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Comments on song "Assi Vele Sab Vele"
Nadeem Ali on September 18, 2012
good catchy song
Anukarsh Chauhan on September 27, 2012
Siddharth is a good looking boy, isn't it?
simranarora468 on September 28, 2012
Siddharth looks so cute ♥
simranarora468 on September 28, 2012
Varun looks awesome ♥
Siddhant Singhvi on September 29, 2012
thumbs up if the song suits u !
Talha Siddique on September 29, 2012
love the songs!!
can't wait for the movie

Riya Shah on September 30, 2012
Aa Vela ho jaa re..! :D
Thumbs up if you love it..!
fatihia shona on September 30, 2012
awsomeee song hai mast
ruchi malhotra on October 02, 2012
want 2 c sid on big screen...luv his smile
bhavika sharma on October 02, 2012
kiran2709 on October 03, 2012
Isnt his name too typical. Is that his real name??
Manisha00012 on October 04, 2012
OMG Siddharth and Varun <3
Roshni marath jairaj on October 05, 2012
I love u varun my sweet heart
IPKKND -SOBTI on October 08, 2012
Vaaah Punjabi FLAVOR is GREAT!! <3
tanvi vaidya on October 11, 2012
both look so gud..handsome n dashing!!!!!
shermakittu92 on October 12, 2012
Awesome song hanna like it
makeup7100 on October 12, 2012
still cant decide whos hotter
TaRey fan on October 14, 2012
have heard it over 1000 times now!!!!!
nikisvankh on October 15, 2012
I'll watch the movie for Varun and the songs xD
Ummekulsum Abbas on October 16, 2012
love you varun
ram sharma on October 17, 2012
mst song h yaar
xxxSRK4EVAxxx . on October 18, 2012
Sid is better in looks and is cute :) Varun is good dancer tho
moidansari80 on October 20, 2012
Haule launde . Flopsters
Missinwyne on October 20, 2012
why Karan stop making orignal . he is more focusing on remixing films and
song I guess. This film seems mixture of Muhabtain and Dostana . even few
scenes are common .
ironshark123 on October 21, 2012
put 2 hot guys with good location,better looking costumes with no good
story and there we have .. a new kjo movie :D recently omg was the only
sensible movie with a good script..
henna begum on October 21, 2012
varun loook so cute hot and also sid look cute
Ronit Bhatia on October 22, 2012
hey you m*fkr, please don't have a word about Indians... we are a
developing country I agree, but you fk your **s and wait & watch till 1/2
Indians own a ferrari Spider.. f**k you and your country
julietsharma on October 22, 2012
bhaiyyan agar aapko india achcha nai lagta toh kyun indian songs dekh ke time barbad kar rahe hain...
henna begum on October 23, 2012
varun look so hot nice dashing and cute
PRIYA GUPTA on October 23, 2012
i lyk varun more dan sid.
PRIYA GUPTA on October 23, 2012
stop dude mind ur language .. if u dnt lyk den plz stop watching
indian mvies n songs.. angrez ki aulaad
Subhashish Dash on October 24, 2012
Super Dance and super song..Both are good at acting too...Its been a long seeing a movie on friendship...
Ruspet Gbola on October 25, 2012
more developed in what ? Killing Each other ?
tranqillo on October 25, 2012
America is in an Economic Crisis, so is the Eu. I am not going to start
teaching you econ. because frankly you sound like a retard and its not my
duty to teach you for free, I'd blame bad parenting and lastly I'm not
Indian but know a whole lot more by the sound of it than you do so laugh at
that SUKAH! lol
Maithili Nair on October 25, 2012
India might just be the richest country in the world. On the basis of
culture, finance, religion, people. Everything. It has everything and
something called respect.
Amira Taneja on October 25, 2012
Hi there sorry I just have to comment on this but, who are you? lol honestly you have no right to judge after all what do you REALLY know? ~ There are the rich and then there are the poor, the intellectual and the illiterate. (Oh just so you know I know an Indian who has a Ferrari, two actually but anyway that's beside the point.). India isn't as advanced, i know but India makes up for what it lacks in culture, tradition, spiritualism, etc. Which is pretty great is it not?
syeda rafia Naz on October 26, 2012
Varun is also cute and of course an amazing actor.
Palash pandey on October 26, 2012
stfu guyz watch soty and enjoy or even better stop talkin country wise we all no syria is a begger which is surviving with the help of America so plz guyz plz juzz stop and Abdul Hafeez one word there is one word for MC :) hope u no wat tat means beggar
Rishi Pandey on October 26, 2012
For those people who think schools like these dont exist please go to this site simple
Siddhesh Jambhavadekar on October 28, 2012
awesome music ,,, the best part is the dubstep in the middle of the song
Henza Fazal on October 28, 2012
sid is so cute
dcpisj on October 31, 2012
varun is amazing in this video.especially in the end .
Khushi Thakkar on October 31, 2012
Love u varun Dhawan !
uffdmgmahi on October 31, 2012
varun is hot and sid is cute
Amit Vasani on November 01, 2012
awesum vide0.
Amit Vasani on November 01, 2012
awesum vide0.
Mishti Juno on November 02, 2012
Sid is awesome
maniflora on November 03, 2012
another bollywood kid...y not give someone whose not a child of a famous actor or in this case directors...oh well at least sid a new comer
surajs820 on November 03, 2012
Varun u rock man!!!!!
C BC on November 05, 2012
simply put..most GAY!
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