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Comments on song "Pyaar Divaanaa Hotaa Hai Mastaanaa Hotaa Hai"
Chetan Bhavsar on September 24, 2010
lovely singing bu one and only Kishoreda and lovely lyrics by one and only
Anand Bakshi...and one and only Panchamda...
srikanth jampana on September 24, 2010
now a days everybody talking abount a.r.rehman, but in my view he is no way
near to r.d. burman sab. to days younger generation should know this . and
ofcourse kishore da what a great singer.
srikanth jampana on September 24, 2010
@bregoji yes, i agree with you
emansresu on October 02, 2010
@jazeez100 i love mohamad rafi and mehendra mukesh and talat there is no
doubt that they had great voices legendery singers no denying it. but to
turn around and criticize a legend like kishore da is just folly on your
part maybe go to a doctor or something because you sure have some thing
wrong there. after the death of rafi sahab there was one voice that public
wanted to hear that was kishoreda. and when it comes to the success of lots
of actors it was the voices of these two rafi and kishore
desinichol on October 22, 2010
this song is written by me thanxx me
desinichol on October 22, 2010
@desinichol after i heard it
Iram Jabeen on November 01, 2010
What a song.. Eternal.
Ali Raza on November 02, 2010
wow. i love u kishore da.
Ali Raza on November 03, 2010
we r really miss u kishore da, i love u
Ali Raza on November 03, 2010
@farah01100 i want to frndshp with u.
Ali Raza on November 04, 2010
main to roz song sunta hun, sara din sunta rehta hun,
Ali Raza on November 05, 2010
jitna yeh song utna hi maza deta hai kasam se, love u kishore kumar ji
Soubhik Ghosh on November 06, 2010
Kishore Da,,,,we all miss you so many years have passed by since
you left us all,but there has been not a single voice which comes near to have left such a great void for us.
Bruggewasi on November 06, 2010
Great Lyrics !
Ali Raza on November 07, 2010
wow kishore da love u
Maya Majumdar on November 08, 2010
Listen carefully the Piano seemingly played by today's famous jazz maestro
Luis Banks,somuch care used to take to give the audience the best & today
we get trash. RD & Kishore " TUSSI GREAT HO, RAHOGE HAMESHA" in our
hearts.How many times I've heard of RD's each & every compositions I can't
say. WE've tasted the best in the world of music, anything below standard
,,outright unacceptable to our ears. RD is such a composer that his
presence is felt in every song he composed..
Harold Narrie on November 11, 2010
what a privilege to live during the times of the great duo, KK aur KA KA
Ali Raza on November 11, 2010
wow kishore da
babaphoto on November 13, 2010
Love is insane, love is intoxicating; to every happiness and sorrow, it is
indifferent. [1] Lamp tells moth to go away else flame would burn it
[moth]. It does not listen for it wants to burn. [2] Even if one is afraid
and so shy to hide behind hundreds veils; and even if one is careful to not
look into eyes of the beloved, love still happens with one who it is
destined to happen. [3] A poet has put it nicely that love is like a glass
of wine that still spills over regardless of care taken.
Ali Raza on November 15, 2010
yar dil kehta hai k yeh song roz sunta rahun.
Ali Raza on November 15, 2010
@khanjee13061 which is this language?
sagszahara on November 19, 2010
50 dislikes?!! are u freaking crazy?!
Ali Raza on November 22, 2010
@mallahrajan ok thanx.
Ali Raza on November 22, 2010
wow love u kishore da..
Aditya Jha on December 03, 2010
like dis song due to its lyrics and expressions of parekh
mrsnovakdjokovic on December 10, 2010
@vishnu1072 lol they eventually will! :P
DCcoupledAC on December 10, 2010
there are exactly 52 deaf persons in this world
vkshitiz on December 10, 2010
@vishnu1072 Agreed. How can someone dislike it ? One can just say that old
songs are not their cup of tea or just that they do not like it, thats it.
BUT DISLIKE ?? Come on!!!
marius-eduard Mocanu on December 18, 2010
pacat k nu exista traducere sa intelegem aceste cuvinte dar ori si cum
invincibleriks on December 22, 2010
dont fight just enjoy the song...
Azad India on December 31, 2010
Oh very hot this song. rahesh khanna was a good acter
psvsimplybest on January 12, 2011
love is life
Sandeep P on January 14, 2011
Avinash Bhageloe on January 18, 2011
<3 Pyaar <3 deewana hota hai Mastana hota hai Har khushi se har ghum se
Begaana hota hai
hgmmklk on January 19, 2011
someone who pressed the dislike, please oh please, i would love to know
your REASON for the dislike, i am just wondering whats ur reason or
motivation,,, does the song bring bad memories, does the song hurt u? i
promise i wont kill you on the youtube comments
Lahoreumar on January 31, 2011
Great classic song and great lyrics of bygone days. They don't make it like
this anymore . Vulgarity, meaningless wording, crazy music and
nonstop fast dancing has replaced the classic era. The intellectual
standing of both - moviemakers and audience has ebbed to the lowest.
Kaustav Songman on February 01, 2011
Would love to know ur reactions on few Kishore Kumar songs I've performed
LIVE.Please search for 'Kaustav Simti Si' & 'Kaustav Pyaar Deewana'
Puvi arassy on February 02, 2011
Music and lyrics THE BEST.
Ogami Ito on February 11, 2011
those 54 know not what they do.
mkiss1990 on February 18, 2011
oh and i live and love so i am in hvn and like this love song keep singing
Prince Devendra K Choudhary on February 24, 2011
Imad Ahmedi on March 02, 2011
Why don't they sing like this any more?
Mahen Nowzadick on March 14, 2011
why are two guys just standing there and nodding their heads?
NatsKr75 on March 14, 2011
Joh naheen sunta uss ko jal jana hota hai ...:-)
KHANUMT on April 01, 2011
atif aslam suing better literaly every one should accept
ghottee on April 04, 2011
@KHANUMT :kishor kumar nay tumhary level say buhut zyata upper gaya
hay,,tumhra level "Nasibo lal,"or ya to pir atif aslam 3rd class singer ka
bregoji on April 08, 2011
Its eternal magic of pancham n kishore da
SVK2016 on April 14, 2011
And yes he was the king of romance but he wsn't limited to romantic roles,
like most of the people think, on behalf of this you can watch his - NAMAK
HARAM- without any romantic play except of few minutes with rekha , ANAND-
even he had no heroin opposite to him,BAWARCHI - absolutely no romance
,ITTEFAQ- was completely a suspense thriller,AMARPREM was a sublime story
of immortal love not a hollow romance SAFAR- entirely different story
defining the uncertainity of life i,e called safar nAVTAAR
YoSup? on April 17, 2011
wow oldies were goldies man! Eventhough I wasn't born in those decades, I
appreciate. Because, they knew how to express love better than this
generation that's so much into pop!!
Ehtisham Ali on May 06, 2011
bht alla song hy
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