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Dard Bhare Geet

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Comments on song "Mera Jahaan"
Humna Ali on January 10, 2008
i absolutely love this song ! . if you really listen to the lyrics. they
have SO much meaningg !!
vishu81 on January 18, 2008
the picturization of this song so wonderfull!!
Chitra1294 on January 24, 2008
these songs the real meaning of a child's FREEDOM!
Gaurav Singh Rana on January 26, 2008
really touched my soul...5 stars
ritzz0207 on January 28, 2008
relyyyyyyyy awe some .!!..fabulous music..n touching lyrics..
parita23 on February 02, 2008
Ive listen to the lyrics they do have alot of meanin in it
vichit1525 on February 09, 2008
doesnt a bit of this song sound like kailash kher - teri diwani?
arti1704 on February 14, 2008
every glimpse is worth watching ...truely i had experienced in my childhood !! Aamir Khan has done a wonderful job for parents & teachers !!
aks1232001 on February 19, 2008
Exactly! Even I though so.
But I don't mean to take anything away from this song, it is amazing!
queenoftheapes on March 02, 2008
I watched the film yesterday and I was in tears. Amir kahn rocks in the film and so does the boy as well. Really nice touching song!
Epslon on March 08, 2008
bachpan kee din char!! naa aayenge baar baar. jhile jhile mere yaar..
jheb khaali toh udhaar. jhi zindagii!!!! this song has got a nice
message to convey!!!
kgbrokeheart on March 13, 2008
i saw t movie on 31st dec 2007 all in tears when ishant went to take t prize in end n also maa song amazing,,,i do mba n my class call me ishant after creativity i show in answer books..i always cry when listen this one n taare title song .. good job AAMIR.evryone of us is a STAR...
Sumyhe Akhter on March 26, 2008
great song!
ansabcd1234 on March 28, 2008
Aamir is GEM OF AN ACTOR...
divpatel77 on May 08, 2008
This is by far the best movie I have ever seen. This should be seen in American movie theaters. It would definitely receive an Academy Awards.
gstarrraw on May 12, 2008
right! i agree with definitely
chetan16061989 on May 15, 2008
the best part of the video is wen the paint falls on his face ..the increament in tempo of the music ..just awesome
gwendeloyn on May 22, 2008
I love this song.
heartfe1t on May 24, 2008
i dont like this song or movie aamir is comical and whole thing artificial. ad world influence makes it look like commercialising childhood and motherhood sentiments to me. i know everyone disagrees but my personal opinion
shortcircuit12 on May 28, 2008
I'm glad that finally bollywood has produced a truly excellent film far apart from the norm of the cliche love story. This movie is great! I hope Amir Khan and others make other films with messages and good stories behind them
Reema Sharma on May 29, 2008
perhaps you should watch the movie again with someone who can explain this
film to you. there is depth in every scene, try looking harder.
lostsoul836 on June 01, 2008
I really like that part too.
bhejafryyyyy on July 24, 2008
it is amazing how a movie song can effect someone
this is perhaps the most special song of my life..everytime i watch it, i go into a different world and cry till there are no tears left...
aamir, as we all knew before, thinks out of the box..
HATS OFF..this movie connects with practically every teenager today
Joel Varghese on July 26, 2008
This movie is the best movie ever...cos it creates awareness, and also
shows how crappy indian system of education is!
unseenForces on July 31, 2008
excellent song.even better movie.
drag253 on August 04, 2008
I really enjoyed this movie becuase all I used to see in Bollywood movies
were dances and unrealistic love stories, but this movie has changed the
way I look at Bollywod movies now.
drag253 on August 04, 2008
Also, this movie shows what it's like to be autistic in India. I know
people there who think autism is kind of like a contagious disease.
rose4soni on August 08, 2008
i relli like tht paint part,n wen i go bk to India im definitely gonna hav
at least one of those ice lollies ^_^
Citabria007 on August 12, 2008
He had a Ferris Bueller's Day Off! :)
IndianOpinion on August 15, 2008
People make films like these in India all the time...but things get
different when Aamir Khan makes it. I think the big superstars of India
should take responsibility and make films like that instead of the masala
nonsense that they make all the time.
adnankamal7 on August 19, 2008
i think people want to see some thing diffrent from typical masala movies
and this movie is great example of it
friend572 on August 19, 2008
The cinematography of this song is excellent, especially the beautiful movement of camera when the paint spills over the boy's face. The music supports every frame of the camera... Splendid camera work.
5ysaL on September 17, 2008
Amazing...its true dat da smallest thing in life seem some times so strange nd gives at times da most happiness.
Tojo tom on September 22, 2008
movie and its songs r awsome
Tojo tom on September 22, 2008
watch the car break on 1:19 is so real..
findmeasim on September 26, 2008
wonderful song, sami's sung it so beautifully
CPGMMmachu on October 19, 2008
He is not autisitc.. he is just dyslexic. Sheesh!
abshir9 on October 25, 2008
what a film!! best bollywood film so far.
adnankamal7 on November 10, 2008
his young boy over shadowed legend like amir amazing
Pomita77 on November 25, 2008
every moment is this video is to treasure.. it's so real!
ferrariboi98 on November 26, 2008
the kid did AMAZING acting in this movie.. i was like shocked :o
Surachit Kumar on November 28, 2008
the impact of the music at the time when the paint falls on the kids face
feels like when you are standing at the beach and suddenly you see a big
wave coming towards you, you prepare for it and then it hits you with full
force. just amazing
Citabria007 on November 30, 2008
@ 4:31 you see Taj Mahal Hotel that was burned down by the Pak ISI
typicaldebakeynerd on December 27, 2008
A Little Sweet,
A Little Sour
A Little Close Not Too Far
All I Need, All I Need
All I Need Is To Be Free (Repeat)

Chhoo Loon Main (I can touch it)
Itna Kareeb (So close)
Chal Padun (Start walking)
To Kitne Door (And it seems far)
A Little Sweet, A Little Sour
typicaldebakeynerd on December 27, 2008
Chhoo Loon Main Itna Kareeb (I can touch it, so close)
Chal Padun To Kitne Door (Start Walking, and it seems far)
Sapna Ka Buna Sweater Sa Warm (Warm as a sweater knitted of dreams)
Safed Baadalon Ke Paar (Past the white clouds lies)
Mera Jahan (My world)

Let Me In Without A Shout
Let Me In I Have A Doubt
Let Me In Without A Shout
Let Me In I Have A Doubt
There Are More,Many More
Many Many Many More Like Me
deepak deepu on December 31, 2008
just imagine,when we are born parents expect us to become
dr,engnr,ca,ias,we work our bosses expect us to deliver,we marry our wives
expect,our children expect,can some body when did we get to live for"mera
jahan" the individual human beings is lost,there is no moksha ,every second
we are in scanner and bounded by responsibilites,,kaash we could live like
ishant ,be free,in this osng as he tries to be free from thsi world ,ya the
cruel world ,that only knows to take from us and give us nothing..
nonamenorulez on January 01, 2009
i like the comment below me... but i have created my own world where i live for me n my family..ppl i love..i dun take their expectation to be burdens but as love n encouragement to become better..therefore my world is not ruled by anyone else but me..
deepak deepu on January 01, 2009
thanks 4 the encourang thoughts dear but..wn do i live 4 myself like
ishant,,,a scene on cliff where we alone and alone,,r u married sir..
nonamenorulez on January 05, 2009
not a sir.. a miss not married.
deepak deepu on January 05, 2009
ok with due respect,encuraging thoughts from a gal but every where we are
in chains,where is swajal,salona jahan for us like ishant is dreaming,we
kill our wishes,when we want to fly like free bird,its just tears that are
our best freinds...
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