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Comments on song "Pyaar Divaanaa Hotaa Hai Mastaanaa Hotaa Hai"
Jaiperkash Harnam on December 28, 2008
Rajesh Khanna the real Lady Killer. The teenage girls became suisite,
because no ticket for Rajesh Khanna movie and some did it, because Rajesh
Khanna was plan to marry with Dimple. Hyperman Rajesh Khanna! als in our
country in Suriname (latin America, that is north of Brasil)
mentallycrazy on January 02, 2009
love it!! My favorite line " Ahi jaata hai jis pe dil ana hota hai"
Nateshwar Wankhede on January 08, 2009
Evergreen song of Kishor Kumar
Dosti18 on January 13, 2009
dude i hope everything goes great for u!! i took what you said "I have
known this girl for such a short time, but despite this fact I feel as if I
have been loving her for a generation." ..and used it but i said he instead
of she hhaha since imma gurl lol but i hope you dont mind! it really
touched my heart! cause im in the same position.
pagloota on January 17, 2009
My favorite hindi song!
Jackrrish Law on January 27, 2009
can anybody tell me the movie name???
dtmitta on January 27, 2009
kati patang.
Sumith Panditha on January 29, 2009
Yeah!!! this is what my heart say!! though i do not understand hindi I know
this is my song! I miss u my love! forever!! I suffer till my life last!! I
Haider Bilgrami on January 29, 2009
Aaa Hi jaata hai jis pey dil aana hota hai. Thats why they say Fall in Love
not walk into love, so very true
jumpingdoc on January 30, 2009
This is the best video quality I have seen on YouTube! Great all around
song... Thanks for posting such a high quality video.
rama on February 03, 2009
facial expressions u can see only in classical no facial only
skin show
rama on February 03, 2009
thats why new bollywood is going into drainage.
fantasies4 on February 26, 2009
Yes,now only need a time machine,Yes my friend those were the days.
soniyo233 on February 26, 2009
legendary.. best song ever
Suneel F1 on February 28, 2009
simply extraordinary...Kishore da..JAI HO
Alamgirkhan80 on March 06, 2009
Khub asadharon aikti gaan..Bengali is the best
anam Noor on March 12, 2009
Kishore Ji--just divine---and Rajesh Khanna Saheeb is one of my most
favarite classical super stars!!!!!!!
itsHasham on March 19, 2009
i love the song!!!!
highreef58 on March 22, 2009
memory of gone days and heart stops to listen
Preet kaur on March 28, 2009
luvvvvvvvvvv dis song so much
Mohinder Pandey on April 05, 2009
u can Humm this song Time or?
bhaktabhakta on April 06, 2009
fantastic! awesome..hey checkout Ghulam Ali - Saqi , a journey into 50
years of Ghazal, a taste of Ghulam Ali's Saqi you'll find here on
youtube...check it out now!
Bharat Oza on April 07, 2009
Kishore Kumar ke liye kya kahen, bolne ke liye koi shabd nahin mil rahe.
prashantkhul on April 07, 2009
chup baith na fir, itna kyon likh raha hai?
sha83in on April 08, 2009
Nice melody song thanks to R D Burman for composing PYARA song!
kkarthikjgd on April 21, 2009
Oh for songs like these again!
rickeystuart on April 27, 2009
ThX for the translation!!!
jhelummi on April 28, 2009
Bohatt Khobb.
Fuchsinrot on May 04, 2009
what a great decade this was!
mastergm on May 12, 2009
They don't make them now like they used to! Simply awesome! Where is the
song maker gone?
Abdullah Dina on May 14, 2009
old songs have every moment of life in them !
alemoh on May 21, 2009
Asha Parekh is such a beauty. Versatile actress, playing traditional as
well as contemporary roles. Great dancer with classical and contemporary
dances. She is a true Indian film ICON.
qiron on May 23, 2009
Rajshri, cannot thank you enough for the upload. Loved this romantic song,
and Rajesh Khanna OMG he is CUTE !
MrBilal2009 on June 08, 2009
who is the music director of this film Katti Patang ?
eappen john on June 09, 2009
rd burman who else.
MrBilal2009 on June 09, 2009
Thanks Dear
Shams Azmat on June 14, 2009
all time great song i love it too much
MM on June 19, 2009
Rajesh Khanna and Asha Parekh look great in this song. Of course Kishore
Kumar is simply superb.
ranjanchadha on June 28, 2009
'aa hi jata hai dil jispey aana hota hai'.and i can't help falling in
love with you..'voh jhalk jata hai joh paimana hota hai'...inspired
lyrics...very well sung to a great melody.simply brilliant...a
timeless master piece!!!!
Nirmit Mody on July 08, 2009
Dude, you should be looking at actor's acting now how thy look...grow up..
Juventusist on July 10, 2009
I want to travel back to time and live there..
suresh chauhan on July 12, 2009
Simply put.."AMAZING" Kishore put's this song to another level that
cannot be matched!
topkhani on July 14, 2009
RD Burmans - Music and Anand Bakhshi - lyrics. Evergreen.
Javed Shah Afridi on July 14, 2009
R D Burman is my all times favorite music director and Anand Bakhshi is my
favorite lyricist of all times.
wonders2050 on July 20, 2009
yes.Love is mad n also blind. A true lover is never think about the result
of love.
sikhfreedom on July 28, 2009
Hey does us all a favour pretty boy put yr picture on profile like i
have...lets see your face.i am 33 and played the field with
confidence.but i was just using them...i woke up wen someone did that to
my mates sister...its not if you have a sister think about her
before you go on here boasting...anyway lets start with a pic of your romeo
face on here what u hiding..u might pull a princess on here.thats if yr
not just mouth.bruv...?
heheh on August 05, 2009
another superhit song fem RK-KK-RD combo... nice soothing romantic
song..and above all asha parekh looks stunning
Sonya Guppy on August 09, 2009
great evergreen song
Sonya Guppy on August 09, 2009
great evergreen song
ranjanchadha on August 09, 2009
very inspired & deep lyrics!!! matched equally well by excellent music and
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