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Comments on song "Assi Vele Sab Vele"
glitzygurl1 on November 06, 2012
Sid is THE best. enough said.
Manish Gupta on November 06, 2012
hahahahahah ! what is looker ??????
Rachel Rodrigues on November 06, 2012
somebody who looks good!go improve your vocabulary:P
Manish Gupta on November 06, 2012
oops sorry yaar !!!!
Rachel Rodrigues on November 06, 2012
chal koi nhi...maaf kiya:D
Manish Gupta on November 06, 2012
hehe !! thanks
Gauree Patwardhan on November 06, 2012
varun and siddharth are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
qurathulain saleem on November 09, 2012
very nice karan johar movie love sid and varun too but sid is awesome and
jazz231993 on November 10, 2012
if only i had a car like that when i was in school
and not to forget guys with six packs :D
amisha233 on November 10, 2012
wait wich 1 is wich i havent watched the movie but it luks really gud wich 1 is varun wich 1 is sid
Prabhjot Singh on November 11, 2012
sid u rocks
Summer Adam on November 12, 2012
I love you Sidd!! Please come to Mauritius!! :)
michal khan on November 12, 2012
lol who is varun
TheJZachariah on November 13, 2012
varun is a rockstar \m/ . dance and acting, he is good at both... SOTY
rocks :)
Alisha Sharma on November 14, 2012
hey guys, I'm the one dancing with sidarth at 1:12 and I just want to say
it was so much fun doing this song though I am australian I still have a
thing for bollywood, and the lyrics sanu vele cande sanu ki means people
say we are just sitting around doing nothing but who do we care. what a
good way of explaining life. over all it was a wonderful movie and working
with a bollywood actor and meeting the crew was a great experience!!
Bebo Kapoor on November 15, 2012
sid is just awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ;)
Bebo Kapoor on November 15, 2012
yeaaaa hezzz super duper hot indeedddddddddd
pinkicecream1000 on November 15, 2012
sid ki looks kisiko bhi heart attack de sakte hain he will be charged for millions of murders he kills with his eyes and smile
MsSnickers21 on November 15, 2012
OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! This guy Sid is like OMG!! His eyes, his smile and he's like 6' tall!! heart goes like fluttering everytime I see him!! *Lost in dreamworld with Sid*!!! *Sigh*!!!
MsSnickers21 on November 15, 2012
Actually you're wrong!! Aliya doesn't think she's the most beautiful person in the world, WE think she is!!! You are just jealous of the two hunks in this movie, innit!! :D Lets see if you can dance like these two and post the vid on youtube :X.go from here HATER!!!!
zmaam8989 on November 17, 2012
very well put...i agreed!
Neha Jaffery on November 23, 2012
hehe i think varun is a better dancer and better looker :p
taspia samia on November 27, 2012
So true Sid has the looks (not that Varun doesn't he does but from my
perspective I find Sid more attractive) and Varun rocks the floor with he's
hitesh khetpal on November 28, 2012
Varun Dhawan, Siddharth Malhotra & Alia Bhatt
pinkicecream1000 on December 04, 2012
siiddd plz plz marry me
ASHRAF SAIDU on December 05, 2012
are you are fool to write like this command
ASHRAF SAIDU on December 05, 2012
i like this video but there is no alia in this song so i am telling this
song is little bad
Rachel Rodrigues on December 06, 2012
evn i like varun!!!!both r gud in their own ways
Crystal Icely on December 07, 2012
sid is cute and hot but varun is better in dance...
Zarry Queen on December 07, 2012
who is with me ? Sid kinda look like shahid kapoor ..except height ofc lol
neilovar shekdar on December 09, 2012
i like حبيييت الاغنية كتيييييررر
Asyalover on December 13, 2012
Ahmed Ansari on December 13, 2012
easy easy...lets keep that heart under wraps
Muslimah on December 16, 2012
siddarth <3
Lolita130600 on December 18, 2012
dey r both soooo hot!!!!!! <3
Gaurav Kulshrestha on December 20, 2012
Vella giri.
Sandy B. on December 20, 2012 must have had enjoyed aot!lucky you
Nerdtastic Productions on December 20, 2012
SIDDHARTH IS.. <3 <3 <3
karankritika4lyf on December 23, 2012
Love all d dance steps :D n more importantly d actors n d song :D
shabzteamackles on December 27, 2012
is the drink in the beginning being spiked?
hafizab23 on December 27, 2012
Varun and Siddharth are hot
Mini :) on January 03, 2013
I love varun
attichic on January 05, 2013
Siddd love u baabuuu
Ahmed Ansari on January 10, 2013
is it the smile and eyes only that do it for you??
Sunny Man on January 16, 2013
awesome song.. punjabi rocks
mayelaine2 on January 16, 2013
They look good o.o
Asadali Alve on January 27, 2013
i love vele
spicysweetysugarygir on January 29, 2013
siddarth ur sooooooooo hot my man<3 u
Puja Bordhan on February 01, 2013
Sidharth man, he's too good looking, would loveeee to meet him!
h jRä on February 06, 2013
vele hi raho
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