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Comments on song "Mujhko Is Raat Ki Tanhai Mein Awaaz Na Do (By Mukesh)"
rumahale on July 01, 2008
Excellent theme.
Thanks for the upload.
TKHARI on December 29, 2008
Dont know about acting, htgajjar... because the actor is not expressing sadness that well.. this song is very sad...
pkbasant on January 19, 2009
thanks for uploading this beautiful song. i am so impressed by the details that you provide in your writeups. It would be very nice if one got to know about the lyricists too. What seems certain is that songs of the hindi cinema were far better than the visuals.
yuanyuanyuanyin on January 19, 2009
Thanks for the comment, my friend. I will try to find the details of the lyricists in my future postings as you suggested. Thanks again.
Amrik Singh on March 07, 2009
There is no body like Mukesh, great numbe with Dharmindra & Kum Kum, thanks for great upload.
indiaman1970 on April 09, 2009
I have thanked you before but I wish to thank you again simply because your uploads are a treat for sore eyes.
And yes ,your details about the song are impressive.
lrjdr on May 09, 2009
lila holland very nice song
juneg1964 on May 10, 2009
Another gem thanks for posting. June
guru4us2008 on May 10, 2009
A man left his village of Phagwara, slept on Victoria Station of Mumbai, attended interview by Mukerjee, called a footballer was no else than Dharmendra- his first movie.

A very touching song close to my heart and a superb emotional song
j45onD on May 17, 2009
this brings out the emotions i me Ram and Gobin
sakasus on July 10, 2009
So nice-n-refreshing. Its a real treat for me with evening tea; makes me forget what happened in day's work. Thanx yuan³yin...n take care.
sqnq25 on August 02, 2009
thanks for posting such nice songs.can you post the full and clear version of devata tum ho mera sahara from film DAAERA?thanks in anticipation.
yuanyuanyuanyin on August 02, 2009
You mean "Daera (1953)"? That is already posted by amrutvani.
Just type "Devata Tum Ho Mera sahara(Rafi,Mubarak,Daera) and you should get it.
jasbongy on September 06, 2009
Mind Blowing.''Dil mera dub gaya,ash meri tut gayi, mere hatho hee sae
patwar meri dub gayi.''.Bautiful lyrics. 10***************Regards. Sarla.
fusionfission on March 10, 2010
Who is this man. He is sooo extremely handsome.
redmonkeyy on May 03, 2010
Ahh.. mukesh.. my late father's favourite singer and this is one song he loved to listen to... bought tears to my eye.. thanks for posting it though
sarbjit57 on May 03, 2010
Thanks sooooo much for this song. It is simply beautiful, no words to express my gratitude. Regards. God bless
soph6ia on May 23, 2010
Yes Dharmendra was the most handsome. It's been voted on again and again even recently. This was his first movie. He got better and better and by the late 60s he had no competition in the looks department.
rusaran on June 05, 2010
Well, personalities like Dharmendra are created by god one or two in centuries, so no surprise!!
rock freeman on June 26, 2010
hello its very beautiful song,music,act,singer all of veryyyyyy good thx
rkoza7 on July 01, 2010
A LA GRAND is all I can say Yuan.
rkoza7 on July 07, 2010
Might be because I am a 'Senior citizen' now dear.
MrYogi1965 on August 05, 2010
Is Kadar Zald Kiya Mujh Se Kinaara Tum Ne
Koi Bhatkega Akela Ye Na Socha Tum Ne
Chhup Gaye Ho To Kabhi Yaad Bhi Aaya Na Karo
Aawaaz Na Do.. Aawaaz Na Do..
-Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere (1960) *Balraj Sahni, Dharmender, Usha Kiran, Kumkum
Music : Kalyanji-Anandji Lyrics : Shamim Jaipuri
Singer : Mukesh
MrYogi1965 on August 05, 2010
Roshni Ho Na Saki Laakh Jalaaya Hum Ne
Tujh Ko Bhoola Hi Nahi'n Laakh Bhulaaya Hum Ne
Main Pareshaa'n Hu'n Mujhe Aur Pareshaa'n Na Karo
Aawaaz Na Do.. Aawaaz Na Do..
MrYogi1965 on August 05, 2010
Dil Mera Doob Gayaa - Aas Meri Toot Gayi
Mere Haatho'n Hi Se Patwaar Meri Chhoot Gayi
Ab Main Toofaan Mein Hu'n - Saahil Se Ishaara Na Karo
Aawaaz Na Do.. Aawaaz Na Do..
MrYogi1965 on August 05, 2010
Maine Ab Tum Se Na Milne Ki Kasam Khaayi Hai
Kya Khabar Tum Ko Meri Jaan Pe Ban Aayi Hai
Main Bahak Jaayu'n Kasam Kha Ke Tum Aisa Na Karo
Aawaaz Na Do.. Aawaaz Na Do..
MrYogi1965 on August 05, 2010
Mujh Ko Is Raat Ki Tanhaayi Mein Aawaaz Na Do..
Mujh Ko Is Raat Ki Tanhaayi Mein Aawaaz Na Do
Jis Ki Aawaaz Rula De Mujhe Wo Saaz Na Do
Aawaaz Na Do.. Aawaaz Na Do..
studer3500 on August 05, 2010
Dear Yuan - there are two additional verses as shown by Mr Yogi1965 below. Is it possible for you to complete this song?
yuanyuanyuanyin on August 06, 2010
- Here my dear friend, is a different story!
In some films, when they release the song RECORDS [Those days only records, no cassettes or CDs], sometime they ADD or REMOVE some parts [verses] and in this case they may have added those "additional verses".

However, in the film they can not ADD additional verses and that may have been the case here.
MrYogi has the lyrics taken from the RECORDS [LP].
Hope you got my point.
Thank you.
studer3500 on August 06, 2010
Dear Yuan thanks for your reply. I think you will find it is the other way round, i.e. they cut the verses to fit the record. The proof is that I saw this film many years back where the songs were complete. Also I recall somebody close to the film industry saying that in most cases when the film is initially released it is not cut in any way.
studer3500 on August 06, 2010
- It is possible that subsequent export copies may have been "edited" by the cinema staff to fit the timescales of the cinemas so that it falls in line with their other showings, especially where Hindi films exceed 2.5 hours in length. From what I have been told the directors were aware that the songs would save a film if it flopped (due to poor acting etc.). Again this appears to be true, e.g. if you take Bees Sal Baad where Hemant Kumar saved the film,lead actor flopped
yuanyuanyuanyin on August 06, 2010
- OMG, Thank you my dear friend for giving me all the details which I was not aware of.
You must be absolutely correct. I thought the other way around. Silly of me. LOL
Thank you very much by taking the pain of writing and giving me all the details.
As I said in another comment [this morning], we learn something new every day and must thank all the friends like YOU.

Thank you again and take care.
May God bless you.
fifyfuffu on September 13, 2010
Look at him. It looks as if the era itself was in black and white. It sometimes becomes very difficult to imagine that there were colors in that era and when these shots took place, the chair, dharmendra's clots etc were in colors. haha. see the impact. just great
inappro on October 14, 2010
Mukesh's version is too good!!!
chandrashekharjain on October 30, 2010
Who told you there was any 'lead actor' in 'Bees Saal Baad', I did not find any.. LOL. It was mainly an old film 'Mahal'. type mystery + great music which made it hit. Here in this case, when Dharmendra was fresh, he was a non personality. People said he mi micks Manoj Kumar. Later he developed and displayed muscles, girls started taking fancy of him. Actor he never was, like Dara Singh
studer3500 on October 30, 2010
my understanding is that Biswajeet was the lead actor and in my opinion I woudn't classify him as an actor. As I have mentioned before Hemant Kumar saved the day by his excellent songs & music direction and by the great Sahir, lyricst. It is a fact of life that people of lesser ability are always saved by talented down to earth fellow humans.
chandrashekharjain on October 31, 2010
Not always. Biswajeet had a role in a film 'BIWI aur Makan" best suited to his personality and caliber..LOL
Also looked great in a song...Kajra Muhobbat .Wala...male role being Babita.
humsafar987 on December 01, 2010
My fav, all time song, that was the best time the world had ever know it, the sixties, how I wish to go back in time. friends were friends, relatives were relatives, My mother used to listen to this song a lot. it meant very little to me then, but now i can feel all she felt then.
humsafar987 on December 02, 2010
@yuanyuanyuanyin. She sure was, my best friend, and my mother, who I lost many years ago.
yuanyuanyuanyin on December 03, 2010
- OMG, when you said [in your earlier comment] "My mother used to listen to this song", I thought of this.
Mothers are/were the best friends for many us, my dear friend.
May her soul Rest In Peace.
May God bless you.
veechar on January 01, 2011
Don't disturb me... i want to listen and cry
mohindraandcompany on June 27, 2011
awesome. SONG. nothing to say.
Dharmendra is also difficult to recognize, his first film
Chiman Jagani on September 27, 2011
Album: Dil Bhi Tera Hum Bhi Tere
Year: 1960
Track: Mujhko Is Raat Ki
Singer: Mukesh
Album Star Cast: Dharmendra Kumkum BalrajSahani
Track Star Cast: Dharmendra
arbindooba on February 05, 2012
Hi , I m sure none will thumb down when I say Moms r best friends. My mom lookd much like Smita Ji ( Patil), dark face n bright eyes. They are substitutions of heaven on earth.
mudsair butt on March 30, 2012
nice song dil mai utarta hi
cooldude2k6 on April 01, 2012
One interesting thing for Dharamji's fans is that this is his debut film!!
Salonee Sach on April 16, 2012
jiski aawaaz rulaa de mujhe wo saaz na do. I like both version Lata &
Mukesh ... thks
mastkalandr on April 17, 2012
Dear friend saloneesach !.. chhup gaye ho to mujhe yaad bhi aayaa na karo
aawaaz na do mujhko is raat ki tanhaayi mein aawaaz na do aawaaz na do.. I
too ,love this touching song .. Thanks for sharing my small tribute..
Rose Shah on February 06, 2013
loved both vMujhko iss raat ki tanhai mein Aawaaz na do. jiski Aawaaz rulaa
de mujhe woh saaz na do. Roshni ho na saki dil bhi jalaya meine.tumko bhula
hee nahin lakh bhulaya meine..mein pareshaan hum mujhe aur pareshaa na
karo.. meine ab tumse na milne ki kasam khayee hein,dil mera Dub gaya aash
meri tut gayee mere hathon hee se [atwaar meri chhut gayee ab mein tuphan
mein houn sahil se ishaara na karom..aawaaz na do. simply beautiful soul
touching song..loved this beauty so much.thanks.
Rose Shah on February 06, 2013
loved both version. kept listening repeatedly. sad but most beautiful
evergreen song. much thanks for it's revival. and also sharing.
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