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Comments on song "Pinjare Ke Panchhi Re Teraa Dard Na Jaane Koe"
tauseefphy on April 27, 2008
you are welcome dear
tauseefphy on April 27, 2008
surely i will try to upload more. but i have only audio versions and i can
put like this one... as i will get time i will do this thanks for comment
saggitarius086 on April 30, 2008
dear i like this song i search alot finaly i got it here thanks alot
labai123 on May 03, 2008
Outstanding!!! Thank you so much for posting this, such a childhood memory for me!!!
Thanks again and have a blessed day:)
satishkapur on May 05, 2008
Lovely song. Thank you very much for posting this song. This has been my favorite song for a very long.
Aartib40 on May 10, 2008
Well LOVELY..I searched already for this Awaaz, Pradeep Sahaab ke Awaaz..and now I found it. THANKS FOR UPLOADING, do please upload when you got the time for it.
lovehumanity on May 10, 2008
May i come in Sir :) lovely song my fav from 20 songs 20 singers cd :)
thanx to you n Aarti :)
tauseefphy on May 11, 2008
aaye aaye janab Rasta kahan sooraj ka rauk saka hai koi... hoti kahan hai
sahar raat ke zindan me band :) aap ko ijazat lainay ki kiya
zaroorat..hamaray dhan bhaag jo aap yahan padharay--- lol Aali martabat Dr.
Sahib ki pasand mery zariye upload hone ki waja se jo khushi mili hai wo
bayan nahi kar sakta is ke liye Arti ji ka shukar guzar hoon. :)... aor
janab kaveeta pasand karay ka shukariya:)
tauseefphy on May 11, 2008
i will try my best to upload as soon as possible.thanks for comment and
inviting Dr. Bukhari sahib also Regards
Aartib40 on May 11, 2008
So nice to see that you two know eachother and you both appreciate I am the one who is ...shukar guzar... :)
lovehumanity on May 11, 2008
know each other? aray bhai ye apna jigri dost hay cuz ehl-e-dil mein say
hay :)
lovehumanity on May 11, 2008
Pardeep ka aik aur super hit song already up hay yahan wo bhi check karo
Aarti .. kitna badal gaya insaan.. its uploaded as Dekh Tere Sansaar Ki
Haalat Its in the related videos column on right side plz.
lovehumanity on May 11, 2008
Sorry thats a remix Original from Film Nastik is uploaded as Dekh tere
sansar ki halat
lovehumanity on May 11, 2008
He penned many national songs which became very famous. He wrote for other
singers as well. Like i remember Chal Akela Chal Akela by Mukesh .. very
beautiful number from Film Sambandh.
tauseefphy on May 11, 2008
thanks a lot Dr. sahib :) i m happy
tauseefphy on May 11, 2008
Devi ji I have uploaded Two more songs by pardeep ji.. hope u ll like it
satishkapur on May 17, 2008
This is a beautiful song. Thank you Tauseefphy for uploading it.
tomandjerry2007 on June 26, 2008
I am lost for words,this poet was so unique and only hindi kavi i know of his shaily(style)
tumbin90 on July 11, 2008
where can see this film online?
oxbusiness on July 14, 2008
Ho! what memories -- my dad's favorite song.

I use to listen to this with him as I was growing up in Kenya in the late 50's.

What wonderful verses followed up with an amazing voice.
batista10001 on August 03, 2008
I have been searching for a long time for this and now I found it...thanks for the upload
skylamp44 on November 03, 2008
This song is about all the people living away from their homeland.If you
put yourself in the place of panchi you will know what i mean.Lovely sad
arurav on January 12, 2009
Oh caged bird no one knows your pain and suffering. outwardly you appears
silents but inwardly you weep bitterly.god bless all man kind
Muhammad Naveed on January 27, 2009
that's absolutely gr8 one
Manish Sharma on March 21, 2009
All you people who have caged birds - learn from this song.Go this very
moment and release the bird and feel the pleasure it will give you.
Kmahabir on April 17, 2009
Yes I agree with your comment. This is the beauty of poetry. It can be very
symbolic we can apply the meaning to many different situations.
DILBER DUMASIA on April 25, 2009
My friend Shabbir asked me to sing this song once during a singsong session
on a holiday trip. Sadly I knew only the opening lines. I wish I had known
all the beautiful words of this rather moving song. Here's wishing my
friend Shabbir every happiness in his corner of the world.
Larry Supersad on April 27, 2009
omg..i have loved this song my whole life. i am so happy to finally
find it. does anyone have a translation of the lyrics?
Larry Supersad on April 28, 2009
The bird in the cage, no one knows your pain You can not say, your story Oh
bird, what kind of life you lead The Lord wrote your story by dipping the
pen in tears Your pain... Read More Silently silently, the crying one Keep
hidden, the lie of the heart This country is of stone, oh crazy one, there
is no one of yours Look at the face in the mirror Look at how many sins and
good deeds were in your life Think for a moment, what is your story of fate
Larry Supersad on April 28, 2009
Find out, so many blemishes have stained your lap Don't cheat yourself. The
profession of conning others is not good One can not play act forever in
the courtyard of life If one tries to become clever or intelligent he can't
changethe results of his (Karma)actions The past can't be changed You must
understand this reality No one can outrun or escape their destiny.
Larry Supersad on April 28, 2009
We can share everything but this Karma can't be shared. We can't be paid or
punished for others Karma. Only the person himself is responsible for his
life. Due to this destiny, Lord Rama havego in exile (Forest). Even God is
bounded by this law of Karma ... Read more Don't be depressed , don't weep
Nothing is going to happen as per our wish. Read More Whatever is
destined is going to happen. Either you are King or a Begger , every one
will fall due to his Karma. Karma can't be changed
Larry Supersad on April 29, 2009
you are welcome... that would be nice!
DuttyGurlingzComedy on May 09, 2009
OMG!! my sister always sings this song. ive been lookin for dis everywhere.
kasifllb on May 22, 2009
Really it touchs my heart. kehena sake apni kahaani ... so true . thankyou brother.
aceji on June 01, 2009
Bird in a cage - no one feels your pain, you appear quiet from outside but
cry internally. what is your life, when you can't even tell your story
written in tears. FREE al birds, animals and fish in tanks.
Manoj Pant on July 15, 2009
chupke chupke rone waale rakhna chupaake dil ke chaale...
Sachin Vora on August 19, 2009
the translation is not accurate. Actually it is far from accurate.
sachinv on August 19, 2009
the translation is not accurate. Actually it is far from accurate.
preetysndy on August 22, 2009
When i was 7/8 use 2 sing this wen i 1 heard it on z radio til now , as if embedded in my whole body.I still sing most o them not very sweet & melodious like pradeep,the words 1 sweetness in his songs if only nwadays people would tke x 2 thnk.
jagdish Mangalani on September 15, 2009
how do i download this song?
Nitin Sonawane on September 18, 2009
Hello Tauseef...thanks to post this song. Really awesome this
deepak0841237 on October 15, 2009
simply superb
urduworld110mb on October 25, 2009
yes i am agree to you brother ;)
vichy56 on March 01, 2010
no words. beautifullll.!!
Lina Badal on March 23, 2010
Hello, This one is really great, thanx for this great song. Regards lina
RealMusicKing on June 27, 2010
@THISSAMS4U . I agree. There are four famous traps since the beginning of time. First, fisherman's net. Fish will never learn not to get caught in it. Second, spiders web. Bugs will never learn to avoid them. Third, men will never learn NOT to get entrapped in womens trap. Finally, all Non-Brits around will never learn to NOT to get fooled by the British. So, why blame the Brits? :-)
amscia on August 08, 2010
thanks Tauseef It was a pleasure to hear this beutiful composition
neet960 on September 16, 2010
no word beutiful..
abhi1hi on September 29, 2010
@tauseefphy i remember when i was 7 year old i listen that song
wahsaee niz on October 07, 2010
very nice amazing
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