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Comments on song "Pyaar Divaanaa Hotaa Hai Mastaanaa Hotaa Hai"
masterkombat on March 02, 2008
lave444 on March 26, 2008
i love this song really bring back the old days. love the old day miss that
pacific67gal on April 01, 2008
i just finish watching the movie, but sadly i could only watch the 2nd half
and i missed out on this song:(
Neel Patel on April 28, 2008
pyar diwana hota hai . kisne kaha bhai ... rajeshji bhi diwane hote hai
... really a great song . <3
jayda92 on April 29, 2008
ya Excellent song
jayda92 on April 29, 2008
from which film is dis song??????
TrulyUnforgettable on May 03, 2008
nice song, great film!!
Vinod Nambiar on May 06, 2008
katipatang !!
Vinod Nambiar on May 06, 2008
movie speaks of widow remarriage tacitly!!... in those days behind the
romantic background..
music2see on May 12, 2008
okay i'm in love-with this song and singer!
HafizNajam on May 14, 2008
I love this song
bewafadunya on June 15, 2008
Nothing has changed ! beautiful music still touches your soul ! simply pure
and magical
isaac moses on June 22, 2008
prezzo82 on July 16, 2008
chal bey..khud ase films bohat mazay sey dekht hou
prezzo82 on July 16, 2008
amazing song.
dd1857 on July 19, 2008
one of the best songs of indian film industry.. will last for long time in
the music world.
alemoh on July 21, 2008
Asha Parekh the most versatile actress in bollywood. She is a true icon of
the indian filmworld.
Jaiperkash Harnam on July 27, 2008
Did you know, before Aradhana, the cover album of LP Kati Patang had little
photo of Rajesh Khanna. Because Aradhana where Super Hit!, in the poster
was Rajesh Khanna lager than Asha Parekh.
sg2401 on August 02, 2008
Aradhana was released in 1968 and Kati patang is 1970 movie.
alemoh on August 05, 2008
This movie was one of the best indian movies that was ever made. Asha
Parekh and Rajesh Khanna were magic in this film. No other actress could
have played this role as well as Asha Parekh.
Bill Dery on August 11, 2008
..why does asha have a 5 o clock shadow?
th3dilwalebollyw0od on August 14, 2008
i love rajesh khana
Dawgsnan on August 15, 2008
Rajesh Khanna was the epitome of cool. Even in the presence of the hat
wearing twins standing next to the piano!
Kiran Haidary on August 24, 2008
its fabulous...i love this song.
sayteesh on August 27, 2008
ha ha didnt see the twins until someone mentioned them, anyways the slight
shake of the head by RK and those beautiful eyes of Asha WOW!
ahmed574 on August 27, 2008
who is the singer of this song? kishor ?
nchakraborty on August 28, 2008
Who else? Had a golden voice...
nchakraborty on August 29, 2008
I don't think so. In this film there is only one song by Mukesh...all the
rest were by Kishore...Not Rafi...
1150002 on August 30, 2008
u rite bro but who? else? Had a golden voice .. so i say M. rafi its depend
in your choice i like also kishore but rafi is better who cares Kishore is
my idol PEACE !
nchakraborty on August 31, 2008 it...thought you are talking about the singer in this particular
song...Rafi saab had a golden voice too...agreed
bewafadunya on September 08, 2008
Wow ! Great song ever, i love it ! Thanks for Upload . last time by mistake
i did wrong comments sorry for that.
Anand Krishnan on September 13, 2008
What an amazing song! And the memories associated with it; I remember
travelling by the local train one day in Mumbai and one passenger was
singing this song, with his friends providing the background music. His
voice was so melodious and for a second I thought that I was listening to
Kishoreda - that was about 18 years ago. It was a brief but unforgettable
experience, which contributes to making this song one of my favorites.
Aman Dayani on September 17, 2008
asha parekh looks cute and charming in this sweet song. she is really a
good actress in her times. all her movies are excellent and great. thanks
for posting this nice old song, this is aman dayani from toronto canada.
chaitanyajosh on September 25, 2008
alemoh on October 06, 2008
Asha Parekh was one of the best dancers, from classical to contemporary
dances. Pure perfection. She was also the most versatile actress,
interpreting traditional or contemporary roles. She is a true Bollywood
pmathew1216 on November 05, 2008
ChandaKiChandnii, the name of the actress is Asha Parekh. She is NOT
Babita, Randhir Kapoor's wife and Kareena's mom.
Vickey Chauhan on November 14, 2008
touching melody.. I love to listen this song again and again .
Javed Shah Afridi on November 18, 2008
Superb fantastic mind blowing. Thanks for upload
nextdoorguy123 on November 19, 2008
Love is crazy, love is magical, In All the joy, all the griefs, it remains
careless... Even if the flame cautions the insect "Keep away from here, If
u don't want to burn like me, don't come close," But it simply won't
listen, as it has to jump in the fire anyway.. May somebody be behind
hundred veils and shies away, may she stares away everytime from her love,
But the heart falls for him, whom it had fall for anyway..
nextdoorguy123 on November 19, 2008
Have u listened to the poet, my love - even the world may forbid you, but
that which is full inside always outflows...
nextdoorguy123 on November 19, 2008
mingalabaa, roughly this would be the translation..
lave444 on November 22, 2008
i really love this song it really brings back the old days n it
rock!!!!!the best song ever!!!!!!
Hussain Mansoor on November 24, 2008
Great video, nice quality video
djdhamaka on November 24, 2008
gr8 song kishore will always remain a legend
k4dada on November 27, 2008
Kishore's voice is unmatched and will last after we are all gone. I wish I
was in heaven where he must be entertaining the master himself.
man from philly on December 04, 2008
lol i will just say each to his own.
ataguasrakras on December 12, 2008
The song is immortal and Rajesh Khanna looks great. Just look how handsome
he is! This was before the advent of Amitabh Bachhan when Rajesh Khanna
became the first superstar of Indian screen
sme31 on December 19, 2008
so soothing. love it :)
DIRECTORRAMESH on December 19, 2008
O say that again Sir, the voice of god himself.
Makkers1 on December 26, 2008
I like the way you show restraint. Good call though.
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