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Comments on song "Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi"
Manish Korat on June 29, 2012
Daina tum kaha rehti ho #:S
coolanim on June 29, 2012
what language is this ounjabi? hindi? urdu? sanskirt ?
farwa u on June 29, 2012
You do realize that she's acting...right? She's being VERONICA in this
song. And Ranbir CHEATED on her, did he not? You're just gonna excuse his
actions because you don't like Deepika? Wow, amazing. You are going places,
my friend.
coolanim on June 30, 2012
o ok, sounded like punjabi, if you replace dunya "ke" with de" it is
Desi Thing on June 30, 2012
BOLLYWOOD.i hate these mixtures...
Madinaslifestyle on June 30, 2012
guys i have the full song in my channel! Just letting everyone know, sorry
if this is annoying
lia41346 on June 30, 2012
gies visit what makes u beautiful ooo1 by lia41346
saccyind on June 30, 2012
like deepika padukone is A Saint ?
Laviestbelle on June 30, 2012
THOMAS JOHN on July 01, 2012
LOL.>. Saif Looks like a Uncle. . The hotties look like his Daughter's.
THOMAS JOHN on July 01, 2012
Pls dont speak of Culture here. Bollywood Belongs to India and the culture
of Ours Is the best in this world. Its a slap in the face of all other
tina albuquerque on July 01, 2012
cool .xp
Saurabh Singh on July 01, 2012
get ur ears checked bro, definitely
Saurabh Singh on July 01, 2012
well, i think she looks far too gracious than mallika n all.n don't we
boys want her to look hot, yup we do. and pls don't comment on her personal
life, cuz u n i don't know the inside truth n its better to leave it to her
2009sangita on July 01, 2012
The song is sooo addictive !
sajid bullet on July 01, 2012
yea song is really addict...
Akash Saxena on July 01, 2012
luv u dips..
nouha beji on July 01, 2012
i adore this song soooooooo much superrr cool and its the hit of this
summer ^^
Somesh Nukal on July 02, 2012
Diana is really super. Looking very pretty. Beautiful. Song is Excellent
and awesome. Best Music.
abude able on July 02, 2012
I am proud to be Half Indian.._!!
Unnati Tripathy on July 02, 2012
Syma Bari on July 02, 2012
deepika was offered to choose which character to portray but the director
thought the role of veronica would be a learning experience for her
atique rehman on July 02, 2012
what i sey
nayeemul hasan on July 02, 2012
the new girl is awesome...
Arya Isara on July 02, 2012
Lol... your comment doesn't make sense at all. This is the same on many
many videos. People watching don't necessarily comment or even click
"like". I, for one, comment on only maybe 3 videos out of 10 I watched, and
only click like when I really, REALLY like the video. And on FB, a huge
number of people click "like" on a page, this doesn't mean they'll comment
on it either...
Vibhu Sharma on July 03, 2012
Deepika is looking so stylish and Hot
mahad Khatri on July 03, 2012
very person doesnt like or comment on the videos:P
Poetslover on July 03, 2012
dude.. all of us are humans.. BTW, there is no superior culture or
whatsoever.Indian culture is following western culture and we are becoming
more and more like them..
Poetslover on July 03, 2012
We need to get our real culture back..
ABC35530 on July 04, 2012
part of the lyrics is bengali?
ABC35530 on July 04, 2012
The 'tumhi ho bandhu' bit
chetan sharma on July 04, 2012
It reminds me of Rekha .. my all time fav !!
shahnandish13 on July 04, 2012
It's really gr8 music,dance and lyrics I really love to watch this video
neeraj kolhe on July 04, 2012
I like it..
HeadOver Heels on July 04, 2012
Diana Penty. is to gud!!
Pranat B on July 04, 2012
is tht normal ?? I see only Diana in the clip 0_0
Zupash Khan on July 04, 2012
panday g???? :P lolxx
Pooja Rao on July 04, 2012
hehe me too.she's osm in this song...totally rocks!
Saad Aziz on July 04, 2012
you see and that whats matter,get a life
yogesh sharma on July 05, 2012
Altimat song
pada enes on July 05, 2012
best song yaaa /watch?v=7r-svipKt54
Emily Rathore on July 05, 2012
She was the JAADU in Hrithik's Koi Mill Gaya :P Main hoon hi nahi is dunya
ki :P
2020goro on July 05, 2012
By Seeing The YouTube Comments It Always Reminds Me How Perverted We
Indians Are. :P
devilsown18 on July 05, 2012
Diana panty :p
Mohsin Kazi on July 06, 2012
Diana Penty Very CuTe ^.^
salman maqbool on July 06, 2012
Diana is Cute :* ye song mere Lya bana hai :D
Emon Das on July 06, 2012
When did i say tht it is directed by imtiaz ali, the STORY is by Imtiaz Ali
n thts y it will be a good movie
cher lloyd on July 06, 2012
this girl is soo pretty! love her hair!
Ris Lev on July 06, 2012
great great song :-)
SuperAkki1 on July 07, 2012
This song...too good.
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