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Comments on song "Shaayad Main Zindagi Ki Sahar Leke Aa Gayaa"
Sudhakar Balasankar on September 26, 2009
1987 is when, I heard this song for the first time and many more times...
22 years later this i as awesome as it was the first time. THANKS for
sunshine82007 on December 04, 2009
i agree with you. jagjit singh has a mesmorising voice...and together with
the beautifully composed music i always drift away into beautiful thoughts!
Sachin Gadekar on December 20, 2009
One of the Best !!!
vozmil on April 10, 2010
@sudhakarb01 I was married in 1987. We spent our honey moon driving through
beautiful Muree hills including Nathia Gali. Through out our trip we
enjoyed gazals of Jagjit and Chitra. They have so soothing voice and never
felt fed up.
Sudhakar Balasankar on April 10, 2010
@vozmil Time and life just flying by. Jagjit and Chitra's songs (and life)
inspires me. So many variables and uncertainties to buid such master
pieces. Such dedication, commitment, belief and love is required to create
these classics. These gazals (gift to humanity from Jagjit and Chitra) will
be apreciated and enjoyed by generations to come. Hope my children one day
learn to appreciate what it takes "to create". Thank you for sharing your
Sudhakar Balasankar on April 10, 2010
@MrYaadgar315 Phenomenon... These classics will be appreciated and enjoyed
by generations to come. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Jagjit's
rendetion to "Kal Chaudhaveen ki raath thi..." is just mesmerizing.
Basanta Kumar Gautam on June 07, 2010
Great ! The best ever Ghazal for me!
Basanta Kumar Gautam on June 30, 2010
One of my very very favorites! Most favorite! Thank you for the upload!
mizan sohel on July 26, 2010
I hear only jagjit's ghazal ! No need another songs or ghazal !
Zulfi Banvi on September 03, 2010
bewitching,marvelous what a nice piece of work
mabalochen on October 11, 2010
its one of my favorite.
mannheet on October 11, 2010
Heart touching song every word like heart BIT
bigbad1000do7a on February 10, 2011
can someone please translate the hard words?
Anupam Chaudhary on March 23, 2011
gard ae safar
Sana Fcc on April 28, 2011
Beautiful ghazzal heart touching voice of JAGJIT absoulatily superb
pushpesh kranti on May 03, 2011
most favorite song of jagjit singh..for me.when i listened it for fist
time...i cant beleive that a song like this can pierce my heart.!!!..but
i was wrong.mere dil ko chhu gaya yaar..!!!!
Naeem joyo on May 27, 2011
kia bat hai
namita kirti on June 03, 2011
sadness of his voice and meaning of lyrics are made for each
other.superb combination.
dfkhvbvbbffsfddvb on June 05, 2011
o well, he is expert in ghazals
Akhtar Hashmi on June 18, 2011
God has given him a voice which puts me in trans and takes me deep in the
past this is magic
jindery on June 29, 2011
Has anyone got the translation of the lyrics in English? Please put it up
Narayana Swamy on July 07, 2011
I believe the lyrics are by Sudarshan Faakir who also gave lyrics for the
Gazal "Yeh daulat be lelo Yeh shauhrat be lelo" sung by JS/CS. Will some
one please confirm- Narayanaswamy
dr.imran hussain on July 21, 2011
beautiful ghazal
pushpesh kranti on July 29, 2011
@1956swamy ...yaa you are right bro...this gazal is written by sudarshan
pushpesh kranti on July 29, 2011
speechless.dictionary of words is too smaal for praise..!!! most
favorite gazal...!!!..duniya me jo contribution gazal ke ke liye jagjit
singh ne diya hai...wo koi dusra nahi de sakta..!!
sumituprit1 on August 15, 2011
don't have words to appreciate.. makhmal se bhi naram aawaj
sahel sahel on August 20, 2011
love it jagjit sab... your Amazing singer. lots of love from
nkb4all on September 24, 2011
Jagjeet ji , aaj aap hospital main zindgi aor maut ki jang lad rahe hain
aor hum yahan kal se Aap ki Nayee Zindgee k lye Ashkon Bhari Ankhon ,Adh
khule Honton ,Aor Larazte Hathon se DUAA mang rahe hain, BABA NANAK bless
YOu .
grohit11 on October 07, 2011
wht a soothing Gazal.. dil karta hai ki sunte hi jayen
Dilip Kapse on October 10, 2011
RIP Jagjit Singh. True Legend
Ashish Dhingra on October 10, 2011
RIP jagjit ji, we will miss u
Basanta Kumar Gautam on October 11, 2011
RIP Jagjit Saheb! We will miss you!
Basanta Kumar Gautam on October 11, 2011
RIP Jagjit Saheb! We will miss you!
Abid Wasay on October 13, 2011
I thinkt his ghazal is most appropiate & befitiing tribute to this Ghazal
maestro.Poet Sudarshan Fakir says " May be i returned with the dawn of
life, since i ve brought along the murderer to my home."
0712alimehdi on October 15, 2011
he is no more with us. he was one of its kind & nobody will be like him till the end of this world. i will miss him rest of my life. ghazal lost its king. his voice and selections were matcless. his compsitions were awsome.
Sabor Raja on October 15, 2011
ur voice will live for ever
playboy69 on October 18, 2011
wahhh...kya log thy yaar
Aga Mirkhushal on October 24, 2011
Jagjit you are always remembered
rani nawa on November 02, 2011
beautiful song /kaki
deepak singh rajput on November 16, 2011
Best ghazal Nearest of my real life. When i listen this ghazal i remember
someone.. Nishu.
Sanafcc11 on November 20, 2011
listen it in night that night will be the beautiful night of your life
...thnx Jagjit g we will miss you forever...may your s0ul rest in peace..
rani nawa on December 06, 2011
i love this ghazel and voice /kaki / usa
Jaya Sapkota on December 31, 2011
@baaskadmin me too!
lokesh kumar on January 14, 2012
jagjit is jagjit. soothing voice + great music + awesome lyrics = out of
this world. no words for jagjit & chitra
Vijay6729 on January 28, 2012
R Pandey on February 25, 2012
Ta Umr dhundhta raha , Manzil mein ishq ki Anjaam yeh ke gard-e- safar leke
aa gaya
justin albert on March 30, 2012
I salute Jagjit he is not presnt in the world but he is alive in our
Veena Nigam on April 01, 2012
The deepness in his voice takes you to the chore of the ghazal.
anil bharti on June 07, 2012
it seems to me as if you are singing this ghazal for
ghazal of my life.
imgagz on August 07, 2012
Heart Touching voice but one should have heart to understand his deeply
touching words. Magical articulation of words by his voice
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