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Comments on song "Pyaar Divaanaa Hotaa Hai Mastaanaa Hotaa Hai"
jewellers100 on March 07, 2010
Well done mate. I too dont understand Hindi but enjoy the tunes from
Bollywood. UK
VersatileJulie on April 07, 2010
Asha looks like an exquisite goddess! I'm Indian and I do my eye makeup
just like hers! I don't always follow the norm, as Americans don't really
do that!
MrBekaraadmi on April 12, 2010
shama kahe parwane say pare chala ja ,meri tarah jal jayega mere paas na
aaa wah kya baat hai
Sophie on April 12, 2010
luv this song..
June G on April 13, 2010
Thanks you so much for posting this song and bringing memories back from my
student days. Very good song by KK.
byardley0 on April 25, 2010
RD-Kishore, what a combination!
kasunmaddy on April 27, 2010
hindi is the language of music..
N H on April 28, 2010
Just look at Asha dialogues..just expressions ...what an
Cassim A on May 01, 2010
pyaar dewana hotha ha , mastana hotha ha her khosi se her ghum se beghana
hotha ha shama kehy perwany se paray chala ja meri tarha jal jayee ga yeah
nahi aa wo nahi suntha us ko jal jana hotha ha pyaar dewana hotha ha ,
mastana hotha ha rehy ker koi soo ker domey dary sharm se nazer a je lkah
churaye koi sanm se aa hi jatha ha jis paye dil ana hotha ha sunoo kisi
shyaar keha buth khoowb mana kery dunyiya lakin mery mehboob wo jo paymena
hotha ha chalk jatha ha
Cassim A on May 01, 2010
Love is The Mad, is the Slobberer is the unknown to dolours and to cheer
candle - lamp says to PYRALIDID to go far will burn right as me; not to
come here does not hear ; may have to end the DOMey the sleep ; fear to
explain The hidden your self is not hidden as well the hear which he
belongs to come where hear the scholar of love ; describes the very well
the lusty world lusts you but the my LEMAN the scale goes to be end where
the love
Bijoy Singh on May 09, 2010
ashaji has beautiful eyes...
Kingoflove007 on May 10, 2010
not hindi Dear,this is pure URDU language.
mysteriousangel89 on May 16, 2010
beautiful song...hats off..:)
bhagwanmaalik on May 19, 2010
Readers choice and opinions make one thing very clear. Music and love can
still do a lot to bring about harmony in world. Lets spread this and repeat
often. Nothing can cross a sublime composition and an enchanting rendition.
Lets love the world and its people !!!!!
harkes12 on May 30, 2010
Love Rajesh Khanna ...
Critic224 on June 10, 2010
@java92 ... the basic difference is the written script ... Hindi is in
Devnagri (local) while Urdu is written in Persian script. Also, Urdu has
developed from an interaction of Persian, Arabic, Turkish and local Indian
Languages, primarily Hindi. Word urdu mean 'A soldier's tent' ... so it was
kind of started getting a form around a 1000 years ago ... an army
cantonment is a place where people of different background met and so got a
reason to form a language common to all.
Francis P. Ng on June 11, 2010
@Critic224 I knew something like this - that Hindi originated or based from
Urdu . Thanks for giving me sure useful info that certainly enrich my
knowlege about India . It is certainly a very interesting country and i
have been and seen , Calcutta , Darjeeling , Jabulpur , Lucknow , Bombay ,
Delhi - Taj Mahal , Kashmir , Poona & Madras . Well I was 3 years in India.
nabeelshaji on June 12, 2010
nice but i like yuo tube toomuch
Kishore Vittal on June 15, 2010
I would like to request our Malaysian and Burmese friends to upload some
nice songs from their movies or cultures so that we too can appreciate
their music as well.
Nitin Singh on June 17, 2010
kishore da youre still the best RIP
alop ak on June 19, 2010
mak aku suka lagu ni
alop ak on June 19, 2010
aggresive1queen on June 22, 2010
@philipng37 Let me correct you, its URDU!
prasoon kunj on June 22, 2010
@aggresive1queen its hindi urdu mix buddy.
aggresive1queen on June 22, 2010
@prasoonkunj Lol. Urdu is the mixture of hindi, arabic, persian etc.!
prasoon kunj on June 22, 2010
@aggresive1queen u r missing sanskrit.avdhi.bhojpuri,maghi,khari boli
Ashish Pandey on July 05, 2010
This is my best songs. Its touches my hurts . I like this songs very much
when i play this songs all my friends and neghbour says repeat this songs
again and again. Very VEry Sweet Songs . i tekk to just listen one time and
u will be like it. Thank you
Nick Nicky on July 07, 2010
@philipng37 hi there if u dont mind can we be friends
mail me i will be glad to hear from u thanx
Nick Nicky on July 07, 2010
@philipng37 hi there.. good comment.. would like to be ur friend can u mail
me ur email address mine is will be glad to hear from u
thanx bye :)
Muhammad Saleem on July 15, 2010
oh so nice and great performance
Shashi Andersson on July 15, 2010
Its true, pyar hamesha diwansa hota hai.
inner soul on July 25, 2010
@gujranwala789 paki stop spreading your hate here, get lost from here.
anfieldkop88 on July 31, 2010
Awesome what an expresion.
raj K on August 04, 2010
@babawala2009 This song was sung by Kishore Kumar and not anand Bakshi
raj K on August 04, 2010
@rohanray2008 Credit mostly goes to the singer cus he puts life in the
words through his voice... Just imagine Hismesh Reshamiya singing this song
Vinod Chandran on August 09, 2010
Great Lyrics by the legend ANAND BAKDHI SAAB
NFTnews on August 09, 2010
Watch TEN SPORTS Live Online on
667721 on August 10, 2010
these movies bring back memories when i was a young man growing up and when
these songs play on the radio or in the cinema was one of the best time
ever and those days can never ever come back and all because of the modern
system and all the remix and mixed up they got.
Ryan Sheikh on August 11, 2010
Rajesh Khanna O_o
Sunny Sahota on August 12, 2010
wow!!! vo chalak jata hai , jo paimana hota hai.
sanjay dhokia on August 20, 2010
totally fab song..i love it!!
Vinod Mathew on August 26, 2010
This song freshens your old memories.awesome song by kishore da..
dragchute86 on August 30, 2010
48 people are tone deaf...
Ng lai lai on September 01, 2010
what it's the meaning in "Hota Hai"??? nice's song! thank you for sharing!
Ng lai lai on September 03, 2010
@noble2k hey, friends, thank you! now i understand already haha..
ednan9 on September 03, 2010
jokers are cool
Cassim A on September 15, 2010
@Qasim004 koi to like kary meri affort ko
GOPAL KHANAL on September 17, 2010
Verry nice Songs I like verry Much.
Kamen Rider Agito on September 19, 2010
Its hard to believe that a song of this kind was ever made!!!
bregoji on September 20, 2010
Pancham and kishore da missed badly
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