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Comments on song "Jeena Yaha Marna Yaha Iske Siva Jana Kaha"
HEMANT3051 on April 01, 2011
Liviu Moldovan on April 23, 2011
Roy pars on May 21, 2011
cool man.goed naar de woorden luisteren..leuk
chinoxl2008 on June 02, 2011
what a song.powerful melody and even more powerful lyrics
Manmeet33Beghal on August 11, 2011
cute Raj Kapoor.. <3
murlidharancn on August 22, 2011
we cant get any more showman like him he is the full artist specialised in all departmnents of film aking. Acting,Music,Direction what not
saher80m on September 01, 2011
very nice song saher from egypt
Grewalsarinh on September 07, 2011
Lovely nd realty song it like this
PsRs127 on September 09, 2011
This song touched my heart beautiful
goldygld55 on September 14, 2011
Beautiful Song, Beautiful Lyrics, Beautiful Music Direction, Beautiful
Singing.. Just Amazing. Thanks For Upload
Vikram Pandit on September 20, 2011
@ Mady -Agree..Agree..Agree. Its echoes the feelings of a saddened
heart..too saddened that it no longer can become sad.
Nazia Jabeen on October 13, 2011
Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan Iske Siwa Jana Kahan
Mohammed Harsath on October 26, 2011
cant forget those days !!!!!
dhruvsheth73 on November 10, 2011
i love this much..still i had tear when i wtch this film or its any song!!
Raghu Alpe on November 10, 2011
this is not song its a reality
Anand Nair on November 18, 2011
when mukesh ji sings it seems dat raj kapoor is singing..such a wndrful
manojraghu2011 on December 03, 2011
Raj Kapoor's performance in this movie fantastic... how he loses all his
love.. Songs great. Hats of to Raj ji
sandy197824 on December 07, 2011
Great.jeena yaha marna yaha.
shkstyle on December 17, 2011
MaDurga2008 on December 27, 2011
the clown is ****ing creepy.
thebigh13 on January 16, 2012
Can somebody please tell me where is 0:45 to 1:02 taken from? I heard a
homeless man in Paris playing it on his keyboard!!! Any help appreciated! :)
Kamran Sundal on January 26, 2012
beautiful song
thebigh13 on February 14, 2012
@jesal21 My life is now complete! Thanks so much mate!
thebigh13 on February 14, 2012
@trendyjerk Thanks mate, it is exactly that! Much appreciated!
laghmaniboy on March 13, 2012
wow so so beautiful song cant explain it to you as an afghan i have been
waiting long time to hear this song
sunilverma64 on March 19, 2012
kya bt kya bt
kya bt.
Sunil Verma on March 19, 2012
kya bt kya bt
kya bt.
Samin Silwal on March 30, 2012
The real Forever Alone...
Jitender Singh on April 03, 2012
just not raj sir but also a very good work by mukesh ji.
yash9868846991 on April 09, 2012
Mukesh kumar rox
AAYASHI1 on May 14, 2012
A very touchy song best of the best.
Aravindakumar Nanukutty on May 14, 2012
great song!
liverpoolisbest1001 on June 05, 2012
Five legends of Bollywood: Music directors - Shankar Jaikishan, Lyricist -
Shailendra, Singer: Mukesh, Actor: Raj Kapoor.
Thej Wagle on July 17, 2012
Dear liverpoolisbest1001, Request you to consider 1 less among the five you wrote, that's RAJ KAPOOR. The day you know what he is, you will be bewildered & wud hate to see his face/movies (except movies where SJ gave music).

When parents teach their children about Hippocrates, they shud include the names of RAJ KAPOOR & RANDHIR KAPOOR without fail.

If Makkaree, Jaalsaazi, Back biting was to be learnt, the industry people wud approach the father-son pair as above. They were masters in that.
Nasim Khan on July 20, 2012
Raj Kapoor is great person .i am speech less because for RAJ
KAPOOR i don't have like him words..Raj Kapoor is really good
teacher for human and for life..i love him and when i am watching his
movies trust me i am crying,i don't now why but its true i am crying
.he is amazing...i love him.
Thej Wagle on July 20, 2012
Nasim Bhai, keep your eyes moist & do not let them water for RK.

I know a lots of Bollywood history from 1948-2000. If I had got 1 opportunity to sit with you & open the PANDORA box of RK's life, then you wud just spit on his face.

Rk ws made by his team & the same team ke kept dismantaling on his ego without they doing anything wrong.They were/are still wonderstruck & so are historians.

RK was made by SJ music.without it he was 0. Can u tell 1 gud thing of his personal life.
Vishal Sinha on August 17, 2012
survival of the featest, winners dont need to explain, loosers carries
MAHESWAR SATPATHY on August 31, 2012
One of my favorites once again
Sreedharan Champad on September 12, 2012
It is not Padmini kholapur. It is Padmini of Travancore sisters.
Sreedharan Champad on September 12, 2012
Mera Nam Joker released in 1964, not in 1970. It was shoot in Gemini
Circus,I remember.
i'm khan on September 27, 2012
no more words we solute u sir...
Rajan Jariwala on October 09, 2012
Legend of Indian film industry.
moryz al on November 02, 2012
awesome movie, ahead of its time, this movie was made with sincerity and
honesty by Raj ji.
moryz al on November 02, 2012
did raju die in this movie?????
victor arcasi on December 14, 2012
feliz aniversario desde peru
shaa Ullal on December 21, 2012
raj kapoor alive
Umarkhan Bavaliya on December 24, 2012
raj sahb i like..
aziz lakdim on December 29, 2012
Raj kapooor est une incarnation de la joie et l'amertume confondues
shaa Ullal on December 31, 2012
Raj Kapoor is great person
Nikhil Deshpande on January 08, 2013
Dislikers that's not a "download" button!!!!:-
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