي فيلم ميجور ساب / مارد/امر اكبر انتوني/الشيال /اعجوبه
‫ابراهيم ابراهيم‬‎ on September 20, 2015
الاسطوره اميتاب بتشان
‫نبيل سليمان‬‎ on November 27, 2015
اجمل واروع فلم مائه ع مائه
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