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Comments on song "Mehboob Mere Mehboob Mere Tu Hai To Duniya Kitni Hasi Hai"
nawabshaukat on August 25, 2009
The GOLDEN composition of LAXMI JI What a melody it has HATS OFF to mekesh ji and the great duo LAXMIKNT PYERELAL 03332604292
maideewana on August 31, 2009
One of the top film Mere Mehboob with Manoj Kumar & Waheda Rehman. This is really great song also this is great family film super hit songs. Thanks for this super collection.
maideewana on September 11, 2009
Love to watch this song again and again. Thanks again.
DarlinGGla on September 23, 2009
so cute
nice song
good old times!!!
old is gold
326BZ on October 11, 2009
This song is not from movie Mere Mehbood but from movie PATTHAR KE SANAM.
maideewana on October 19, 2009
Here we go again Waheeda & Manoj. I love to listen this song again and again.
Jattoutlawsafzal1 on October 20, 2009
Nice song Afzal Leeds U.K.
waheedaakbarzai on December 23, 2009
actually the first tune of the song moves my hearth. dont know something is so great about this song!!!!!!!!!
nicam007 on December 28, 2009
BadBoyKilla1234 on January 06, 2010
brings back of the best song of all times.mohhamad rafi R.I.P
M48OOB on January 10, 2010
mere dost this is not rafi sahib this is mukesh
nitikavikash on February 16, 2010
Very good Romantic song i love it. THX
BadBoyKilla1234 on February 17, 2010
mukesh R.I.P...i am in love with this song .
chocalate1998 on February 20, 2010
can some1 tell me wat mehboob mere means in english
starquality1987 on February 21, 2010
WOW listening to the songs after all these years reminds me of when I was three and weirdly obsessed with this film. Manoj was ace!! <3 him :D
astonaulak on February 26, 2010

wow nicam - what a fantastic way to put it - almost over shadows the song.
astonaulak on February 26, 2010

mate mehboob means beloved
astonaulak on February 26, 2010
sorry - in translation my beloved
nicam007 on March 15, 2010
@astonaulak Janaab, it was/is the best way of saying a whole encyclopaedia's worth of praise of this song and the way this song portrays one of the best single creation of ALLAH TAALA on earth, the female.
"Tu hai to duinya kitnee haseen hai, jo tu nahin to kuch bhe nahin hai."
For true traditional romantics.
cberlord77 on March 30, 2010
Fantastic Yaar,,,,,,,,,,Ever Green,,,,,praise to poet and composer
TheBoredNerd on March 31, 2010
"may he poop on my knee?!"
SalmanSaeedCA on April 11, 2010
can any one tell the song MERI MOHABBAT TERI JAWANI BY RAFI belongs to which movie????
mosafernorway2010 on April 12, 2010
nice song keep it up :):):)D
LouisHeath5318 on April 15, 2010
hot stuff- but youtubes not that great for hot girl videos- go and

search for rudey Tube , fantastic

MrRajkoemar on May 25, 2010
Wauw. one of my favourtie song!!! The great Lata Mangeshkar and Muskesh. bhoot sundar geet.
7riyazkhan on May 27, 2010
excellent song only a true lover can understand the soulful meanining hidden in this song
risparashar on May 27, 2010
@SKTPSY It's from movie "Pathar ke Sanam"
laveenaagarwal on June 08, 2010
this song dedicate 4 my love
laveenaagarwal on June 08, 2010
@cberlord77 i agree with u
SKTPSY on June 14, 2010
What a magical combinations-gorgeous voices and gorgeous actors!
SKTPSY on June 16, 2010
How can I suffle this song?
zayedcold on July 01, 2010
dilip kumar , manoj kumar , ashok kumar offcourse raj kumar my all time fav kumar actors
mrgogamehra on July 01, 2010
i am tired to listen this song
blueeyesj1 on July 05, 2010
i did not neewed about this song, i just found it and cant stop! aMAZING
cut3s0ul on July 06, 2010
Old is gOld beautiful lyrics &hearts;__!!!
annumaannuma on July 07, 2010
inoo khali wande mataram boltey huwey ich achey dikhtey...aisey scenes suit ich nahi kertey inkoo...moo chupa chupa ko .hihihi
BadBoyKilla1234 on July 14, 2010
R.I.P MUKESH...I LOVE HIS VOICE AND I WILL FOREVER. your afghaun fan since childhood.
wdywtkm on August 29, 2010
@chocalate1998 it means "my beloved"
JaanuHD on September 28, 2010
PremGatha hav BEST quality 720p :) i love Patthar Ke Sanam pf premgatha n__n /
Najma202 on October 04, 2010
Such a pretty song! Thanks for the video.
TheAmor5612 on October 22, 2010
@karaan4 Stop being mean when you know you are wrong. Pick up your trash and go some where else if you do-not like it.
ShameRooVideos on October 22, 2010

fahimadil007 on June 13, 2011
Wow what a great song yar i really love it thank for ur wonderful uploads
keep it up
IamDon9999 on October 20, 2011
music mixing ruined the original song
Sonita786 on October 20, 2011
love the oldies :)
007raad on November 07, 2011
wats wiv the drums??
kindloveable on May 05, 2012
i read ur comment and the video stops on "boob" due to ma poor internet
connection. n then i realize what u were talking about. i cudnt stop
vinay kumar on May 12, 2012
best of the best song 9316107273
Atul Garg on May 28, 2012
It is not the extra Manjeera and dholak which undermined the song, the
re-recording of the original song itself is a little echoe and tarnished.
That causes it to feel a little (Fika) annoying. Please use gentle words
when commenting in public.
Amrik Singh on June 03, 2012
Good Job... Thanks.
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