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Comments on song "Hey Shona, Hey Shona"
guguhassan on January 11, 2009
Absolutely love this song, thanx for putting it up. Superb quality!
monievanaish on January 23, 2009
i love this song, absolutely romantic and emotional is the best!!! Rani looks gorgeous so smilyng and happy was great!
tazgal92 on January 23, 2009
rani lukz beautiful n saif luk cute!!! thnx!
shantilina on January 25, 2009
lovely :'')
azlim8055 on January 31, 2009
i love this song coz i remind my sweet memories
moeid2008 on February 01, 2009
Awesome quality!!!!!!it's such a lovely song..thnxs
AYSEGULAKC on February 07, 2009
i love this song it is wonderful but the film is even better
BollywoodQueen18 on February 09, 2009
omg i lovee this song! rani is so pretty. and saif is soo hot..
ambreen1974 on February 12, 2009
Saif looks gr8 , i dont know what he sees in Kareena cant stand her that gold digger , Rani is better
princesstabbycat on February 16, 2009
i tink rani n saif suit n rani suits dat hair style!
huzandadz on February 17, 2009
i love this song
huzandadz on February 17, 2009
its so beautiful and so nice song and movie to wacth i am loviing it sooo
Avni Vaghela on February 19, 2009
Such a relaxing song luv it
shaitu on February 20, 2009
rani looks i love and i like her hair
EDDY WEM on February 20, 2009
amazing .. truly..amazing
ferrariboyuk on February 21, 2009
Tum jo gussa bhi karo To mujhe Pyaar lagta hai jane kyon Main to jo bhi
kahun Tumhein iqkaar lagta hai jaane kyon Chodo bhi yeh ada paas aake zara
Baat dil ki koi kehdo naa
rihena2 on February 23, 2009
hey shona hey shona
nadnadim on February 24, 2009
saari duniya ko chor ke me ne chaha hai ek tumhein mein ne zindagi se manga hai to sirf manga hai ek tumhain
S0MEGUYS on February 25, 2009
i dedicated this song to zanooba, um ras um faswa, zozo zaroora twinky, shona,plus a million more nicknames, (All the Same Person)
Shoaib Asharf on February 26, 2009
like ur user name
Kamilly982 on March 01, 2009
great song lov it so much so sensual.
jkdahkj on March 02, 2009
I love new york
iqahcandy on March 04, 2009
Rani look so different with this hairstyle/ she's pretty..and sooo
provocative here..normally she's very soft and ladylike
4ya4ever on March 04, 2009
lovely place :)
littletwetty123 on March 07, 2009
i love this song.. rani is sooo beautiful.. love her as well...
xl0ve1 on March 07, 2009
S22july on March 08, 2009
loll Rani is always wearing mini skirts but i lik it!
126bebii126 on March 10, 2009
hey shona hey shona bhot acha hai ye song very nice 3<
essiebollywoodfan on March 10, 2009
Tara Rum Pum Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee
rajangill123 on March 12, 2009
i love rani I LOVE YOU RANI
Akrish Paudel on March 13, 2009
i love u raaani... she is bollywood's QUEEN... and shahrukh khan is KING.
jkdahkj on March 14, 2009
new york rocks
shahidatharkarim on March 17, 2009
Love (HD) Hey Shona Ta Ra Rum Pum
Irfaan Syed. on March 17, 2009
am dedicatin this beautiful song to my sweetest n the most gorgeouz doll on
earth Zeni :) my shonaaaa.. muah xx and uno what guys she got tooooooo much
sweet nakrazzz and i juz luv her nakrazzzz ! <3
toxic0teen on March 18, 2009
this hair style DID NOT suit RANI...she looks in simple shoulder length hair!
david02blain on March 18, 2009
and wht meaning is dat
Mushtari Sarwary on March 18, 2009
i love rani and salf they look so cute together : D
Ami Joshi on March 19, 2009
lovely song they look so cute together
cutiechick9501 on March 20, 2009
dey both look mad cute togetha & da song is awesome and rani looks nice with that hairstyle
sabna on March 21, 2009
I really love this song. And Rani and Saif look great together.
Manveer Parmar on March 21, 2009
I love this song! ;] Thnxs 4 upload! ;]
namrata221 on March 22, 2009
rani is so gorgeous and she looks really pretty with that hairstyle... i don't really care for saif though... he is just okay... movie was good :)
noamansami on March 23, 2009
at 2:32 ...neva noticed rani b4 shez actually hot lol
lovechocas on March 25, 2009
i love this song coz this wz da day i met ma guy..!! :)
EDDY WEM on March 28, 2009
luv da movie an song
mariam tahir on April 02, 2009
loveee this song<3
Isha2121 on April 02, 2009
this is times square isn't, how did they get it so empty. It is packed even in the mornings
akhareoskoli on April 02, 2009
cn you downlood the movie:D?
srknoorhussain on April 05, 2009
ohhhhh SHONA my b/f callz me SHONA i luv him soooo much
srknoorhussain on April 08, 2009
hmm... okz nise name sweetudeeks... i m also... SHONA
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