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Comments on song "Dushman Na Kare Dost Ne Wo Kaam Kiyaa Hai"
June G on January 29, 2010
Great song thanks for the upload
PriNceSsAarZo0 on June 01, 2010
omg. dis is such touching song. my fav actress Smita is in here. thanx 4 da upload.
passion689 on June 01, 2010
I agree with you AkramRamay! These issues are recurrent, happening almost daily as you say. I also think that the outcome of a trusting relationship between parties depends a lot on how good they comprehend each other and what expectation they have. If reliance on others is unlimited , lacking objective strategy that is mutually appreciated, then an eventual breakdown is not surprising. Friendships which are mutually caring and beneficial last longer. Thx again.
bindiya81 on June 26, 2010
Toofan me hamko thor kar sahil pe aageye Na guda ka hamne tjhine naam diya
hain umre bhar ka gham hamme inaam diya hain Wah kya baat hain.
bindiya81 on July 29, 2010
what a beautiful lady. Such graceful and charming. Nowadays the actresses
cant have something like this. They even dont know what gracefull means.
bindiya81 on August 06, 2010
@amarsingh12345 ?? Darling explain??
amarsingh12345 on August 06, 2010
What I meant was that whatever u wrote, I'm in complete favour of it. It's true now-a-days actresses don't have that subtle, amusing, elegant qualities. They all look same with cake faces. Earlier the film industry had Nargis ji, Meena ji, Mala ji, Hema ji, Suchitra ji, Madhubala ji, Nutan ji, etc. who could do any role.
amarsingh12345 on August 06, 2010
Look Meena ji in the song "Piya Aiso Jiya Mein Samaaye Gayo Re", she's looking stunning. Look Waheeda ji in the song "Tum Pukar Lo". Look Nutan ji in "Mora Gora Ang Laile". Look Nargis ji in "Rasik Balma". Look Mala ji in "Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha". Look Hema ji in "Aa Aa Kuch Keh Ja". Look Suchitra ji in "Chal Ri Sajani Ab Kya Soche" (The list is endless but space is less). I don't think now-a-days actresses could even think of looking like them.
bindiya81 on August 07, 2010
Well i can name you some actresses nowadays who also are gracefull such
like madhuri, kajol, juhi. But unfortunately they dont make films like 15
years ago. nowadays its all crap. No story in a movie. But i appreciate
your comment.
amarsingh12345 on August 09, 2010
Well Ma'am u may b right that Kajol, Juhi are very graceful but you cannot compare them with yester years' legends (except Madhuri).
sangeetmasti on September 03, 2010
can somebody upload the movie. thanks.
SimpsonEspLatino on November 02, 2010
eyy rajesh is lovely ok XD
vaas44 . on November 03, 2010
@bindiya81 Exactly. What a cool generation of the 80s.
vaas44 . on November 03, 2010
@amarsingh12345 Also, Hema ji in song "Naam gum jayega, chehra yeh badal
jayega, meri awaaz hi pehchaan hai" from the movie Kinara.
WhirlingCuckoo on November 05, 2010
@SimpsonEspLatino lol o...k
Ali Raza on February 23, 2011
love it song..
Ali Raza on February 23, 2011
lata is lata
Ali Raza on March 27, 2011
very very nice...
tiketgwa on May 17, 2011
good song for old lovers
flyover181 on July 28, 2011
Whenever i play from you tube,I must listen this song, really great songs
Sabrina Khan on September 23, 2011
wah lata ji amazing song...dushman na kare dost ne woh kam kiya .smita patil amazing actress i lyk her so much.
Bhanu Murthy Pithapuram on June 09, 2012
sthe song is very lovely. Music director Rajesh Rosahan has excellently
tuned the song to the situation. Amitkumar 's voice is fully masculine
sounds with dignity and stature. Rajesh Khanna's mannerisms are superb.
Smithapatil's action in depicting the tragic feelings are excellent. Thanks
a lot to Mr Premghatha for up loading a nice song in youtube s
saadshibly on July 11, 2012
This is real song as I faced in my personel life. I hope family member do not feel jealuos if wife and husband live pea e fully. Saad Shibli Asc
rajeesh bhoi on July 15, 2012
good songs
rajeesh bhoi on July 15, 2012
good songs
Ashok Bhagwat on November 04, 2012
very nice song i like 2much
pooja kumari on November 15, 2012
like it...
Amol Mali on November 24, 2012
Really really nice words..and lovely voice
Pradeep Khanna on April 19, 2013
really very good son
deepti on August 23, 2013
nice song ,but don't hurt any one
blrmd on September 28, 2013
What a lyrics. what a sound ... superb... really great
Wina Narain on December 07, 2013
nice song
Indira Adhia on January 31, 2014
Sorrowful, but delightful. Highly refined lyrics and impressive.
PAVAN BIND on February 13, 2014
dusman na kare dost ne wo kaam kiya hai nice song
DHIRAJ MISHRA on February 14, 2014
Radhadevie Ramasray on February 21, 2014
(Diya to hai)...
Umre Bhar Ka Gham
Hame Inaam Diya Hai..!!
Choco lover on March 02, 2014
Lovely :)
vishnu gautam on March 15, 2014
best lyrics
ch zac on March 28, 2014
very nice
Sushama.Narayan. Somji on March 29, 2014
Love it as faced this in life
muskaan zara on April 11, 2014
apne hi girate hai nasheman pe bijliya nasheman pe bijliya
gairon ne anke phir use tham diya hai
dushman na kare dost ne wo kaam kiya hai omar bhar gham hame inam diya hai
Dheerendra Singh on April 13, 2014
sachcha pyar kismat walon ko hi milta hai
Dhanraj Deshwan on April 16, 2014
Wow!!!. What a nice song!
Anil Agarwal on May 27, 2014
nice ( sunil mandholi)
tina jan on June 07, 2014
This song is soooi sad
George Anthony on July 08, 2014
I like the serious song very much.
George Anthony on July 08, 2014
I like the serious song very much.
Sikha Gharami on July 14, 2014
Dost bhi Samhal kar banana Good think Comment by Rinku
Jacquelyn Bernard on July 11, 2015
This pain is gift from friend. So I am very happy that this gift is from
close friends. Friends whom I loved and trusted. 
Maseehaforlife on July 17, 2015
Pehlay to josh Cheeen liye zulm o sitm se...DEEWANGI KA PHIR HAMAIN ILZAAAM
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