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Total Vote(s) : 42
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Comments on song "Rojaa Jaan E Man Tu Dil"
premsawan on February 01, 2008
I love em..
thug4luv on June 22, 2008
freakin great song! lyrics are absolutely brilliant - how patriotic a guy
can be and how much one can love somebody! hats off.
kiran2957 on March 27, 2011
from heart saying its really wonder full song
waliyan1 on April 14, 2011
hurt touching lyrics.4 whome who really love some1
anandsmile42743 on April 30, 2011
this songs is just associated with emotions my god what a song..

r8rdarklord on July 08, 2011
Based on Rag Des.
Neha Sahni on July 20, 2011
ye gaana muje mere pyar ki yaad dilaata hai ise sunkar main uski kami itni
mehsus karti hun mujhe lagta hai ki kaise bhi karke woh mere pass a jaye
warna main sach me marr jaungi... uske bina kuch aacha nahin lagta
...i can"t forget him.
Neha Sahni on July 26, 2011
@Faraz287 dont u have ur love with u??????????
Neha Sahni on July 27, 2011
kya hua tumhara love kahan hai ,kya wo tumhare sath nahin hai ????????
TheIndianraven87 on July 30, 2011
Very powerful song and a moving movie.
95301909 on August 13, 2011
Cannot neglect the fact that old movies were the best.AR Rahman rocks.His every song is crafted with beauty.Beautiful scenery in Kashmir
Fahad Ashfaq on August 30, 2011
Lovely song
Afnan Raghib on September 13, 2011
y u leave me alone in darkness.? i m soo lonly with out u.
therash09 on September 24, 2011
Wow! I didn't know it was a Tamil movie dubbed for the Hindi audience!
Wonderful stuff by the Southies! A revolutionary movie that brought a
complete turnaround in the music industry of Bollywood.
shain4teen on October 29, 2011
( A JAN)
Chiman Jagani on October 31, 2011
Album: Roja Year: 1992 Track: Roja Janeman Singer: SPBalasubramaniam Album
Star Cast: ArvindSwamy Madhoo Track Star Cast: ArvindSwamy Madhoo
dreamsformer on November 06, 2011
heart touching.. some great legends creation..
bilal mehmood malik on November 14, 2011
something sooo beautiful. .loved it. .full of emotions. .awsome song. :)
Shrey Saxena on December 06, 2011
raham sir is god
muhammad kabeer Quadri on December 15, 2011
Suppperb song ar rahman rockz
Moses Khan on January 13, 2012
if u find thumps up to a wrong year, then that deserves a thumps down :D
MsUdupi on February 25, 2012
rajappa siva on March 05, 2012
THUMBS UP if you're listening to this in 2012 and will continue listening
in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020,..3030, 4040,
5050...and so on.
Charlie Brown on March 06, 2012
awesome song!!!!
Pranjal Pratim on March 19, 2012
lovely song i dedicate this song to my love which far from me whom i never meet in my life .

adilkhan6004 on April 13, 2012
a thing of beauty is joy forever !
nyc song
patilright on April 28, 2012
love this song..amazing !!

Ramesh Michaels on May 14, 2012
Don't thumbs up please ohkk ! Likes wont earn me any penny also So please
ppl no likes ;)
sur sangeet on June 12, 2012
thumbs up i am watching.
nikhil baral on June 15, 2012
Thumbs up for AR rahman .Love from Nepal!!
Mehr Shafqat on July 06, 2012
you fool you are commenting in 2012 it means the people who will see your comment will watch in 2012
Filmi Gaane on August 24, 2012
Thanks ! Subscribe us & Watch more Old hindi songs!
Filmi Gaane on August 24, 2012
U R Welcome ! Subscribe us & Watch more Old hindi songs!
Filmi Gaane on August 24, 2012
Thanks ! Subscribe us & Watch more Old hindi songs!
Colette Bembenek on August 27, 2012
Thanks for the invitation...always loved India and the Hindi
language. Always loved the genius of A.R. Rahman and his father before him.
All these wonderful diverse people and their music blend the world together
into a very fascinating place.
Colette Bembenek on September 05, 2012
Responded to BRA per inbox. What's Rahman's initials stand for? First and
middle name. Was his father's name his first name as well?
maulikdoshi007 on September 08, 2012
dont fight again .. hindi and urdu are alsmost same... they are sisters ..
originating in UP.. INDIA .. so shut up ... they are both Indian
Saishyam Haridas on October 19, 2012
No one shoots songs like the Cinematographer Santosh sivan ...
tut8tut on October 25, 2012
a masterpiece
arka dutta on January 17, 2013
Thank you sir for creating such a music. Really u r blessed.
Kiran D on February 01, 2013
Oh my god, ManiRatnam is genius or I should say that the cameraman is more
genius to use SteadiCAM during 1991 in Indian Cinema.
Prabha Sharma on February 06, 2013
i m listening this 2013. its all time hit.very very sweet song
shubhi paranjape on February 06, 2013
lovely song
Mohamed Mifxal on February 19, 2013
Rahaman, Rahaman, Rahaman! Nobody ever talks about Sujatha Mohan's sweet
Dinali Perera on February 26, 2013
Beautiful song...
Dewdu Deneth on March 13, 2013
Oya Hondin Nedha Mage Sudu Manike
Devendra Misra on April 21, 2013
Love all the songs of Roja
Midhun K on April 21, 2013
u r correct
Subhasankar Bhattacharya on May 02, 2013
this is the first hindi movie i saw :)
Kiran Padhy on June 04, 2013
nice song i love it
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