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Comments on song "Mera Yaar Hai Rab Varga"
msec109 on June 10, 2013
Err, by 'group dance' I was generalising Bollywood and not referring to this song or film.
Well, you have your opinion and I have mine. I like when filmmakers take their job seriously and pay attention to detail. And I think these love sub-plots (and songs) sidetrack the main topic especially in films based on true events. I would prefer Gandhi or Sardar because they are more insightful (even though less dramatic) over a unduly dramatised Legend of Bhagat Singh (more fun to see but unreal).
rajasthaniprince on June 11, 2013
I am definitely watching this film
msec109 on June 11, 2013
"cleaning of black money" Indian politicians will contact you soon.
Your business will surely boom dude.
therealearner on June 12, 2013
Well I'm certainly not Farhan - and yeah I do love Farhan/Zoya, so :)
manpreet2787 on June 13, 2013
kuh bhi timepass mat kia karo aur na hi likha karo...pehle ovie dekho phir baat karna...
manpreet2787 on June 13, 2013
becos ''aisha'' was a big flop...
manpreet2787 on June 13, 2013
superlike to this line. janab
piyaji840 on June 13, 2013
Jeez when is it coming out
Cant wait
Brijesh Singh on June 15, 2013
rajasthaniprince on June 16, 2013
Why isnt this playing in Calgary!!!????!!
indianzeppelin on June 16, 2013
I hope to see a day when Bollywood movies without songs in them are the norm, or have snippets of songs playing in the background like in this particular video, with the full songs released only as a soundtrack.
Even a movie like Special 26 which could have run well on its main plot alone had a superfluous romance angle (and of course, song scenes). It was obviously added to appease the masses, but ironically, a large number of viewers actually found the side-plot/songs unnecessary.
msec109 on June 16, 2013
Very relevant ad I must say.
I bet all the people watching videos on youtube are dying to get your service.
indianzeppelin on June 16, 2013
I agree. Special 26 doesn't hold a candle to A Wednesday. A Wednesday was a box-office hit too. It didn't gross as much as Special 26, but apparently has a higher profit-to-budget ratio.
But I know what you mean. Not many knew (and still don't know) about A Wednesday when it came out. I don't remember the movie having any publicity, I heard of it and watched it when a friend recommended it. There are many great movies like that, we just have to dig through trash to find them.
dibyendukar09 on June 16, 2013
true.Milkha Singh did say tht sonam kapoor reminds him of his first I guess he did have a love story...
Missinwyne on June 16, 2013
Sonam kapoor is getting better and better in every single day . She is looking amazing . her looks and acting ,no matter what ever she is doing . She is just taking over everything .
stylishqueen33 on June 18, 2013
Shirk hai
Allah Pak maaf kare
warkercongress on June 19, 2013
It is realy truely Indian Sufisong
a singh on June 19, 2013
Love this Track , But TUHADA WAQT is best track , Very inspirational
NIKEYOoOBOY on June 20, 2013
looks pretty interesting should i go or just wait for the dvd to come out i dont know
Jeffy Lazar on June 21, 2013\XHI9o

check this out...guys found an amazing app will love it
Peeyush Bhadola on June 23, 2013
I read somewhere Prasoon Joshi said "its not a biopic". I may be wrong.
avrpictures on June 24, 2013
album-kab debu ago chumma (on youtube)
Suresh k on June 26, 2013
awesome music and song really so good

blagare on June 28, 2013
mention abt lyricist and music composer, actors u can see on screen!
Ajay Patil on June 28, 2013
OHH...kya baat hai.intazar hai 12 july ka..

Alif Allah, Alif Allah, Alif Allah hooo..
Titlee Abhai on June 29, 2013
yeah !!! this happens only in india but still people fight over songs like on maston ka jhund.. i donnow why ppl cant live in peace
Nikhil Pandey on July 03, 2013
like if u heard alf-allah
bloguvirudu on July 03, 2013
Is he by birth an atheist? No wonder you are so naive and joker personality :-)
candy faal on July 04, 2013
i really like this song and i'm dutch
Nik Wagh on July 05, 2013
stop crying like a little baby. The guy had a good sentiment and you have to whine!
Kocharcool on July 07, 2013
The scene of train and railway line is shooted in my city :)
Sagar chhetri on July 07, 2013
This movie will be superhit .
peeyush27 on July 10, 2013
farhan akhtar is athiest because he eats pork and goes to jewish temple
sarvi kaun on July 11, 2013
Gewat song , showing beautiful old time love .
abhishek sharma on July 11, 2013
I like "Bhaag Milkha Bhaag -- Maston Ka Jhund" since I am indian :)
abhishek sharma on July 11, 2013
dont read below religious fight going :)
Kirti Sharma on July 12, 2013
sonam lookng simply pretty.. nice song
Chinmoy Mallick on July 12, 2013
Nice film on a legend..refer
shaun080155 on July 12, 2013
went to watch the movie today ( recommended ) and was impressed with Farhan Akhtar,he played the role superb ..
AMIT GARG on July 13, 2013
Nice Song . Hats Off to Farhan Aktar. Superb Performance. A must see Movie !
Mehul Lakhani on July 13, 2013
Nice song..shadow of "Rab manya" by wadali bros.
Vikram Singh on July 13, 2013
thissongshot in rewari my home town
nadaan parindey on July 15, 2013
dont u deserve some beatings ?? u r asking for it buddy
Rahul Abhang on July 15, 2013
i like whole movieee, mera bharat mahan
Chetan kujur on July 15, 2013
I just love this romantic video
nipi puri on July 16, 2013
Beautifully Crafted Song with heart touching wording
Prakash Kambli on July 17, 2013
no matter how many times you listen this song you will still love it
Sanket Pawar on July 17, 2013
ek no...
kaRan pancHal on July 18, 2013
want to download this video .. but unable to :( what to do ?
help !
Soham Deshmukh on July 19, 2013
True patriotic indians pls watch RAJIV DIXIT videos
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