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Lyrics of Peekabu - पीकाबू
naina more taras gaye naina more taras gaye
aaja balam pardesi aaja balam pardesi
naina more tharas gaye
aaja balam pardesi
aaja balam pardesi
mor papaiya koyal bole
mor papaiya koyal bole
mujh birhan ka jiyara dole
mujh birhan ka jiyara dole
kare baadal garaja gaye
aaja balam pardesi
aaja balam pardesi

remember the time when we first met
the very time that u tried to forget
tell me my dear did u miss me at all
did did you reach out to touch me
did you reach out to touch me
peekaboo i found u again hiding
and cos i will always be with you
india waitin for my sisters
to come home cuz kismat

jo hogayaa so hogayaa
usi gabroo shakeen
a new day is here
time to formulate the team
slumgods never is the
focus getting cream
more like setting up
the scene for a dream to come true
im im a servant of truth
but a master of lies

iiving in this world
with perfect disguise
im moving away that u wont recognise
when through see my eyes
through see my eyes
peekaboo i found u again
hiding nand tonight
cuz i will always be
and i will always be
and im here and
i will always be with you
Comments on song "Peekabu"
innotech001 on Wednesday, August 29, 2012
Karsh Kale may be the god of music, but that doesn't make him immune to
criticism! As a listener you have the right to comment your thoughts
whether you agree with or not, if you can't stand even a slight criticism
you should better play your 'precious' music in the four walls of your room
than post it on YouTube. A good musician knows how to approach a
constructive criticism - he will never say "It's not your baap's show".
Grow up dude! Learn to deal with criticism in a +ve way!
Ambika Sukla on Sunday, February 22, 2015
Brilliant fusion. Apeksha amazes me most - how she goes from singing an
age-old thumri perfectly to r&b is a testament of her talent. Benny Dayal
never fails to impress me. Don't know who Mandeep is but he did his party
pretty well. Hats off to Karsh for the concept. This season of coke studio
was the best IMO. It got too bollywoodized after that.
Andy G on Monday, June 01, 2015
Its awesome and brilliant fusion mix and dont understand why people hating
the mix. Hello this is Coke Studio and Amazing mix will happen here. You
have traditional, rap, rock and symphony all mixed to a awesome song and
much appreciated the great work and hope to have more in future.
Subroto Gupta on Friday, April 24, 2015
I am 71 yrs. old & I have been listening music of every genre since I was
12 yrs. old. I am deeply indebted to Coke Studio for their efforts to bring
various artists under one umbrella & enrich our cultural heritage beyond
borders. Bravo Coke Studio & keep it up. Thanks.
Ellie Flory Fawcett on Thursday, October 16, 2014
ohhhh nooo I agree it didn't need the english singing at the end.. shame,
the rapping is cool, but I really prefer her singing in Hindi. This is why
I don't sing in English myself! even though it's easier for me of course!
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