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Average Rating : 4.41
Total Vote(s) : 44
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Comments on song "Tere Liye Unplugged"
ridhimanchanda on February 20, 2010
i love ur voiceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee just like an angel from,heaven,
,,,,he he,,wow,have posted this just for you sachin...
ziyakhan12 on February 25, 2010
i loveeeeeeee u sachinnnnnnnnnnnnnn wow , wht a voice ,out of this
world.. ur a darling..
Ahmed Ashfaq on March 01, 2010
Hello agar iski itni hi achi awaz hai to bhir atif aslam se kyung gaane
Shivani Agarwal Bengani on March 02, 2010
Sachin.. Your simply outstanding. This song is what it is cause you have
given your voice to it.. Unbelievably fabulous !!! :) :) :)
Shivani Agarwal Bengani on March 02, 2010
Simply outstanding. This song is what it is only cause YOU have given
your voice to it... Could not have been any better in any other way...
Superb work !! : ) : ) : )
Asma M on March 02, 2010
chhina93 on March 09, 2010
i like song but i dont like when he say hona kabhi jud aa but i might be
better but its all write i love this
ridhimanchanda on March 12, 2010
it is a wonderful song indeed. love it... sachin love u
nYc4lyff3 on March 15, 2010
lovvee iitttt wit all my hearrttt <3
nYc4lyff3 on March 15, 2010
hooookked on ittt : ) beautfulll songg to the fullest
guitarvinity1 on March 16, 2010
i 4got my gf's birthday and she was mad at me for a week or two.and then
i played her this gf cried her heart out for this perfectly well on stone hearted aswell as the
more emo grlz..
lillie786 on March 16, 2010
loveeeeeeeeeeeee itttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt wow sachin
4rosegirl1 on March 16, 2010
it shld be in the the movie!
hiteshahuja on March 17, 2010
damn good!!!
ridhimanchanda on March 17, 2010
sachin gupta is the next gen STAR ;-) his music and his voice are both the
Nas khan on March 18, 2010
Nas khan on March 18, 2010
lillie786 on March 20, 2010
is it possible to fall in love with someone just coz u heard their voice???
i did with you Sachin...
nYc4lyff3 on March 21, 2010
lOve itt !!!!!! : )
Kaash Saraiya on March 21, 2010
Awesome!!!I love it!
SuzanaR on March 24, 2010
I'm totally in love with this song ...what an incredible voice
bigal9628 on March 27, 2010
although a big fan of atifs voice, this cover is way better!
ridhimanchanda on March 27, 2010
@bigal9628 wont exactly call it a cover.. it's a version.. even the lyrics
are different.. and yes this is way better :)
bigal9628 on March 28, 2010
most definitely...
fawad889 on April 01, 2010
nice song good voice bt atif ones way better he has put ome effects on his
voice in the track bt even tought nice song
fawad889 on April 01, 2010
nice song bt u gota acept the one atif sang is way way better
bilalzq on April 03, 2010
lovee this version
ridhimanchanda on April 05, 2010
@justvakkas if it's not unplugged then what is it???? accoustic???
ridhimanchanda on April 13, 2010
@gayathrirpsingh thanks gayathri what u say is very true... enjoy :)
BooXee Bash on April 17, 2010
i loved this 1 .. too relaxing =] even atif 1 is good too
BooXee Bash on April 17, 2010
loved this song more than atif's 1 =]
HURTEDEVER on April 19, 2010
ankureshkumar on April 19, 2010
@gayathrirpsingh pakiz are showing jealousy at its maximum.
ziyakhan12 on April 19, 2010
arre yeh gaana toh subhanallah hai :)
Najam Afzal on April 25, 2010
Lovely song this unplugged version is better than the real one
4kshitij on April 25, 2010
yaar jab itna saara talent hamarey paas hai toh hum besuri outsourcing kyun
kartey hein yaar this guy deserves a great opportunity and he is the next
gen singer wow man keep it up
4kshitij on April 25, 2010
i like this track .than.original track ,they should place it in the film
,good man keep it up
jewlz18 on April 26, 2010
@ankureshkumar correction: pakis are not showing jealousy... you indians
showing jealousy by starting off and comparing it to atif for no reason...
its totally different and all of you keep bringing up that it's better than
atif's.. comparisons is something u indians love to do.. get a life!!!
lalalala on April 27, 2010
can someone please send me the lyrics in my e-mail... thank you.
Krupanshu Goswami on May 01, 2010
sachin gupta is a bit better than atif.isn't it.its my opinion .
Najam Afzal on May 02, 2010
Great song and great voice sachin i pray this voice go higher and higher
MrMr304 on May 03, 2010
hey sachin you rocks man.great voice and great work on
the versn but atif is aitf.
Anayat Khan on May 04, 2010
nice BeAuTiFuL SoNg
420MrSaad on May 04, 2010
Nice SOng Man !!!! Nice Voice Man :))
rajesh5752 on May 20, 2010
if any one having this mp3 son plz tell me the code of finding the song
Tere Liye -Sachin Gupta-Unplugged-prince Full Jantein Line.
rehaan1989 on May 30, 2010
too good. the first tym i heard d song i was lost..
Arsalansmt on June 04, 2010
MY FAV SONG N HV DEDICATED 2 Rija.!!! love u rija.
tushars650 on June 06, 2010
mp3 song available on
ziyakhan12 on June 13, 2010
i cant get over this song its so awsome ...sachin you rock
VIPUL KAPOOR on June 28, 2010
dude very well sung!!!!!! can u plz send me the track ???? would b really
thankful !!! :)
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