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Comments on song "Wake Up Sid Saare Pal Kahe"
popularshubham on January 03, 2010
@mrteen-why do you hate ranbir kapoor SO MUCH??!!!!
Cheda Khan on January 07, 2010
i love ranbir!
jleen on January 07, 2010
i tooooooooooooo
Nabsterization on January 10, 2010
omg he is out of dis world he is reallly cute!!!!! nd dis movie is as amazin as he is<3
Nabsterization on January 10, 2010
he is sooo out of dis world ,he is da cutest . dis movie as amazin as he is!!! <3 it!!!
mrteen19 on January 17, 2010
@popularshubham he looks freaking ugly..!! thats y i hate him..!! he is a
two in one gender..!!
saylee94 on January 22, 2010
I love Ranbir :)
123bollywoodfan on January 30, 2010
Ranbir darling u rock baby!!!!
Alina Demetria on February 01, 2010
i love ranbir !!!!!!!!!he is so funny and sweet
raj men on February 07, 2010
First time I have seen a Hindi movie look so good... really cute and
raj men on February 07, 2010
@mrteen, you are the one who is ugly & disgusting. You need to seriously
see a shrink as you cannot differentiate beauty from ugliness. Get out of
this forum and don't be such a pest to others... ok??
mrteen19 on February 07, 2010
@hermitman100 how many times did u post comment n delete...first learn how
to type n post comments..N most importantly plz ...get lost i dont care
of wat u think.!!!!!! RANBIR's ugliness cant be explained in words of
english language.YUK..!!!
mrteen19 on February 09, 2010
@hermitman100 first of i dint say u to leave this page.!! dont u understand
english..!!??? Like it or not...i m expressing my view about this
video...!!! thats all..
raj men on February 10, 2010
U have to learn the language pal. Its "I didn't ASK you to leave" and not
"I didn't SAY u to leave " No offense pal!
Jello Shot on March 08, 2010
what is that drink on 0:06 pomogramite martini?
khillertubes on March 23, 2010
I love this song!!! I'm not loving the intolerance. What is with the
haters?!?!? so many angry homophobe bigots
Jumana Abdussamad on March 30, 2010
aww. ranbir is soooo cute!!!!!
AsherShams on April 15, 2010
Plz can anyone help me out with the shoes he is wearing at 0:03 sec.
AsherShams on April 15, 2010
Please can anybody help me with the shoes he's wearing at 0:03 sec...
AsherShams on April 15, 2010
khillertubes on April 22, 2010
@AsherShams Supra Skytop High (38) - Smooth Black / Yellow / Sports Red
liono777 on May 12, 2010
another copy song.from kids band WIGGLES it goes wake up
jeoff..even words been translate.
wiwbiz on May 17, 2010
anyone like DotA ?
Raima Roy on May 30, 2010
mushtaq12395 on May 31, 2010
This song is so awsome.Please make a High Quality one :)

Neo79189 on June 02, 2010
@mushtaq12395 yes.. i'm working on it now! Cheers! :)
MyHeartBeats2 on June 04, 2010
He's such a good danser!! <3
Guffe Zaidi on June 07, 2010
Love It :D Do anyone Know Where i Can Download The Full Film From ? ?
Plaese tell me .
mcristo25 on July 07, 2010

crazylamhay1989 on August 22, 2010
ranbir dances great in this song with great pottential
zambal84bahrain on August 31, 2010
zambal84bahrain on August 31, 2010
love this song specially the movie even im not indian
Renuka Landge on September 06, 2010
@shirani92 Yeah...reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy\
Insta BollyDulhan on September 20, 2010
Serph789 on September 24, 2010
awesome song, and awesome music video . now if only other indian music
videos looked like this , it has great art direction , choreography ,
lighting effects etc like a legit music video featured on mtv or other
music stations .
Sohail Gagai on September 27, 2010
bhai jan is video ke hd version kahan se mile ga plzzzzzzzzzz
Sohail Gagai on September 28, 2010
@mushtaq12395 did u get the HD quality can u help me get it ???
Sohail Gagai on September 28, 2010
guys i need the HD quality of this song plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Deepak8036 on November 26, 2010
ranbir rockz-favourite of all youth-ranbir kapoor
Tejas Ghanwat on December 31, 2010
does any 1 knw da name of da song which is playin in da club when sid goes
in with tania
Kelley Ryan on February 04, 2011
I never noticed Ranbir's Elvis dance, hehe so cute. I loved this movie.
Can't wait to get it in the mail tomorrow. <3
education59 on February 23, 2011
this video makes me want to dance
lafleurquicache on February 25, 2011
This joke has probably already been made, but 19 people are not awake.
funboy123425 on February 26, 2011
the only problem with this kickass song is that it always makes me remember that i should be studying and not surfing the net.
gurungbipu on May 09, 2011
Lookin cOOl Ranbir really awesome.:-)
sidd1323 on May 16, 2011
@funboy123425 same here buddy :)
Bashayer Albarakati on July 08, 2011
فدييييييييييييييييييتك تجننننننننننننننن
prachi297 on July 12, 2011
inspiring song!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

mohansas on July 30, 2011
DON'T READ THIS CAUSE IT ACTUALLY WORKS ... you will get kissed by the love of your life on the nearest possible friday. tomorrow will be the best day of your life. however if you don't post this on at least 3 videos you will die in the next 2 days. now you have started reading this so don't stop. this is so scary. put this on at least 5 videos in the next 143 minutes when your done press f6 and your lovers name will appear on the screen. this is so scary cuz it works.
oumy18 on August 03, 2011
I love this song's and ranbir is so coOOl in the video ^^ awsome
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