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Comments on song "Tere Dwaare Pe Aayi Barat"
Sachin Srivastava on March 07, 2008
sung beautifully by Sudesh Bhonsle and excellent music by Ravindra Jain..
aishah23432 on March 22, 2008
this is such a sad movie but as usual a happy ending
iluvzayed23 on March 26, 2008
i luv the part wen shahid hold amritaz hand..
xxilixx21 on April 13, 2008
i <33333333333333 shahid kapoor!
SONIAakaKING on April 20, 2008
gr8 song :")))))))))))))
dhulan101 on May 07, 2008
i have 3 things!! I absolutly love this movie and songs r great!!
1. ok who is the actress who plays choti?
2. when is the second sequal of vivah comming out??
3. Will amrita be in it??
AlishaB on May 07, 2008
1) Amrita Prakash 2) Theres a sequel? 3) I hope so
Monica Sharma on May 19, 2008
someone plzzz download the last part of vivah.or the whole movie
plzzzz.i luv this movie!!!!
sweet2sehr on May 27, 2008
can someone upload the movie part by part becoz my youtube isnt working dont no why but thakns and shahid is sooooo cute with amrita.can someone tell me where can i found these kind of videos from which hav romance in it its for my homework thanks
xoShanixo on May 27, 2008
they really are a cute couple
serene4444 on June 06, 2008
he's welcome to come to my doorstep with a wedding procession any day. ;) lol.. the chances are slim but hey, its not a crime to dream! right?
Saad Shafique on June 14, 2008
lolsz same here :P
jattixkuri on June 14, 2008
Luv dis song N dis movie Great Story Line! Luv It! X
pkk54 on June 18, 2008
qusetion can you plz download the whole movie plzzzzzzzz thxx guyssssssss
Cannoneboom on July 09, 2008
Sup? you gotta check this out it will blow your mind. meetyourfling(.Com)
bolly1luver on July 23, 2008
lol anytym!
Sciencenerd on July 26, 2008
i wish they would really get married!! :)
Kayz Sarah on July 26, 2008
shahid should go out with amrita,them 2 suit better than him and
kareena..and he's sooooo cute...
hermennhess on July 28, 2008
Rajshri, you are the most dirtiest people I have ever seen. You keep
claiming others videos NOT owned by them and keep suspending many good
channels with good Hindi songs. You are nothing but a money hungry rascal.
You are ruining the Indian music. Go to hell.
hermennhess on July 28, 2008
Rajshri, you are the most dirtiest people I have ever seen. You keep claiming others videos NOT owned by them and keep suspending many good channels with good Hindi songs. You are nothing but a money hungry rascal. You are ruining the Indian music. Go to hell.
giggleface313 on July 28, 2008
LOVE DIS MOVIE!!!! watched like so many times over!
aiishax23 on July 29, 2008
i love this movie (:
this is so sweet, it made me cry.
blueflame1970 on August 14, 2008
cn yhu pls download dis movie pls.
solin80 on August 31, 2008
Tumse bohat pyaar karte ho Shahid kapoor.
Monica Sharma on September 07, 2008
they r such a cute couple!!! i really wish they would get married for real
i would be soooo surprised and sooooo happy!!!
hunkcrux on September 09, 2008
i would i to marry amrita rao
xfiz14 on September 10, 2008
wow amrita looks flawless at 1:46
Kayz Sarah on September 12, 2008
flawless? lol, Amrita is like the most flawless actress in bollywood,she's
got the most amazing skin.
rasberry298 on September 28, 2008
i love this movie and this song!
nish0895 on September 30, 2008
i love this movie and song i love the romance!!! sooo cute!!! me and my coz thinb shahid and amrita are meant for eeachother!!! there true couple!!! i
sadly there too good at acting hope this TURNS real!!! it shows love!!!
Kayz Sarah on October 01, 2008
its soooo cute when Shahid takes her hand when theyre doing the rounds,im
like addicted to this song! lol
Hiral Patel on October 05, 2008
i know right! seriously.. forget kareena!
Fairyfaria on October 08, 2008
lovly song!!! can u plzz also upload the end of this movie & hospital scene
as well plzz plzz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!
Imran Salauddin on October 13, 2008
loveable song... this song will make you think of getting married.
aghamora on October 23, 2008
get married then lol
Imran Salauddin on October 24, 2008
Shadi se dar lagta hai kyunki most girls are liar.
aghamora on October 24, 2008
most girls are liars? wow ok and how about men?
Imran Salauddin on October 24, 2008
Men also lie, no doubt but never never to the extent that women does. We
men are mostly simple and dont just lie for nothing. Some girls just keep
lying even for small small thing.
aghamora on October 24, 2008
ha ha ok u got issues
Imran Salauddin on October 25, 2008
Yes... ex - issues but what I mentioned is true
aghamora on October 25, 2008
what you mentioned is your opinion not the truth.well i am not a liar
and i am sure not all girls r.
liasambrown on October 25, 2008
men r de person in da ralationship dat go n av der lovely hw cum ppl call women liars...everybody lies..but i can garuntee women r mre onest dan men.
liasambrown on October 25, 2008
oh yeah...dat comment woz 4 momininpower
Imran Salauddin on December 02, 2008
Dear liasambrown, let me tell you something ... In love, men will tell
the girl everything but a women will always have something to hide. A women
will never be 100% transparent or honest off course there are exceptions.
Imran Salauddin on December 02, 2008
Also friends, this is only a discussion and not a fight. Enjoy...
ladysam2209 on December 02, 2008
hey mominpower...dis is liasambrown...wid anova one is 100% transparent...but women are more transparent den women are always de 1 hiding sumin...wid exceptions.agree...
HOTDesigirl on December 13, 2008
i also liked them in ishq vishq too
blingstababe on December 17, 2008
only coz men wont understand if women are 100%..were as women r they
forgive easily and understand were as men get angry and go spastic!...NOT
SAYING AL MEN R LIKE THAT but frm my experience most of them are! love this
Vanessa H on December 27, 2008
i love this movie the best ever
Zoahrulz on January 08, 2009
i believed that there are women who are 100% honest but men always hides
sumat in their heart, but afta watching this movie I dnt think dat anymore
shahid is sooooooooooo cute
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