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Comments on song "Paani Daa Rang"
Mahendra Rotawan on December 27, 2012
sorry fail.
Prithwish Roychowdhury on December 27, 2012
Ranjit Barot : Sir u missed the flavor of this song. Sorry... Though it
was a good try...
archana rawat on December 27, 2012
background music is nice but this song does't fit with it...
Prashant Kumar Dixit on December 27, 2012
sometimes too much is not good! lost the flavour of the song :(
Shailendra Chouhan on December 27, 2012
g****** mar li song ki...
Raheem Shaik on December 27, 2012
perfect...starting n ending guitar playing was professionally good, in
middle Ayushmann got slow down but girl gave good support.. no probs music
is good, actually that was a song music from Zindagi na milegi dobara, they
attempted in this version.. the other side of filmi paani da is this..
:) is creativity..
Raheem Shaik on December 27, 2012
guys filmi gaana yaha play kareto kya variation rahega.. kuch alag attempt
kara tha usne.. i don't know about you i liked it..
Ankit khare on December 27, 2012
main ye MTV unplugged hi sun rha hu na? :O
Siddharth Bishnu on December 27, 2012
nt gud... dissapointed by MTV Unplugged... :(
Mohammad Avais on December 27, 2012
Ayusmaan tumne apne hi song ki wat laga di...
ivy0912 on December 27, 2012
background music is from a song in the movie zindagi na milegi dobara !
22Nillay on December 27, 2012
its seems like, someone came to the temple with his shoes on :(
ShubhiSaxena on December 27, 2012
Zndgi na milegi dobara and barfi all over again..:-/ dissapointed..
deepak kodical on December 28, 2012
Cool \m/ lovd it ...
Jaimin Patel on December 28, 2012
Who is the composer of this song...fcuking composer... spoiled the love of
the original also... you...!!!!
Tavish Bhasin on December 28, 2012
You don't need 25 average musicians to make a good song. You just need one
good one!
Happs Singh on December 28, 2012
Poore gane di bund maarti...MTV distorting the original songs when u do not
have basic sense of music
Divya Banerjee on December 29, 2012
Àžrâ Śĩddĩqűĭ on December 29, 2012
ma-hi-ya na-aaya..!! love this part @2:59...!!And the whole song
too..!!ayushman does it yet again..!!:):) don't understand all the negative
comments though:\
Akshat Mehrotra on December 29, 2012
awesome rendering ranjit ji.. what an arrangement.. that female singer was
soooooo great.. love her.. and the guitarist in beginning..
Akshat Mehrotra on December 29, 2012
infact anshuman was off pitch or key sometimes.. :(
narayan prasad behera on December 29, 2012
the one man i liked was the Guitarist others are dumb ... Pathestic singing
:( i didnt expected this much bad
Aniruddh Gawas on December 29, 2012
ayushman is not the one to blame,the dickheads sittin behind him are...such
a mess
Deepjyoti Saha on December 29, 2012
oh Ayushmann.. probably i am the most disappointed person. coz it was my
dream to hear u in mtv unplugged
Aayush Chopra on December 29, 2012
The first version of the song was way better! Quite possible that I don't
know this genre of music, but it didn't sound as good as the song from the
movie to my ears. But Ayushman is great singer undoubtedly!
Rudranil das on December 29, 2012
It's ok. mtv uplugged 2 is making episodes with all other artists. then why
not an episode with Shreya Ghoshal??
Harish N on December 30, 2012
wasn't as bad as the comments make it out... chill out guys , theres a
reason it's called unplugged
citanuzuki16 on December 30, 2012
hmmm.. well.he was off at many places... but i liked it.
sakibali786 on December 30, 2012
komalthecoolk on December 30, 2012
The relaxed tune was the USP of this song and now they've taken it away.
I'm sorry but this was a bad rendition of this song.
Vijay Thangraj on December 30, 2012
only 1 person could have ruined the song... thats ayushman himself.. and he
did it here.. poor rendition :(
Ashutosh Dave on December 30, 2012
One song wonder...! -@A
Àžrâ Śĩddĩqűĭ on December 30, 2012
Guys like YOU are rotting this place.She just corrected you dude,go learn
some manners and the meaning of RESPECT first.
Himanshu Chauhan on December 30, 2012
And that's how you ruin a great song,,,, ye gaane sunneke mere kaan toh
hanju rul de,, :)
Giridhar Sharma on December 30, 2012
it's sounds like flamenco to me, Spanish guitar form.
swapnil gokhale on December 30, 2012
Not That Bad Guys...Good Attempt...
MrDonrub on December 31, 2012
It's a good attempt, but the emotion doesn't remain faithful to the original
Swapnil Sathe on December 31, 2012
starting piece of guitar stuck me whole song..otherwise useles...
nabh mehta on January 02, 2013
wrong mix of genres bt u knw one thing you must never fuhget he's an many actors are so much multitalented like the former-ayushman
he's has done his job in a grt way fault goes to music director/composer of
this session.seriously!
mecytotoxic on January 02, 2013
i liked the girl ..such powerful voice
iireply on January 02, 2013
Nt that much quality
abhishekdsl on January 02, 2013
only the flamenco guitar part in the beginning is good. the bossa nova
rhythm after that is not going well with this song
Ankit on January 03, 2013
Tune sounds like "asman ke parindey" from ZNMD..
Ankit on January 03, 2013
except starting guitar session everything is garbage..
Jayant Sharma on January 03, 2013
the guy on the flamengo guitar is god
Utkarsh Dhotekar on January 04, 2013
@coolguy578- what if i told you that Smooth Jazz progressions sound
similar... so its the genre :) :) i feel that ZNMD song is taken from a
George Duke album :D :D
pooja lapasia on January 05, 2013
A jazz version, interesting, gives a whole new look to the song.
Avneesh Dwivedi on January 06, 2013
he is mnot a singer!! plz MTV... Your Unplugged has got some name and
standard... please maintain that & avoid such songs... any singer or song
should not be here because it was a hit! plz...
Avneesh Dwivedi on January 06, 2013
i totally agree... and who are the 472 people?? he is not at all a singer!
Varun Upadhyaya on January 06, 2013
well said, really this show earned its reputation & viewers upon its
different treatment to an already existing song but with a magical touch
like Ishq sufiana in that same show, go & watch it, i think none other than
the Ranjit Barot team & Kamal khan can think in that much different way for
such song..keep it up with that innovation in a good manner.
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