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Comments on song "Haule Haule Se Hawa Lagati Hai"
MasterxDirector on May 23, 2009
WOW this is great .. awesome clarity.. thank you!!!!
KaKaGenny on May 27, 2009
srk rulez, man he can make anything a blockbuster!! not to say this is a bad film, but i mean ghajini was releasing a week after, this film had no leading lady or hype or controversy, only srk and he didnt even promotew it, in fact he told people not to watch the film if they feel like due to bombay bombings, but despite this he struck at the b.o. surely a true star!!!
Tanu772 on June 23, 2009
it's a movie qualtiy, man!!!!!
Clown7100 on June 24, 2009
Great quality
Thanks so much for uploading!
ajalbetjr on June 29, 2009
roky, you are like 'ROCKY' to me! This truly is movie quality - outstanding!!
mohinita70 on July 12, 2009
how do v download dis video into d i pod..plz tell me i m a fan of dis song
Esl2a on July 12, 2009
surch at google for youtube dowloader.
Cheeto164 on July 19, 2009
This is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. :'D
I love this songgg. (:
LivinLifeOnceAnd4All on July 21, 2009
hehehe this is a really good movie!
vkaushal on July 25, 2009
something which tends to be "slow & steady"
jozephine111 on August 15, 2009
i looooove this upload thank u very mutch !!!!
SAKR1972 on August 19, 2009
vrm c génial ! i love u sharuk
nanakdevji on September 03, 2009
can anyone tell me the name of the main actress in this movie, she is stunning.
frostedheart63 on September 03, 2009
The main actress is Preity Zinta. She was also in Dil Se with SRK.
OoOBollywoodQueenOoO on September 04, 2009
That's not Preity Zinta, her name is Anushka Sharma.
dustbunster95 on September 14, 2009
The guy who sang this song (not Shahrukh Khan), also sang Chaiyya Chaiyya and several other SRK songs. His name is Sukhwinder Singh
malonkowski on September 19, 2009
haule haule ho jayaga pyaar...
abhishekcool95 on October 12, 2009
this was her debut movie..She is currently filming for another Yash Raj Film with Shahid Kapoor (directed by Parmeet Sethi) and is going to begin shooting for her first venture outside of Yash Raj with Nikhil Advani and Akshay Kumar in December.
Kingcold80 on October 12, 2009
hahahaha xD thats so lol xD
mcridiculose on October 14, 2009
best artist in the world..
rohanm7 on October 14, 2009
There is no fantasy love and movies dont come true. If ur anyone above 21 id advise you to snap out of your fairyland fantasy! But , what is putting a smile on my face is that u took all this trouble just to give me hate. Haule Haule ho jayegaa pyaar soniye...Haule Haule ho jayega pyaar. Abhi aap apni bak bak jaari rakhen mai chala... thank You !
rohanm7 on October 15, 2009
OK kid , you win , ur right and im wrong! Just be happy!
The2Dragonflies on October 15, 2009
You need to watch the movie before you comment on the song .
bandola09 on October 16, 2009
shahrukh never stops giving us romance after romance,this movie was different from the others,especially doing surinder role shahrukh khan excells in it BRAVO.i think he deserved to get the best actor award for it but as they say that SHARUKH gets ana award every 2 years garanteed so this year he will get 1 for my name is khan .INCHALLAH.
mcridiculose on October 16, 2009
i did and i think its really good. thats what i was trying to get across to this guy..
mcridiculose on October 18, 2009
dude, i wonder how all those extras stay so focused when sharukh khan is right there dancing... i'd go up there and dance with him -_-
fasttechbpo on October 20, 2009
This is a true love story guys, it has no match in the whole world all I can say is, Tani je has played a FABULOUS role in the film along with Surinder Saani he has always been a GREATTTTTTT husband this is what we can call a true life partner
Nadilie97 on October 25, 2009
i love tis movie...and love stories like tis can be true..they all arent fantasys or fairytales some can happen in life...anything is possible with God..Satnam Waheguru..Allah..Jesus.. or any God..
azizmech on October 26, 2009
my fav song from the best movie in 2008
Marievska on October 27, 2009
havent seen the movie but this clip is HILARIOUS! makes me want to watch the movie.
chouds on October 29, 2009
it is a nice movie, u should watch it.
aohwa09 on November 01, 2009
i like the way he carries his lunch
audiquattroguy on November 03, 2009
awesome quality, thanks!! btw, i think it's higher than 720p, i think it's 1080p
rocksdelhi on November 03, 2009
really awesome.gr8 picture quality.
joyc050 on November 04, 2009
what a great film! i love it ;-)
abdulincito on November 05, 2009
King Khan is really King in Bollywood
xxxCO3xxx on November 06, 2009
good song rab ne bana di jodi best movie 2008 and srk best actor in the world
angelicapilar19 on November 11, 2009
i love the video and the song is awesome =]
105badul on November 15, 2009
very ordinary song! But a great deal of appeal... & it's for Khan! Loved it!
asimpa on November 29, 2009
between 4:00 and 4:10 SRK copies jason briggs from..seems like he's watched AMERICAN PIE a number of times...hahahaha
theoriginalboywonder on December 09, 2009
i love this song & tujh mein rab dikhta hai...i can't stop listening to them. I wish I could see the movie. I wouldn't know where to find it in Japan.
bilalbaber2009 on December 11, 2009
Best Song, with super high quality... SRK Rocks!!!! Haule haule hojae ga Pyar!!!! Wow!!
021524041 on December 14, 2009
love this song. srk alwaz rocks n reigns
cinderelame on December 15, 2009
Hi, you can watch hindi movies in Youtube or just write their names in google and you will get links where you can watch, in case you dont find them in stores,
kind regards
kerochan3486 on December 29, 2009
i love this song so much man it's soo cute
Smokeyboy56 on January 01, 2010
shahrukh khan is the best actor ever!!!!!!!
pRiNceee62 on January 03, 2010
you are right ;-)
jyotirubyleo on January 05, 2010
Omq i love this sonq ! xOxO ! Love you soo much Shah Rukh ! xOxO ! JS !
sandeepsingh423 on January 17, 2010
best song for the guys who r in the first luv
choveet on January 21, 2010
yes very true. whenever i listen to this song, i remember my fiance, i`m in love with her :), its really amazing specially the background theme when shahrukh mimics the superman, :), beautifully played violin
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