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Comments on song "O Sathi Re, Tere Binaa Bhi Kya Jeena"
anushkapatel on November 01, 2007
the expressions of this actor are marvellous He is truly the great amitabh bachchan
blueagle78 on November 04, 2007
Amitabh at his best, his words and expressions bring tears into eyes. A
true living legend and sung by all time great Kishor Kumar.
AMAR4200 on November 15, 2007
original legend
lostsoul324 on December 11, 2007
anand gupta on December 14, 2007
amitabh is matchless
viruskhan on February 21, 2008
starting words reminds me of zunaira
viruskhan on March 16, 2008
starting words reminds me of Zunaira
viruskhan on April 05, 2008
these words in the start reminds me of Zunaira
viruskhan on May 24, 2008
these words in the start reminds me of Zunaira
Max Rexman on July 02, 2008
great expressions...Amitabh is brilliant...this movie was released at the
height of his career and early avatar as the angry young man
viruskhan on July 03, 2008
this song reminds me of zunaira
babakalayani on July 10, 2008
touching song.i fell sad now.imsssss
Sam Pochin on July 16, 2008
will live on for eternity
samforever321 on July 20, 2008
this the first indian film i watched 25 yrs ago when i went to surat, india. classic film.
LoveForMusic on July 25, 2008
viruskhan on August 02, 2008
This song reminds me of Zunaira, whereever u r, i just wanna say " i still love u and will alwayz wait for u and will alwayz love u"
nevillenirani on August 09, 2008
There are several pretenders to the throne, but he is the real King, Badshah and Shehenshah of Bollywood.
awesomeemoscene on August 12, 2008
i love love love this movie i like this song because it abt life <3
awesomeemoscene on August 12, 2008
i cant belive zora killed herslf bt it was still the right thing because
his friend told her it was bad for him to be with a dancer cuz they thought
it was bad bt i dont think that really matters
ploeppetje on August 14, 2008
this is his own voice dude,LOL

Kishore voice would be more beautiful of course coz he was the real singer
but Amit is proud of his own voice, you will find lots of songs that he sang them himself, that is one of the thing that make him the real king
heru1966 on August 22, 2008
I love this song, it's warm and peaceful.
yashwantrajput on August 27, 2008
Yes iam agree with u...b'coz second Amitabh can't come.if Lord Ram is single person of Idole of Lord i.e.Amitabh Bachan is also a school of acting...
viraj01 on September 03, 2008
amitabh still the king
Sunny Sharma on September 10, 2008
nice.. ashok kumar
obavva on October 14, 2008
this song reminds me of raj.!!!! i liked him and will always do .if only i had the courage to speak to him.!!!!
obavva on October 14, 2008
This song reminds me of raj..i liked him and will always do...if only i had the courage to own it up.
obavva on October 14, 2008
This song reminds me of raj.i liked him and will always do.if only i had the courage to own it up...It hurts to care and not show it.How true!!
Yossarianyahoo on October 21, 2008
so when he is giving the dialog there are only two other people in the room - the director Prakash Mehra and the cameraman. Prakash Mehra always referred to this scene as one of the most intense performances ever portrayed by an actor because there were tears in mehra's eyes as AB ended his speech!
superstarsensation on November 11, 2008
BEST ACTOR ever!! Love him!!
thisismywebsite on November 20, 2008
so why didnt you tell raj?
petalzzzz on November 25, 2008
one of the best songs ever .
amirali lakhani on December 11, 2008
amitabh bachan ia immortal
superstarsensation on December 29, 2008
i love him! he is my hero! and the best actor ever!
losdiketown on January 09, 2009
Ustaad Kishore and King Baccaan
sidco123 on January 17, 2009
At 3,30 ,love her reaction to when she recognises her childhood song. Great acting
tampaerotic05 on March 16, 2009
this brings tears. Reminds me of india. I saw this movie in theater with my
parents . memories .. memories
ZunairaShadab on March 21, 2009
zunairathe stating words are exactly wat i wanted to say to u , i love u where ever u r and will alwayz wait for u
rajaismyname on April 04, 2009
KK had a tremendous control in his voice, what a beautiful sound and vibration !!!!!!!!!!
siahralbany on April 05, 2009
dpremi1126 on May 07, 2009
Indian old songs with clean words with good way of expressing it make
people to attract towards its and make heart soft and tears eyes. I suggest
those people whose heart become like stone due to materialist life listen
old good Indian songs it make hearts soft and love among mankind as a
husband wife as a neighbor as a freind .indian culture teach love to all
world. Oh Indian please just goes back to your old songs and feels the test
of life. Indian old films were very nice and love by all
adityar19 on May 14, 2009
really? atleast we're not thick skinned animals like u! we know how to
understand others feelings.
naitikakshara on May 23, 2009
amitab is the best love this song
Mangopumper on June 02, 2009
im sorry but Amitab wasnt the best. I think u will find Pele was better..he scored more goals.
Vaibhav296 on June 10, 2009
One of the greatest love songs!!
Kay Cee on July 08, 2009
Can't forget the first time I had seen this movie, and particularly, this
very song. It had left me goovey eyed as if someone is singing for me!
Heart starts melting within:such is the verve in this excellent rendition
by KK and matching screen presence of AB. Thanks for memories. Lovely
upload. Kanwal
russel ahmed on August 02, 2009
The movie is absolutely magnificent..what a lovely movie..
sindyjackson on August 04, 2009
11/10 f movie and bigb
sukhster09 on August 06, 2009
In love or not you can totally relate to this song its so warm and heart touching thank you for sharing:))
x1x111 on August 07, 2009
old days in school. watching movies were like an event. Nice to be part of changing time
ummelaila on August 10, 2009
an all-time favourite!!!!!
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