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Comments on song "Gila Gila Sa Dua Dua Sa (Kinara)"
ycshkr on June 21, 2012
first to view, like and best wishes to your soul stirring
compositions. All the very best shrutibox team!
Weet ik niet on June 21, 2012
Excellent job!
Sidharth Balasubramanian on June 21, 2012
Excellent work... and Charukesi is beautifully rendered...!!!
Kelvin Giles on June 21, 2012
When I see another upload from TheShrutibox I know I am going to click
"like" before it's finished. Keep it up Shankar and your crew. :-)
Sidharth Balasubramanian on June 21, 2012
Love Mugdha's smile at 4:01!
aishu559 on June 21, 2012
stunning,. just love this channel
movie maya on June 21, 2012
What does "kinara" mean?
Ānand Rāju Mudunūri on June 21, 2012
kinara literally means 'shore'
gabriel perumal on June 21, 2012
I almost cried listening to this beautiful voice shrutibox has once again
shown the beauty in indian music so different from bollywood song that is
soothing to hear tk u shrutibox a joy to hear
pooja jain on June 21, 2012
Its been a long while since Shankar posted a song...lovely song. Worth the
459raj on June 21, 2012
naheed08 on June 21, 2012
i love your channel but seriously, please translate the songs!
pandaramadagan on June 21, 2012
Beautiful voice
Mohit MB on June 21, 2012
I was just thinking sadly earlier today that it's been quite a while since
the ShrutiBox uploaded a song last. And I log into Facebook to see
Shankar's post with this AWESOME song! Made my day! :)
Tessy Thomas on June 21, 2012
Beautiful !!!
Balaji eevunni on June 21, 2012
love it shankar beautiful,sweet voice mugdha
kanth raj on June 21, 2012
You know what, i don't understand a single word from the lyric, But i love
the voice and the music composition.I Hope there'll be other language
versions available soon... Nice work man...bless yaa..!!!
Saurabh Ail on June 21, 2012
Beautiful lyrics. Soulful composition. Fantastic addition to the album.
Shwetarupalika Das on June 21, 2012
STUNNING vocals...
Vijay Siva on June 21, 2012
i'm from Tamil Nadu i dont understand Hindi i didnt understand a single
word from the song but i love it too much because of the Music simply The
Rhea Sharma on June 21, 2012
Beautiful! Mugdha's voice sounds much better than it did in Sa Re Ga Ma
Pa.. And the background music, as always was AMAZING!
Shenoy Productions on June 21, 2012
Simply Awesome ! :)
alvin pradeep on June 21, 2012
Sweet N Bold Voice !! Nice song after long time..
Prathibha S Ramachandra on June 21, 2012
out of the world!! a feast again!!!
Vj Ravi on June 21, 2012
ooo...lovely song!! Thanks for making such wonderful music.
Ashwinswarup on June 21, 2012
meh dude...for all the hard work it ended up sounding like 1990s hindi film
music...u can do much bhajan tunes please
pradeeps1987 on June 21, 2012
play "rainymood" in the background !!! awesome combination to this song.
she has sung really best :)
pradeeps1987 on June 21, 2012
why can't Hindi movies come with these songs which will bring changes in
the current trends which goes mainly in the unnecessary stories and worst
stories !!!
Ashwinswarup on June 21, 2012
no disrespect to the attempt but the ragas could be brought out much more
beautifully. She has a such a powerful voice ..couldve got more bass out of
mohd shameem on June 21, 2012
Very sweet voice
Ruben BFM on June 21, 2012
Please invest in a Very good pair of Headphone, Then only, you will be
really experiancing the Perfection of music this great man offering :)
Tribute2Jagjit on June 21, 2012
AWESOME STUFF !!!!! Greattttttt Work Shankar Ji..
schwavin on June 21, 2012
This song fits the monsoon mood of Indians at the moment. But as the song
progressed it went into religious references which added to the meaning of
the song..Well written and melodious!!
schwavin on June 21, 2012
Agree with you Pradeep!
theonewholistenstoinnercall on June 21, 2012
stunning vocals, charismatic lyrics, and outstanding music. Bravo Trio!!!
dancearun on June 21, 2012
beautiful :-)
Leheria on June 21, 2012
Gorgeous!!!! I was missing SB!
hpjronaldo on June 21, 2012
thank you shanar! nice song and nice voice mughdha
Upendra Dusa on June 21, 2012
beautiful!!! excellent voice Mughdha
Rachel Bellenoit on June 21, 2012
not to be repetitious, but awesome awesome!
priya ah on June 21, 2012
thank u man for uploading, was eagarly waiting for ur music like i m
waiting for iphone 5 or rather more, ur music is awsome
Rachel Bellenoit on June 21, 2012
you work with amazing Indian musicians. thank you so much for making their
music available to us.
TechNick on June 22, 2012
Simply Awesome! Love Mugdha's compositions and her mellifluous voice . Did
she put it to tune too?
dilrasan on June 22, 2012
I was hoping you would comeup wih a new video soon...nice to see new
geezeweezebabypls on June 22, 2012
Krishna has been the dream boy of Karnatic singers, wonder why...
geezeweezebabypls on June 22, 2012
Bloooody soothing ... tabla is CLASS
Narendra Tirunagari on June 22, 2012
Shankar. You are great.
2ati3 on June 22, 2012
As usual, amazing
ravs88 on June 22, 2012
Song was ok... Had a bit of a bollywood style to it, which I did not like
Stuti Shah Sheth on June 22, 2012
Awesome man!!! :)
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