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Comments on song "Abyss"
praddie000gurl on January 18, 2009
my god! speechless! breathless! proud of our culture, it has a universal
appeal :)
Metsu 962 on February 27, 2009
Very lovely...can someone tell me the instruments involved? Sitar, sarod?
Metsu 962 on March 09, 2009
Awesome, shurikya! Thanks a lot, I'm looking for music like this. I'm in
love with it hehe
Metsu 962 on March 09, 2009
meherbani! Thanks for sharing! I already love the first song I heard and
I'm going to get as much as I can from them! Wish I would have gotten into
this sooner :)
stargate669 on March 10, 2009
dude Donald Rumsfeld is offering Sitar lessons. All you do is help invade a
country like Iran, kill, steal and torture and he'll give you a medal, lots
of money, make you a hero and give you free sitar lessons. Apply today at
the Whitehouse.
Varun Nair on March 17, 2009
The artist singing in this song is Vishal Vaid - you'd hear him in a lot of
Karsh Kale's albums...MidiVal Punditz.and a few other artists. I heard
he might release an album later this year. But he is apart of Kale's band -
Realize. Performs awesome live and him and Falguni Shah on Kale's
Liberation album is fantastic.
tink040370 on April 04, 2009
thank you for the recommendation. ALWAYS appreciate recommendations on
Nancy Bisset on June 06, 2009
Love this genre, So penatrating to the soul, reachs those areas NO other
music genre reachs. So glad MY Dear Friend shared this with me. : -)
Nancy Bisset on July 08, 2009
Still get the same OMG feelings each time I revisit this wonderful VID.
Peace and Love to ALL!!
aman.k on September 16, 2009
since this is ur fav. how did u feel after listenin. i felt like i m so old
EverythingElectronik! on September 16, 2009
100 Percent agree, this is The majority of Society these days, people like
this Poison the world.
EverythingElectronik! on October 01, 2009
Lol.. So close Minded. Its terrible. Someones right mind? what is a right
mind. That term is different to you, than I. So please Smile a bit :p
Danny Sattar on October 16, 2009
classical indian music is amazing.
Neith on December 08, 2009
At peace, or disturbed. That's the problem with modern music... some
artists create these sounds that disturb us deeply, very deeply, then
refuse to take some responsibility for what they've helped nurture. Music
is a form of healing though. :) Always let in the music that can heal you,
and sometimes even the disruptive music can heal oneself... when we're
hurt, we need the angry music to force us to face our own anger/hurt. It's
when kids get addicted to it that the problems start.
Neith on December 08, 2009
It is about what it means to you. What it makes you think, and feel. Some
songs come with meanings clear in them. Some are for you, and you alone.
Bhaskar Upadhyay on December 13, 2009
This is awesome stuff. No wonder indian classical music's the best! Serene
n beautiful !
Vijai Kumar on February 09, 2010
@bhaskar10ster I agree that Indian classical music is truly the best
because it is so serene. But this, by no means, is Indian classical music.
It is fusion. And this fusion music happens to be very serene and beautiful
as well. I guess you meant the Indian classical aspects to this song.
Vijai Kumar on February 09, 2010
Neithie, you have said something that has inspired me deeply. Before, I was
ignorant. Believing that Indian Classical music was the only music that had
significant meaning in the world, I condemned most other styles of music,
not realizing that all music has it purpose. Music, in any form, is an
attempt to solidify and sustain a culture, even if it may include a drum
set or synthesizer. Music is a wonderful experience, a nurturing one. Thank
you for imparting your inspiration. -Vijai
Bhaskar Upadhyay on February 10, 2010
Yeah guys I meant the Classical Fusion :) And I know its Fusion duh ;)
vakibs2 on February 20, 2010
who is playing santoor in this song ?
Alexandrous on February 22, 2010
i love hindi music!!!! thnx for it!
Inder deep on March 01, 2010
@vakibs2 santoor is being played by mastero ravi shankar ji
Edwin Sequeira on March 29, 2010
Ravi Shankar does NOT play the santoor...
Varun Nair on April 29, 2010
Ulhas Bapat plays the Santoor in this song. Anoushka's involvement in the
song would probably be as a composer.
Kayur Vyas on May 08, 2010
@specialkase sitar
EightTheOrchard on August 16, 2010
thumbs up for India :)
Lalith Jayasinghe on December 01, 2010
really feel it . "Breathing Under Water"
SaisSKS on January 02, 2011
Beautiful music... :)
Ismaila Singley on March 01, 2011
I love this song.
Ismaila Singley on March 01, 2011
@OriqinalDesiGirl I know, right? The sitar is my favorite musical
meenabeautiful on March 08, 2011
This is such beautiful music.
ranvids on March 17, 2011
Wow! What a Symphony ^_^ Thumbs up for Indian music..
neo15951 on June 10, 2011
@kopan71 Actually it is Santoor!
Neith on July 18, 2011
@pukarokhan Why just America? lmao, and for that matter, why just Indians?
Farah A on July 23, 2011
it is afghan/indian and thats the most zen of its kind of
instrument that is used in both countries:)
EightTheOrchard on August 06, 2011
@pukarokhan ? whatever makes you happy
superautobacs on August 15, 2011
Had this track on repeat last night as it was stuck in my head the
throughout the day earlier. Another good contribution by Sting on this
track. Definitely the best track in this CD album.
discoguru on September 12, 2011
@kopan71 I think the string instrument used here is the Santoor. But ya,
Sitar is way up there in the list of Zen instruments! :)
devilzshack on September 30, 2011
This track makes my world go around...Wait..that might be the alcohol..But
this track is pretty amazing nonetheless.. :)
rintintin7529 on December 10, 2011
@skroew haemorrhoids are a problem to many. I hope you get some relief soon.
abbupura on April 13, 2012
well we really appreciate it...its a hard thing to get...
buru44 on April 13, 2012
And I could say the same.
meenabeautiful on May 08, 2012
Absolutley Beautiful!
Shivani Sawant on May 10, 2012
This is Bliss
Mihir B on June 06, 2012 comparison at all..! This makes me keep listening again2
praveenbec on June 06, 2012
Thumbs up for music. It's a math (and physics)-based universal language and
must not be vilified by using it to fuel jingoistic nationalism. :)
MIKE BEST on June 08, 2012
Hold out thy hand and he will take it...Replace all that is taken to
complete the circle...Shanti e Ahava ve Shalom
pirzadaharis on June 21, 2012
Jus great .
pirzadaharis on June 22, 2012
Simply Awesome man ...
Mohit Reddy on July 24, 2012
Mindblowing stuff...I love my Bharat(India)
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