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Comments on song "Neal N Nikki - Naughty Mix"
shibinin on April 12, 2009
this is cool movie.!!! i loved it.

i dont no nabu.. uu rember or not.
we watched some scens togather.!!!
miss u darling.!!!

i love u!
nlh4life on April 18, 2009
i love this movie i saw it at guyana
JJdrizzle619 on April 18, 2009
kkkk this movie is so kool..i love all the songs and i like neal
jaspreet kaur on April 23, 2009
that was not the whole song
SunshineEmoTears on May 28, 2009
"Pretty Girl" Clothes.!.!.! Cheap & trampy .
Anubhuti Jain on June 09, 2009
great movie's great song
Anubhuti Jain on June 09, 2009
its fantastic video
Sidjay on June 13, 2009
I loved this movie and i really like the actors!! but i`m from Vancouver
and people DO NOT DRESS LIKE THAT!! :| first of all its too cold and second
of all we just dont :P ahah i seriously dont know why they would make her
dress like that.
Milena Wintre on June 26, 2009
This song is so cool!!
Milena Wintre on June 27, 2009
Does anyone know where I can find the full song???
virkyjatti94 on July 04, 2009
Lmaaaoo and its in whistler
where its like way to cold haha
Jessicasmiley4life on July 13, 2009
love the song movie n' all
o0muskan0o on July 13, 2009
Neal:Agar hum dono kabhi miljate socho aaise kahin miljate
(the tune of tujhe dekha toh yeh jana sanam plays here)
Both: naaaa
Nikki: meri tumhari kabhi nahi banti
Neal n Nikki
hum dono ki jodi nahi jamti
Neal:hey main tab bhi itna cool tha jitna main aaj hoon
main tab bhi supercool tha jaise main aaj hoon
Nikki: i know i know
o0muskan0o on July 13, 2009
hey i am the neal i am the man rockstar superstar
i am da neal i am da man rockstar superstar

Ta ta ra ra ta ra ta Neal n Nikki (x2)

boring boring boyz boys so borin
15 16
Neal:you were boring
Nikki:please grow up
line lagake sabh khade hote the
mere pyar mein sabh rote the
mera joh sweetheart hai woh sapno mein rehta hai
raaton ko chupke se woh mujhse yeh kehta hai
o0muskan0o on July 13, 2009
Main to yun dil de baithi jaane bina main pyar kar baithi
i was nine maine usse tv pe dekha, George Michael uska naam tha
Neal:Oh that singer? he is gay
Neal:You know he is the other way
umm main bahut choti thi and anywayz
i knew mera shehzada ghode pe aayega
kano mein yun dheere se woh yun gungunayega
o0muskan0o on July 13, 2009
Ta ta ra ra ta ra ta Neal n Nikki
Ta ta ra ra ta ta Neal n Nikki (x4)

Main shayaad chaar saal ka tha jab mujhe pehli baar pyar hua
usne mujhe dekha maine usse dekha hum dono mein ikraar hua
ho main tab bhi itna cool tha jitna main aaj hoon
main tab bhi supercool tha jaise main aaj hoon
Neal neal neal neal

Hey i am the neal i am the man rockstar superstar
I am the neal i am the man rockstar superstar

Ta ta ra ra ta ra ta Neal n Nikki (x2)

Neal:Okay so what about you? whatz your story girl?
lordasoka777 on August 07, 2009
este video es bueno, muy bueno disfrutenlo
Fara Mohd on August 21, 2009
gr8 song luv it
Fara Mohd on August 21, 2009
hey y dont u upload a vid wid de lyrics u will atleast have sum
advantage.if u felt bad of nything i said den im rely rely srry
Amna Naqui on September 25, 2009
I love NEAL!!!!! I didnt know that Nikki was Kajol's sister until two days
ago, wow.
sinigda on November 10, 2009
i love the song!!!!!
masoda1 on December 17, 2009
she is superb. she is sooooooooooo cute and best actress but unfortunately she is not so successful actress
innocent4eva on January 15, 2010
r u serious!!
dolly143loveya on February 16, 2010
i justttttt love dis songggg :) :)
miteshjiven on February 16, 2010
Yes the dressing might be a bit inappropriate, whether she had enough clothes on or not, she's pretty hot lol. But this was a different type of film, i suppose the wanted it to appeal to us younger audiences (18+), it wasn't a terrible movie, i'v seen worse. Songs were good.
yourdeadin on February 24, 2010
Nikki bakshi needs to get some clothes on...May be she is still wearing what she wore when she was nine years old :D
bella2theend on March 03, 2010
Whats wrong with what she is wearing?
surtigal on March 03, 2010
she is kajols sister i think the film was ok nothing rong wiv it but the
actress does wear skimpy clothes which one thing i dislike very much
bella2theend on March 07, 2010
Omg...Are guys serious PLZ if you think that is skimpy NEVER watch any
reggaton...or punta dance...Latin culture is so much worse than this...
This girl is ANGEL next to them.
bella2theend on March 26, 2010
Eww you're NASTY!!!
abcbreanna2 on May 25, 2010
i luv diz movie my dady sent it hme frm iraq i lst it anyone knw were i cn
get it
KingKhanHD on May 30, 2010
@babyblazincutie Of course not. No one who's that bad at acting could be
recognized as Kajol's sister.
umarslayer on May 31, 2010
@yourdeadin hahaha
kisses161 on June 21, 2010
i think it was just a bra lol
kisses161 on June 21, 2010
@13Beautifulliar i think it was just a bra lol
89Nargiz on July 25, 2010
love this song
Meera Shah on October 17, 2010
this is definitely one of the nastiest indian movies i've ever seen. i thnk
this came out a few years ago, and i could NOT sit with my parents and
Jennifer Andleeb on October 26, 2010
Nikki is kajol's sister don't think anyways loving this song
exemali on December 05, 2010
@mshah90 ahhahah, u can definetly not watch this with u r parents! and ur
right, when I first saw this, I just " wow has bollywood gone so far?? "
this movie was too modern, if u ask me..
exemali on December 05, 2010
@baileykins3 so true
saleem rehman on December 30, 2010
fame game suggests that boldness is the key to success that is why these
"struggling" actors go too far wen it comes to boldness and sensuality or i
must say vulgarity rather!!!
caligal2010 on January 15, 2011
@babyblazincutie haha i just found that out from you :P lol
caligal2010 on January 15, 2011
@mshah90 i haven't seen it yet...what was so nasty about it?
caligal2010 on January 16, 2011
@shinesweet1 i think nikki kajol sister is
Ayesha Solaiman on January 16, 2011
@pav555 that's disgusting...
sarvesh01 on January 22, 2011
Neal and Nikki great movie ;)
I like the places songs ...
Sharlene on February 18, 2011
0:28 whats up with that little girl?!?! lol
mia khan on February 22, 2011
she is soo cute
Mohammed Rasull on March 04, 2011
memories.leaving the cinema within 10 mins of watching it
93hermosa on March 13, 2011
@babyblazincutie i didn't kno till i read ur comment :/ :D
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