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Comments on song "Toote Hue Khwabon Ne, Humko Ye Sikhaya Hai"
mansoorakhan on March 20, 2007
Beautiful song sung by Mohammad Rafi. You can listen it over and over, but
would want to listen again. Dilip and Rafi combination at it's best.
CHIRAMAL on July 14, 2007
Are woh ! u r great PP! what a song!
invnone on August 17, 2007
you made my day great sing of love and yearaning !!!!!!
tomandjerry2007 on September 23, 2007
wow,what a song,sung by a maestro.
Manoj Jacob on November 16, 2007
madhumati music is Salil da's master piece
sitirafian on April 10, 2008
What a find! I couldn't believe that I haven't heard this song before. It makes my day. Thanks for the upload.
vigrot on April 10, 2008
Thankyou yotube for your great care for the music locers.This indeed is
afgehsanjanegol on April 18, 2008
ahmad zahir (king of rock in afghanistan) has sung this
Dubai AlSaleh on April 20, 2008
do you have that version?
afgehsanjanegol on April 20, 2008
yes i have that from ahmad zahir too ;)... you can the version from Bashir
Hamdard too he sung this in hindi an afghan (dari)
AawarA on December 28, 2008
What a great singer
RituPM :) FEELThePurityPeace&DepthINMusicINYourShr on January 25, 2009
As I said in 'Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki', Rafi ji had that amazing emotive
power in his voice that brought life to the actors' heart in the storyline!
Here his hauntingly sweet voice brings out the pain in the heartwrenching
sad emotional state the actor is in! He's so good that he can easily take
the listener to his/her own heartbreaks in life that not too many of us
escape. C'est la vie. :) A gem of a song. Thanks Pradeep for uploading it.
Best Always. Ritu, California, USA
ancientdictator on June 11, 2009
one way is to install the firefox add-on, Video DownloadHelper. Then you
can download it using one click. Other way is to paste this link in sites
like flvto. com and get the audio in downloadable mp3 format.
raqib56 on July 08, 2009
absolutely lajawaab, rafi saheb
raqib56 on July 08, 2009
Rafi Saheb and dilip Kumar
we are on the top of everest, and
the weather is very romantic !!
you won't believe it !!
come up see for yoursef !!

Laut aei sada meri, takra ke sitaron se
ujrri hoi duniya ke sunsaan kinaron se
Sholay48 on July 13, 2009
Listening to this song will make anyone fall in love. Hope God does not
otherwise he himself will fall in love. And when he does, he will give us
all very little time and we will be more neglected.
yasser raja on September 07, 2009
amazing rafi sahib,,thnx
saeedbond1 on September 18, 2009
Rafi Sahab & Dilip Kumar.what a fantastic combination...alsolutely
AlAlvares1 on October 28, 2009
Subhanallah rafi sahab i respect your religion and so you i love you. Aapne
mujhe rula diya. I love this song
subramanian iyer on October 31, 2009
what a feeling expressed especially during 1.23min and 3.08 min... and what
a voice by rafi saheb simply superb...
subramanian iyer on October 31, 2009
what a feeling expressed during 1.23 and 3.08 min..combined with rafisaheb
voice and weather condition make this song something which u r looking for
a millenium years
justaname5 on November 02, 2009
Rafi ki awaaz = Uparwaale ki awaaz! :)
Parvez Khan on April 09, 2010
Beautiful, Awesome, Simply Great Mohammed Rafi may ALLAH bless u.
Fooqee on June 24, 2010
Goose Bumps, now this is too much from Rafi saab, this singer made me
speechless just check out the helplessness in his voice in addition to the
expressions of Dilip Kumar simply beautiful,sounds like he has no way out,
awesome, truly Muhammad Rafi ' The Virtuoso ' & ' The Prodigy ' plus i love
Sitar and Garha,played fab
Waqar Arshad on June 29, 2010
M.Rafi jaise na aye the na aye ga doubt Dilip sahab both are
legends true legends.,.
Shahid Ahmed on July 17, 2010
What a song, what a singer and what an actor... Dilne Jisse Paayatha
aakhone gawaya hai!!! very heart touching lyrics and singing and acting.
where are those days gone???
pakrider69 on August 10, 2010
bollywood would have been nothingwood without dilip and rafi period.
RBachnoe on August 17, 2010
@justaname5 ABSOLUTELY !!!!!
MUJAHED BHATTI on August 18, 2010
rajanichandrap on November 09, 2010
Coming from a Coastal Andhra Village,Hindi is not a palatable stuff but even in those days,say late 80's or 90's,my mom who is a villager and who is Inter failed mentioned names of 2 Hindi movies 1 is Mughal-e-azam and the other 1 is Madhumati.No wonder why when im sitting in my Patio in West indies and listening to the songs of Madhumati ,i feel the most relaxed after work as well as not miss Home much.Thanks to these Youtube videos.
hatim1807 on November 18, 2010
this song really make me feel of those who lost their real love , n they are living in dissatisfied life, thinking perhaps i could understand her n accept her .this song always attract every true lover who wake up after loosing true love.

nrityadasi on December 27, 2010
Salil Chaudhari, Rafi sab, Dilip Kumar,Majrooh Sab- what an emotional creation !!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW Jawab Nahi.
replysam77 on December 31, 2010
rafi was having most sweetest voive dilip kumar was ultimate
S MOH on December 31, 2010
Ibrahim Mahamoodally on January 23, 2011
Hearing this song since I was twelve years old. Still like it as before.
Its evergreen. Thank you for this uploading.
Salim Khan on July 01, 2011
What a total Gem of a Song. Fell in Love with it from the first time I
listened to it. Thank you Rafi Shaib. May you Rest In Peace. Ameen.
khalid pasha on July 12, 2011
master piece ..
Uday kamath on August 27, 2011
Who is the person disliked this gem?
FIJIKID on April 12, 2012
Truly a classic from Rafi Sahab. There never will be another Rafi!!! I am
just glad that I was present in this ERA to have listened to him live when
he visited the Fiji Islands!!! Such a humble insaan.
DhaneshwurSingh on July 23, 2012
Rafi sahab is unequalled in any type of song through his voice and
emotional overtones. This song is no less and is one of my favourites. I
love singing my favourites and I had a try at this song in Dhaneswarsingh
Channel and I would invite your comments.
diehardrafisaabfan on August 30, 2013
I recently read about the events of the recording of this song. It alleges
Salil Chowdhury had this song sung 30 times as Rafi Saab apparently kept
getting it wrong. It also states that SC didn't use Rafi Saab often as he
thought Rafi Saab was an average singer but would consider Rafi Saab only
if he was desperate! SC was also the MD when "Tasveer Teri Dil Mein" was
being recorded when Lata got annoyed with Rafi Saab for making a mistake &
SC sided with Lata!
md nasiruddin Nasiruddin on December 18, 2013
Salim Khan on December 25, 2013
Awesome Sad Love Song
Zeenat Baksh on December 30, 2013
i love this song...
59coolangel on October 28, 2014
Awesome song by rafi sahab..
Alok Sinha on December 14, 2014
Ever green classic...the likes of which can never be duplicated in modern
Shruti Shankar Srivastava on January 23, 2015
Toote huye khawabon ne
Humko yeh sikhaya hain
Dil ne dil ne jise paya tha
Aankhon ne gawanyan hain

Toote huye khawabon ne
Humko yeh sikhaya hain
Dil ne dil ne jise paya tha
Aankhon ne gawanyan hain
Toote huye khawabon ne

Hum dhoondte hain unko
Jo milke nahin milte
Roothe hain na jaane kyun
Mehman wohmere dil ke
Mehman woh mere dilke

Kya apni tamanna thi
Kya saamne aaya hain
Dil ne dil ne jise paya tha
Aankhone gawayan hain

Toote huye khawabon ne
Humko yeh sikhaya hain
Dil ne dil ne jise paya tha
Aankhon ne gawanyan hain
Toote huye khawabon ne

Laut aayi sada meri
Takarake sitaaron se
Ujadi hui duniya ke
Sum saan kinaron se
Sum saan kinaron se

Par ab yteh tadapne
Kuch kaam na aaya hain
Dil ne dil ne jise paya tha
Aankhon ne gawanyan hain
Toote huye khawabon ne
Kashif Mahmood on October 12, 2015
Muhammad Rafi is best Singer in World
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