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Comments on song "Pyaar Ki Pungi Baja Kar"
rrraaahul on March 16, 2012
Did u just press the replay button?
Pietersen179 on March 16, 2012
OMG such a funny song made me laugh alot lolz
Arslan Bukhari on March 16, 2012
what is the name of the girl?
Liara1991 on March 16, 2012
Dont care if its copied or not XD but omg Saif Ali Khan is his old funny
self LOVE this!
Its Yash on March 17, 2012
Barobax - Soosan Khanoom OFFICIAL VIDEO HD
Hemant Bhatia on March 17, 2012
the girl made me fap fap fap..!! 8-|
Sajjad RedDevil on March 17, 2012
iam only watching video for at 2:20 scene ahaaa..
Sajjad RedDevil on March 17, 2012
name ov tthat girl????
Yasir Zaman on March 17, 2012
Thumbs up for 1 million views.Rocking song
anand raj on March 17, 2012
movie me koi khan hai toh srk and saif best actor and salman is even don't
know how to actor and how he become actor god knows he should be at
hospital or at gym to make it stupit body?????????????
anand raj on March 17, 2012
after watching this video that saif can do better than 100 times of salman
,saif lage raho and beat it hard salman and come forward and keep him at
Varun Khatri on March 17, 2012
@yabrgon u must be paki right ?
Kunal Sahay on March 17, 2012
@Sajjad1992able Mallika Hayden
nali007 on March 17, 2012
lol i love this song though i have absolute no interest in the film,the
song is really catchy & funny :D
ifhi khan on March 17, 2012
1:29 lolzz my fvt
Essa Rind on March 17, 2012
Whos the White girl in the song ?
Sweta on March 17, 2012
absolute dinchack... song too good..:) i laugh'd my lungs out...gosh...
Sweta on March 17, 2012
@essarind she is the pungi :) ha haaa
Atmar Kohistany on March 17, 2012
@ScRIMitar96 you have no right to call SRK like that.. He is the biggest
star in the world and everyone in the world know who SRK, Salman or Saif
are, your just jalouse of their fame. i am from Denmark and i love SRK and
Salman. You should have some respect for people.
Kristy Gujudhur on March 17, 2012
Man, I'm a girl, and I can proudly say that the girl in this video is HOT
KhushbuDol on March 18, 2012
I don't know why but something about this (maybe the music?) reminds me of
afghan music/songs :)
GajaVakra on March 18, 2012
Aggree with "r14balu" it is 100 times better than Kolaveri song
Randeep Hooda on March 18, 2012
way better then kolaveri.
SuperActofGod on March 18, 2012
Malika Haydon.Hotness at its best.
someone20ify on March 18, 2012
@bloom0888 what about aamir?.oh wait, why would you talk about an
TheMeenakshi29 on March 18, 2012
saifu rockd it..killer man
Sarang Talpur on March 18, 2012
0.10 her heasd was there and then 0.55 she came AGAIN
parth arora on March 18, 2012
@harleensharma82 agree :)
desitimez on March 18, 2012
I freaking love this song!!!!
Zoya Salim on March 18, 2012
Saifu is sooo cuteeee! Absolutley HOOOOKED on thissss
shreeraj talwadekar on March 19, 2012
@indiajag1 search Barobax Soosan Khanoom on youtube!!
shreeraj talwadekar on March 19, 2012
@101namaste wats more i hate it when people say his songs r better dan d
original!! Chor saala
Kalum Edirisinghe on March 19, 2012
@yabrgon You didn't get my Point Mr.yabrgon...!!!! There are millions of
songs which have the Same "Beat".. Beat means the Rhythm.. Not the Chords..
It's like the "Speed of the Song" kind of thing.. So this song is NOT a
COPY.. Just the Beat (Rhythm Speed) is same.. If anybody makes a Chair in
this end of the world, and If another Random person makes a Chair in that
end of the world accidently, that doesn't mean that the 2nd Person has
copied that.. It's Just an accident..
Kalum Edirisinghe on March 19, 2012
@yabrgon You can't Blame any Body.. And the thing is this.. Whether it is
copied or not-copied, Enjoy it.. Don't Blame their Creativity.. You didn't
have guts to make a song like that, did you? So let that song be and Enjoy..
Shankhoneer Chakrovarty on March 19, 2012
ole ole ole ole. did you just sing in saif's voice? :P
Shiraz P M on March 19, 2012
song 'inspired' from an Iranian song! no wonder this Indian composer does
it all the time, PRITAM CAT:)
riva2987 on March 19, 2012
watch SOOSAN KHANOOM song by iranian band BAROBAX...once again...pritam
proved dat is dirty filty copy cat..:-D
amit upadhyay on March 19, 2012
@68ishant moahabbat ki booch matlab spoiled the love
Abhishek Mitra on March 19, 2012
Abey Pritam chor aab to kuch sharam kaar, aur kitna copy karke paisa
worldlife on March 19, 2012
whose the model????? she is reallyyy hottt...
fariha rahman on March 19, 2012
awesome funny song but i like it!
TheMeenakshi29 on March 19, 2012
i loved the lyrics...
Randeep Hooda on March 19, 2012
ppl stop fighting . just enjoy the most amazing son.
Randeep Hooda on March 19, 2012
@interactazhar for u thumbs down.
jimmosiron on March 20, 2012
It is amazing how people are saying something or the other about the song
is ripped off from something. Some one below even said the video is rip-off
from "Weapon of Choice" by Flatboy Slim ... are you guys kidding ... just
because Saif is dancing like a clown in a suit it is like Weapon of Choice.
It is no different from people calling it a copy of "Soosan Khanoom" just
because it has the same beat sequence :P Actually Barobax has got more hits
( Ytube) because of this song, else who are they
askids on March 20, 2012
Preetam is just an improved version of Anu Malik. In his time, Anu Malik
had the advantage of not having internet at the time he was copying. So
facts would come up pretty late. But with Preetam, everything is on
internet. Though both have talent, they just tend to get overwritten by
such controversies. @drbihagbhatt, if you just go by beats and bass, there
will be many songs which will be alike. This sounded like the typical songs
from jhankar beats era. Anyway, I agree with your conclusion.
RAHUL PAWAR on March 20, 2012
sabko tu parsad bate ..main mangu toh mujhko tu date...aur ke galo pe pappi
mere hi galo par chante ...haha lol
jimmosiron on March 20, 2012
@sherryssj5 Dude, You didn't get the joke. And I am too lazy to explain it
ramboram03 on March 20, 2012
This sounds like a direct lift of Barobax from Iran
adalat khan on March 20, 2012
i love this songs
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