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Comments on song "Naani Teri Morani Ko Mor Le Gae"
Neeraj Gupta on August 27, 2009
Thanks 1,000,000 times. I never thought that I will live to see the video
of this song.
srazdan on August 30, 2009
Priceless! Many, many thanks for sharing.
Shrikant Talageri on September 04, 2009
Thank you for uploading this song, which I have been searching for a long
Thalesh Pathak on September 13, 2009
thanks for sharing this rare video
durlabh kolhe on November 22, 2009
what a tune and ranu mukharjee sung it very well. i think ranu mukharjee
sung some hindi song when she grown up in films like farar where music was
scored by her father hemant kumar. i do not recollect the same, however if
available please upload it.
V. Siddhartha on December 03, 2009
This is by far the cutest , the most adorable song sung by a child herself
that I have heard in a long time. Move over Ashaji ! And Ranu acted so
naturally too. Would like to know what her adult life came to be. If alive
today, she must be in her early-to-mid 50s .Thank you, Alaknanda2007.
V. Siddhartha on December 03, 2009
Oh, I see that the child actor is different from the child singer. Sorry.
jasbongy on December 03, 2009
Ranu Mukherjee sang very sweetly. 5**********Thanks Alknanda2007 ji for
this song. Thanks chamogaa ji for sharing. Regards.Sarla.
jasbongy on December 03, 2009
Vipan ji Ranu sings in her sweet ,child voice. for Honey Irani.I had met
Ranu when she was just 9-10 years old So you are right,she must be in early
50. We were serching for right adress and she directed us towards it. So we
had stopped our car near Hemant K.ji's house.Thanks for sharing this sweet
song. With respect. Sarla.
V. Siddhartha on January 26, 2010
Thanks for the update.
Maithili Desai on February 22, 2010
I've been in love with this song since I was a year old!! That child is so
cute, I could pick her up n cuddle her!!
firsthuma on February 27, 2010
Surely this cannot be. If the film is from 1960 , that can't be Rani M
otherwise she would be 50 odd now , and she clearly is not that old!!
firsthuma on February 27, 2010
Ohhh- I seeee. different RanUU Mukherjee-- so this is mother of Farhan !!!
Abhay Das on March 22, 2010
one of the loveliest children songs. so many memories of childhood got
refreshed . thanks for uploading. lyrics is by Shailendra
Chandani Singh on March 30, 2010
thankyou for this song!!!
AMAN Singh on April 02, 2010
this song is composed by hemant kumar not robin bannerjee. who is a music
dir. of this film.
neeraj12462 on May 19, 2010
so beautiful so lovely
varsha2186 on July 11, 2010
Can somebody tell me the English translation of this song please? Or tell a small story about what she saying lol..It is a very cute song<3
boboyamir on July 15, 2010
this girl is so sweet . i love this song. this movie is so old.
vng61 on July 22, 2010
What a sweet song...remarkable innocense on the face of that child..aptly
enacted...too difficult to forget blessings to her...though
appears ridiculous with the time elapsed...thank u so much for uploading
this one!!vng61.
Rita Bawa on August 01, 2010
Hi...if you have the movie also, please upload it...So many memories from
mine and my elder sister's childhood.
AJ MISTRY on August 04, 2010
@abhishekrm1981 i don't understand why do you think that varsh2186 is
saying something bad about this song.all she is asking translation for this
hindi song or want to what this girl was saying in her song.she is not
making fun of this song at all.
theshaktichauhan on September 01, 2010
just download it from mozilla fire fox
born2fi8 on September 18, 2010
wah wah wah wah.
Bermuda Rao on September 30, 2010
Ma fille aime bien cette chanson. Merci bien !!!!
Uttam Padukone on October 06, 2010
Yes Ranu Mukherjee sang this song and is the daughter of Hemant Kumar.
Nilesh Rathi on October 07, 2010
wow... simple great.
manjushaize on October 10, 2010
Thank you very much for uploading this video
rahul7aug on October 12, 2010
@neenajain just go for the url and paste it to ur downloader or play it with real player and u can see the download this video on the right top of player just click it.
Rajeev Sharma on October 25, 2010
Very. Very. Nice. Song
Nalini Gierdhariesingh on November 19, 2010
Sooo cute .haha
mazoomable on December 01, 2010
Oh I thank you for this video dear really brings back memories ...deeply imbedded ones. Could you tell me please where I could get hold of this movie in Mumbai ? Or how else can I see this full movie? Thanks a email is
tapsfan6 on January 27, 2011
how can you compare any song to this greatest hit ever..I have my 17 month old daughter in my lap and she is loving it...just like i did when I was young and my mom sang it to me..
wen2110 on February 28, 2011
It's really sweet! Can anyone tell whar the lyrics mean in English, please?
a1989inc on March 13, 2011
Why cant my generation have simple and beautiful songs and movies like these..
mukulkamat20 on March 28, 2011
@a1989inc u r right.. In our generation unfortunately kids enjoy vulgar
songs like Munni n Sheela..
subhrajit123 on May 16, 2011
In case somebody hasn't already mentioned, the elder actress is Anubha Gupta ...
subhrajit123 on May 16, 2011
And yes, the singer is Ranu Mukherjee, daughter of Hemant Kumar (not to be confused with Lady Ranu Mukherjee )
anukriti kabra on July 09, 2011
good old days <3 <3
Rahul gupta on August 28, 2011
Lovely,sweet,beautiful song.
marmikmamu on September 13, 2011
Lovely,sweet,beautiful song
marmik desai on September 13, 2011
Lovely,sweet,beautiful song
Jone Smith on October 15, 2011
@619coolnickhere ya i agree
Jone Smith on October 15, 2011
love it its a beautiful song love it
ranabhola on October 20, 2011
NOTHING can be cuter than this. This song is MY medicine when I am down.
MyKaempfer on February 07, 2012
Music was by Hemant Kumar; not Robin Banerjee.
MyKaempfer on February 07, 2012
The lyricist was Shailendra.
shahin masuma Masuma on February 20, 2012
beautiful song .
Navi Gill on August 19, 2012
"Farhaan Akhtar's Mom"...sweet!:)
Haresh Ackbarally on August 25, 2012
What can you? Unbeatable.Honey Irani, unmatchable.Daisy & Honey made the
Superb Black & White films really Colourful with their very Silky & Perfect
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