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Comments on song "Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi"
rohit meena on July 30, 2010
gr8 wordings !!
xxxx8474 on October 15, 2010
saw this video 100---- ---1000 times for u
balas2b on October 20, 2010
salman wow love u ! What a acting ! Great
Nerderline on November 28, 2010
...also ash looks so intense. Loved this movie
Demoness82 on November 30, 2010
this was one of the first hindi movies i watched and oh my god i couldnt
believe how it made my emotions go from one to the next in moments. the
best experience i had in watching this even though the movie i had didnt
have subtitles. love this song :-D
silentwords1000 on December 05, 2010
this song makes every1 cry..who love their loved one extremely..from soul...becoz love can never be separated from soul.
Arian Moon on December 12, 2010
i should stop listening to this song it made me cry but i really like this
im listening to this 3 years :'(
MrRanjan007 on December 13, 2010
All lovers must listen to this song, i am sure it will make u cry. I am one of them.
Mahir Mahiuddin on December 13, 2010
Salman khans acting is good
TheQueenGia on December 22, 2010
Aishwarya's eyes when she cries is so genuine and real. People who doubt her talent need to see this movie and the song dola re dola from Devdas.
abaidsajjad on December 23, 2010
could hav been good couple back then ,salman khn and hes drinking problem
abaidsajjad on December 23, 2010
could hav been good couple back then ,salman khn and hes drinking problem
princempk1 on December 24, 2010
whenever i listen this song i remember abt my soul whome i loved more than my life.GOD pls dont let anybody involve in luv if they cant met with each other.
Any pain can be tolerated except luv...
ceasefire066 on December 30, 2010
kk at it best!!it strikes straight at ur heart!! its hard not to get any
goose bumps !
avinashavi2000 on January 01, 2011
reel life becomes real life.avi

avinashavi2000 on January 01, 2011
Reel life becomes real life..avi
roomana111 on January 02, 2011
song so hurts
rasenganrendan333 on January 12, 2011
@TheQueenGia Taal was good as well.
ranimichael on January 17, 2011
i luv kk vry much. wow wat a voice superb.. kk alwaz rockzz..
VIVEKJEET SEKHON on January 17, 2011
very nice song its closse to my heart love u salman
VIVEKJEET SEKHON on January 17, 2011
very nice song its close to my heart love u salman
VIVEKJEET SEKHON on January 17, 2011
ronna nikal gya yaar
Ronny Autar on January 17, 2011
an song
wasihaider110 on January 21, 2011
Great song to feel pain.!
rahulcharming on January 21, 2011
i love you bhai we love you all mera bhai...pain in your eyes..we all love you salman...can't forget you ever you are really so close to our you salman
john80933 on January 22, 2011
everybody gets hurt like why u have to regret?
john80933 on January 22, 2011
Everybody gets hurt like disss...
aharis22 on January 22, 2011
i will never forget this song in my life

Brad Sakhi on January 23, 2011
it hurts when someone loser his love :( lot gaye hum tere muhabat mai
vksingh0007 on January 24, 2011
lut gye hum teri mahobat main ...
simistar2618 on January 27, 2011
This song is absolutely touching to the soul and heart. Love is something
that seems so perfect at first and when a misunderstanding ruins the love,
the pain will stay with you forever. Aish and Salman did a really great
job. This is called real acting. Acting that you can actually be like "i
know how that feels" I just love this song. It really shows how love can
destroy a human. Love is a thing that starts off beautiful and ends up
devastating. ♥
MANJUSUNAR on January 29, 2011
kun pagal ko pasan nahi aaya agar pasan nahi tyo deka kyou
ghetto0superstar on February 01, 2011
BEST scene! when they are both standing like statues 0:40 to 0:57 love this
song, very sad
Tariq Aziz on February 03, 2011
heart touching:'(
Amy 87 on February 07, 2011
I can forget anything in this world, but this song -3
aharis22 on February 10, 2011
i cant belive a song can be like it
words r very nice

Ukj758 on February 15, 2011
@balas2b yeh so nice acting :)
shabhia on February 23, 2011
y she froze? dam if my man was leaving i would run after him even if he gave me the signal 2 become a statue xD
laninder on February 26, 2011
who sang this song? it's good...
Malafide Belikov on February 26, 2011
@TheIncrediblSuperSam He says I am being punished because I love what was
my crime I will be ruined because I love and more of that stuff
lossey tenzing on February 26, 2011
agar meley khuda toh ,pochonga khuda se,jism mujhe deke mitti sa,seshe sa
dil kyun banaya aur uspe diya firkat ke yeh karta hai mohhabbat ,wah re wah
tere kudrat,,,,,get down to the deepth of its meaning
ThePervaizish on February 27, 2011
3 idoits dialike this song,,,,,, lol
SuperMadman007 on February 28, 2011
amazing performance by sallu bhai and ASH
whatabebo1 on March 02, 2011
if love could be so devastating in it's beauty, how much powerfull and beautiful love is between two people that only God could create in it's perfection. Salman and Aishwarya ♥
Ri Tu on March 03, 2011
Munnu iffy on March 03, 2011
kisney kaha ki salman ko acting nahin ati unhey plz yea video dikhao yaar
salman u r awesome buddy. luv you
Nuzhat Sikander on March 08, 2011
very heart blowing song
afghangrl21 on March 10, 2011
can someone upload the movie with english subtitles. i really want to see the movie. i have seen all the songs and i love the songs. i would appreciate very much. thanx
govardhan134 on March 12, 2011
these history is something that happen daily nowaday we should take care of our love well before it's too late
SuperUtube24 on March 27, 2011
aish is looking very gorges in here i just like this song
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