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Comments on song "Main Kya Hoon"
vicky solanki on August 24, 2009
very nice quality vedio
chunkymanish on September 02, 2009
if u wanna some thing in this world .. than it is best song to see but one
day u will realize that u r missing your motherland n some thing more in
your life ... for me it is beaustiful song with beautiful real thoughts.
"" manish !!!
yana160 on October 01, 2009
ive watched this show...and its amazing how this movie reallie portrays us
in real most of us think of practicality rather than love...
HDBeepuL on October 01, 2009
I really like this song. Kay Kay is awesome.
TAKE 2 on October 01, 2009
its good CA becoming one of the best to shoot... luv the camera work ..
Safa Salim on October 06, 2009
hain..i never heard dis song..& never new it was from love aaj kal...not
dat nice song!!!
Admin on October 21, 2009
sf & san jose
whattodosorry on October 27, 2009
stud to dud in one song
djragav on November 01, 2009
very true bro its an song tht makes a person realize tht this is not tht he dreamed nd wshs every tym i hope ma dad see's dis nd decide to get bck into his field becuz its neva too late but in his case it can b too late
Venkateshwaran Sundaram on November 01, 2009
the song of my life...only difference being i m still a stud!!!...n i dont
miss ne1!!!
Abhishek Prabhune on November 05, 2009
yellow thing -musturd dressing.get it in restaurents in the US.
Rallokai on November 06, 2009
exactly lol
Rallokai on November 06, 2009
i thought those were sticky notes LOL
lenardalbert on December 05, 2009
I can really relate to this... living alone, no one but just you... at
first it's pretty exciting when living alone because of freedom but when
everything has been a routine, you want to quit and try to overcome
loneliness yet its still not that worthy to be.
phur tenzin on December 07, 2009
i really want to watch the movie but it is not there !!!!!
MisZx3sTuecK on December 14, 2009
um was geht es da in den song?
Saad Sam on December 23, 2009
This is rEally wat LIVING ALONE is. live widOut loved ones, family and
Venkateshwaran Sundaram on December 30, 2009
life is rockin alone...there is no need for anyone else if u have the right
attitude...your family and friends can b ur biggest cheerleaders!!!
rish1rish on January 27, 2010
dude, ur confusing. On one hand u state, "there is no need for anyone else
if u have the right attitude" and then u write, "your family and friends
can be ur cheerleaders". And even if u mean, u don't need a "significant
other"... ur completely wrong. There comes a day when u do need ur other
shajihaque on January 31, 2010
2:21 which game is he playing?
Kashif Hussain on February 11, 2010
superb song dude...
Waqas Javed on February 13, 2010
@abhylash83. right you are. Life is very lonely w/out LOVE.
obaid hrs on February 16, 2010
This Song show's the real life of this Generation espacially bachlrs
Work,Home and Sleep is the daily activity and after some time you will get
really bored. But if you are with your family then you will be the
wonderful enjoyable Life ...
Vish2kz on March 06, 2010
I love this song!
sapna627 on March 09, 2010
why was it necessary to show him collecting mustard packets? oooo free
mustard. this is the good life!
Talha Raza on March 12, 2010
@jbrar18 dude he is not collecting mustard packets, those are condom
TheMutedVid on March 19, 2010
@d0ntw0rri very true dude
MisZx3sTuecK on March 20, 2010
dankeschön ;)
LegendaryblueDragon on March 21, 2010
what game is he playing?
igotmeanskill on March 22, 2010
resistance: fall of man - on the PS3 :)
LegendaryblueDragon on March 22, 2010
@igotmeanskill thanks i looked like an alright game.
aggresive1queen on May 03, 2010
@blackjocker56 : It means that 'Im the one who gets what he wants'...
Danitza Palacios on May 11, 2010
You can´t fool your heart
viberant1 on May 16, 2010
@blackjocker56 i m the one who gets whatever he wants.
TheGreatlookinguy on May 25, 2010
Think it's CoD..
somya009 on June 06, 2010
i luv this song. this is one of my most fav. song...
Nabeel Ahmed on July 01, 2010
love dat song cuz i itz very similer to me is so diff when u r
living alonee...widout frds and ur family... :) now i got to know dat how
imp are happiness..
janetannie on July 03, 2010
powell and market is a very happening place with restaurants of varying
cuisines. how can he have the same sandwich everyday?!
Valencia Menezes on July 06, 2010
i love da way his smile gets smaller and smaller each day. monotony
is a curse..even 4 sum1 successful
flyingcockroach007 on July 17, 2010
This song concept is true. When I arrive to UK I was happy but in few weeks
feel so down. miss my friends. cannot live alone ;(
khillertubes on July 22, 2010
Too bad he didn't make any friends. I'd love for Saif to live in SF
codebreachable on July 24, 2010
nice track, when I arrived here, was like this... same things happened.
VIkram on August 25, 2010
@kartikmrhot -- Not everybody is lucky like u dude.
VIkram on August 25, 2010
Static life gets bore after sometime...thats why dynamicity is important.
Love is also important. Frequent S_X is also important.
VIkram on August 25, 2010
@janetannie -- Good joke :-)
VIkram on August 25, 2010
Life is a 4 wheeler. It requires below mentioned wheels Love + Money +
Freetime + family/friends :-)
najamxp on August 29, 2010
btw its me 'Najam' who originally remixed n uploaded this video on youtube... but due to copyright issues youtube just chuck it out... anyways its nice to see it here :D
Aatif Rahman on September 27, 2010
what does he throws in the bowl daily?
linlin on September 30, 2010
@ aty8skandy I think it's his keys.
linlin on September 30, 2010
@ aty8skandy I think it's some sort of sauce sachet thing from his sandwich
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