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Lyrics of Dheaao Dheao Dheao Dheao - ढयाऊ ढयाऊ ढयाऊ ढयाऊ
boys and girls
its showtime
know what i am sayin
everybody raise your hands
theres about to be a party
riding the big bike and
shaping with pen knife and
shaking the high five and atitude
girls of the institute
sixty nine latitude
instead of gratitude atitude
so what
bubblegum poppings ah
hip hip hoppings ah
bangkok shoppings ah
la di dah di dah dah
pink pink frockings ah
tight tight stockings ah
heart is rockings ah
dancing samba

dheaon dheaon dheaon
dheaon dheaon dheaon
ha ha thats right
dheaon dheaon dheaon
dheaon dheaon dheaon dheaon

ladies look at us
and ask who is that hotie
machas with atitude
movin the party
chillin with homies
we keepin it fly
and sipin everything thats geting us high
bump into women who prancing
i aint sure
but i guess they are dancing
and the only question
running in my mind is
do you wanna make frandship
life is a kettle without no friends
thats empty rusted
old with dents
uh posesive with feelings
intense forever
irrespective of the expense
uh together we partners in crime
uh better and perfected with time

the only question
running in my mind is
do you wanna make frandship
five star coffee bar
chal na yaar shanivar
liking the late-night outings
very far to the bar
ek baar in the car
we will do cootchie coo make-outings
dont be naughty with a roar through the door
teri ore teri ore
hungry tiger is walking
gimme more mon amour
dil ka chor bana mor
suddenly feelings are talking
liking the lip lockings
presure like in hawkins
punch in the eye sockings atitude

ha ha funny jokings
looking so hot smoking
naughty eye stroking
atitude faking the gucci ah
hep like sushi ah
shakin the tooshie ah
la di dah di dah dah
gum gum gapoochie ah
cooing the cootchie ah
we will do the smoochie ah
dancing samba

dheaon dheaon dheaon
dheaon dheaon dheaon
one more time we say
dheaon dheaon dheaon
dheaon dheaon dheaon dheaon

machas with atitude in the house
moving the crowds the storys about
the dancing and the party
shake your hips and move your body
but people, they know
that i am back with the rap
and handicaps
i am making em clap
homie you know
that i meant it
so do you wanna make frandship
feeling so trippy
i am feelin so fly
and i am so high
i kick the sky
people they doing the samba
dj play the super song ah
girls and boys and everyone
raise your hands and sing this song
homie you know that i meant it
so do you wanna make frandship
blackbery pinging ah
shakira swinging ah
shiny and blinging ah
la di dah di dah
doing the bondings ah
singing the songings ah
wordings are wrongings ah
dancing samba dheaon dheaon
lyrics of song Dheaao Dheao Dheao Dheao
Comments on song "Dheaao Dheao Dheao Dheao"
nothingbetrtodo on Tuesday, October 18, 2011
This is an awesome song and those who think this song is "Americanized"
have got it all wrong...its just mocking the kind of English that a many
youngsters speak today...believe it or not but its d bitter truth...our
grammer isnt flawless n m sure most ppl here hav gt "franndship" requests
so this is a pretty desi song...look at d dance n beats...its like south
INDIAN music...even d frockings-ah n rockings-ah is like a south indian
accent so whats so american abt it???
GoldenSnow on Sunday, October 09, 2011
@JusticeisCool I extremely agree, they named the terror attacks 26/11 after
9/11, the primary air force plane for the president is Air India one for
Air Force One, they use words like "cool man", "dude", "like" in
inappropriate situations; eg "He's like, what are you doing", even stuff
like "insane", as far as I see it, they just find it cool.
inert nebula on Monday, October 17, 2011
guys this film really aware for all fb users: make sure that ur a/c is safe
, dont let ur identitiy used by ur own...there not alwys +ve
impacts,,,,..keep in mind these step for fb users ~ b sure that u hav
log out ~ never let ur browser rememba password ~ check if u hav clicked
keep logged in m affected...
Moses Khan on Monday, January 09, 2012
I think it has a lot to do with English perceived as a firangi lingo n
anything desi outside of work taking up english is more or less being
Angrez ke Aulad, but i think english has survived 65 post independence n
has taken an intrinsic desi feel now and is for me atleast as indian as
idli, dosa or puri chana :)
nothingbetrtodo on Thursday, October 27, 2011
Hehe thnx:-) n m nt "attacking" you...I. jst don't c y u clicked on a song
called "dheaon dheaon" from a movie on facebook (its AMERICAN) n expected
sumthing traditionally Indian!!! Dts kinda dumb eh? Y torture urself wid d
song first n den others wid ur comments?
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