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Farhan Akhtar

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Comments on song "Masto Ka Jhund"
OnlineCommenter on July 18, 2013
Any song or that garbage up there?
Amit pushilkar on July 18, 2013
superbb song & heart touching movie Sir Milkha Singh ji Grand Salute to you
grapewine01 on July 18, 2013
where do u put the limit man! if i insult you publicly, will u gracefully accept it? will u keep ur belief (that u r insulted) to urself? then what those 'defamation cases' in our law system are for?
there has to be a limit to the ridicule and has to be same for all. And its not for one who insults to decide if the other person feels insulted or not. and here, you r neither a person who insulted not one who felt insulted, so its you who should keep out of it.
Amandeep Singh on July 18, 2013
Jasbeer my friend can you have some control . Dost I told you in my earlier comment he is trying to provoke you and you are getting provoked. This guy intention is to incite you people and believe me after seing your replies he is winning only. Remember "You loose the battle almost , when your oponent is successfull in making you angry" . Rest your wish dost.
therealearner on July 18, 2013
Not really - It's your BELIEF, and I don't care what it is. The song does NOT denigrate it. Watch the film and you'll know why the term is used.
And what do you mean by denigrate anyways? Are you so insecure that you fear for your religion just because someone used a term from your religion? I thought you should be least worried about that, if you believe your religion to be true and all that?
therealearner on July 18, 2013
Anyways pointless debate. As I said, people should have the right to even satirize religion (which is why I brought Monty Python up) - but here we have people getting "offended" for using a term in a totally benign fashion. Unbelievable.
therealearner on July 18, 2013
I KNOW what Havan is, but I said the value placed upon it is by you, it's your belief. Fine. The point is, you can't force censorship on someone else when they use the same term. That's all. It's a free country.

You're least worried? Then why on earth are you protesting against such a meaningless cause? People have rights, ideas don't. And people who get "offended" will find one reason or the other. If your belief offends me, do I have the right to stop you talking about it?
Raul Pan on July 18, 2013
Ignore this guy jasbeer.. kyon time waste karte ho . tum chidh rahe ho use maza aa raha hai ... chodo use ... gaana enjoy karo...

Im loving it :)
Raul Pan on July 18, 2013
You are crossing the lines of decency... Stop this nonsnese online commenter !
mumchanda on July 18, 2013
Woh jo bhi kehraha hain woh galath hain toh aap kaun se dud ke dhule ho maa ke baare main aisa bolte sharam nahi ayi Biwi ku dhaap ke rakte saale maa aur behno ko badnam karte.
therealearner on July 19, 2013
That's why I said - Individuals have rights, ideas don't. Attack my beliefs, politics, etc. - i.e. argument, not me, the arguer.
Defamation cases are for individuals - not ideas. If I accuse you of being a murderer without any evidence, that's me doing character assassination - and I shouldn't get away with it.

Relgion is an idea - just like politics or any other stuff. No one should have any rights to censor opinions on any concept/idea, including religion.
Raul Pan on July 19, 2013
Everyone is fighting over HAVAN !

Has anyone tried to clarify if MIlkha really lived in a quarters called HAVAN KUNJ ?

And considering he did so, how difficult is it for people to believe that perhaps all of them used to joke like this ? When they wanted to do masti they'd say HAVAN kARENGE ?
jassu singh on July 19, 2013
vry veryy vryy vryy vry nice song
sahilbajajkh on July 19, 2013
Nice song bahut wadia wa eh song
Soham Deshmukh on July 19, 2013
True patriotic indians pls watch RAJIV DIXIT videos
sandynoby on July 19, 2013
BY GOD energy a gayi , hostel ke Din yaad a gaye , Guys exams main stress feel karo to mil ke ye gana chalayo or fresh ho jayo , hostel main mil ke enjoy karo...,,
Gurwinder Chahal on July 20, 2013
Sire lai jane oohhhh...jai ho A.K Shastri
ajay narang on July 20, 2013
i have seen this movie... wanna watch it again!!!!!!
aslamparvej on July 20, 2013
Very nice movie real tiger
Shruti Khade on July 20, 2013

lovely song.. Gets one to the dancefloor !! :D
Ruchir Dua on July 20, 2013
Mast dance nd song as welll..!!
vee050178 on July 20, 2013
Nice movie n nice songs..A meanfull movie n very well performed by all actors.
gagandeep16gs on July 21, 2013
Simply salute to sir milkha singh
Sukhdeep Singh on July 21, 2013
this movie is not about sikhism mr nagra this about sprit ,sportsmanship .And if we talk about this song this is not about a sikh it is about a team "a paltoon of indian army" . GOT IT .
Chetan Sharma on July 21, 2013
preet tu gali khane ke kam mat kar , chup rah!
Roma Khemani on July 21, 2013
wt the hll r u saying...
Ravi Sharma on July 21, 2013
lick my dic..

C dynamo on July 21, 2013
check out my channel i've upload the ending scene of bhaag milka bhaag!
Sidak Singh on July 22, 2013
Typical Jatt Sikh mentality. Just appreciate the song. I didn't know who Milkha Singh was before this movie and now I do.
Chandra Joshi on July 22, 2013
farhan has done justice...wid this movie...

harpreet singh on July 22, 2013
Anita Gupta on July 22, 2013
Full on Masti song . rocking performances.
Gs2428 on July 22, 2013
Flippin jokes movie, what a spazz actor. Still respect to the real person.
C dynamo on July 22, 2013
Check out my channel i've upload Ending scene of bhaag milka bhaag.
sandynoby on July 22, 2013
His biggest wish ''My last desire before I leave this world is that I want an Indian boy or a girl to win an Olympic Gold Medal for the country and for my sake. I failed to win it in Rome Olympics in 1960.'' - The Flying Sikh - Milkha Singh
Rishabh Roxx on July 22, 2013
fudi on da___pan di chiki teri___lun
Saurabh Sundariyal on July 23, 2013
is this song from dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge?
spusht on July 23, 2013
the song is definitely catchy and farhan's dance is too cute. but i don't understand the controversies going on. what does this song even mean?!
mahesh malhotra on July 23, 2013
Havan karenge 'dance step' is derogatory ... listening to song is good.

my view...if not liking it ignore it OO_OO
Pradip Bandyopadhyay on July 23, 2013
I hereby lodge my strong protest against this video
amak9114 on July 23, 2013
They don't even do anything bad during the "havan karenge" part.. I don't see the problem.
Malkit Singh on July 23, 2013
very beautiful dance & actions
Kashil Kash on July 23, 2013
these babas who post their ads on utube, they say that they will resolve all ur problem. i believe that if something is happening in ur family, clear all ur differences yourself. believe in urself and feel that you can do it. am not generalising whole india. but if people give them more importance, people will become dependent on them. mark my words!
singh jasbeer on July 23, 2013
I agree with you, the movie shows the ideal true spirit of what a singh,a sikh should be or is like but the reality differs a lot from this.I second you for your true and unbiased stand on Sikh youth.Actors hv done a fabulous job in the movie and hats off to the creative team of this movie too.. it's upto youngsters (mainly today's Sikh youth) that who they want to idealize Honey Singh or Milkha Singh.. Also fighting for trivial matters like religion/Sikh's belief over this song is soo childish.
Bling Singh on July 24, 2013
Dude.. this song is not against any religion.
This song is on Farhan Akhtar's Senior Army Office...
You gotta watch the movie to understand the meaning...
Stop making assumptions. and Stop hating dude..
Thomas Sean on July 24, 2013
Are They In The Indian Army?
ravifauzdar17 on July 24, 2013
that's from indian movie ,except 3 actors, all were indian soldiers
in this song.
nittin3110 on July 24, 2013
Who is the backward thinking person? Time will say it. They made fun of the most sacred rite "hawan" If anyone can't see it, then maybe its me who is blind & also backward thinking person. Sorry guys, enjoy ur song. I just said what I've seen. This song insults "hawan" thats all.
Mohit Khosla on July 24, 2013
its not havan .. its havad ...nd dats a punjabi word .. learn punjabi guys .. dnt fight for no reason .. grown up guys ...
agosh malik on July 24, 2013
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