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Comments on song "Tujhe Sab Hai Pata Meri Maa"
kittadd on July 15, 2008
kool yar,,, cant say anyt5hing about it...just u maan
prbhaskar on July 18, 2008
Simply ode to a mother from a troubled child... PR
prbhaskar on July 19, 2008
An outstanding lyric!touches the chords within ode to a
mother!!!so soulful...indeed! PR
gabarujawan on July 22, 2008
5* is so less 4 this beautiful song i give 100*+
hottiegirl05 on September 06, 2008
This song is so so sad:( touches my hrt so much.
rina28kumawat on September 14, 2008
I love this song very much,I feel it is coming form my HEART directly for my MOM. I LOVE U MOM...LOVE U...
harisrustam on October 22, 2008
This song is heart toucing
prashantutube9103 on November 01, 2008
heart this song a lot..
Jayanthi Karunanithi on November 16, 2008
Gosh...sometimes I have to remind myself that the boy is only an actor. His
emotions are so real, I always tear up at this song!
Shoedes on December 06, 2008
A gr8 song man and a fantastic movie
basketballboy03 on January 20, 2009
ah man this song and movie is sad. i normally dont get emotional during movies but i said i had to go to the bathroom just to cry. i didnt want my parents to see me :'[
loinsheaven on January 26, 2009
i dedicated this song to all world s mothers tujay sub hay patta hay na ma
QRRAR on January 30, 2009
IAm I so bad Ma? Am I so bad? My Ma Whenever dad swing me around little
harder, my Ma My sight tries to find you around, that you will hold me, my
Ma I never told him but I get terrified, my Ma Never showed it on my face
but I do get nervous inside You know all that dont you? Ma You know all
that, right my Ma
QRRAR on January 30, 2009
never told you but I am scared from the dark, Mom I never showed you but I
do care for you, Mom You know all that dont you? Ma You know all that,
right my Ma Dont leave me in the crowed because I couldnt be able to make
my way to home Dont send me so far away that I couldnt even reach to your
arifchangazi on February 09, 2009
a great song.
hem244 on February 13, 2009
dis is an heart touchning song
0567735649 on February 22, 2009
this song is realy great n darshil,, have done mind blowing perfomance
dondhoomraja on March 23, 2009
man first time tears in my eyes... this is a great song luv it..
ahaa14 on March 29, 2009
this song proves that mother is a wonderful creation in this world.
madinarashidzada on April 05, 2009
i love the movie its so freaken sad and good
Tahir Nazir on April 24, 2009
nice song thanks
girl1234sawar on May 10, 2009
the kid is an awsome actor
jaspreet kaur on May 13, 2009
so sad and so perfect
Temptressgirl2 on May 17, 2009
Love you mummy...sorry if sometimes we dont understand you but we really loves you a lot.thx for terrific song..
moussay mi on May 17, 2009
wow, lovly song... .i fell happy becoz i hav u in my life mom.lov u mom
perfumenazz on May 20, 2009
just so beutifulll the song
SANJUZ12 on May 29, 2009
Shankar you have created history man..I showed this to my german
friends...they started crying without knowing the meaning..Ma is the same
everywhere...I might go to the extend and say the most emotional song in
world history..never cried after listening to a just composed
and sung a heavenly still in tears !!
renjithashok on June 01, 2009
i don't have words to express my feelings..
nainagautam on June 06, 2009
out of words to explain wht mm feelin rite now~~the song says it all~~
dose small hands r wiping tears
i hav bcum a fan of Shankar now
**All We Need Is Love**
kaushikagopal on June 25, 2009
it feels as when i was at my hostel. and felt for my mom..
mayatheassassin123 on June 27, 2009

I remembered how my mother used to take care of me...!!
liju alex on July 06, 2009
All the coments given below are my feeling too... No words to explain..
Great Song guys... !!!
thetruth786110 on July 06, 2009
cant explian what i feel for my ma
kihospital on July 07, 2009
This film is the greatest of all
this film got oscar from me
Tare Zameen per...
Great Actor and Director . Mr. Aamir Khan
MyNeema on July 11, 2009
mom is always grt ten all... she is the one always cares for us. no one can replace her ur mom... god will bless u all
MeLifeYou on July 21, 2009
My mom is a never ending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune.

Miss you Mom !! :)
snivk on July 24, 2009
thanx aamir khan...
Pravinchandra Tailor on August 08, 2009
When I am writing this, there are tears in my eyes. thanks.GOD , for
creation of MOTHER !!! As GOD can not reach to everybody HE sends
MOTHERS... Thanks for uploading such an emotional song...
umair775 on August 12, 2009
what a great u mom.
faj11 on August 14, 2009
this song is so sad!! made me cry while watching this excellent film!!
2872580 on August 16, 2009
My mom is the sweetes person on earth, she cares for me alot, takes cares
of me all the time, She is the one who tells me whats right and whats
wrong, I dont know what i am gonna do without my mom!!!
salman5zaheer on August 19, 2009
Avery very nice song, my mother died, and i also love her too too much, and
no body can take place of my late sweet mom.. i love u mom, i love u.
hbkdon123 on August 28, 2009
you know guys in holy qur'aan, it saysmom is " rabbana sagira" means mother
is small god. and 70 times of mothers love is equalent to allah (god) love
towards all mankind. this song has no single to word to describe.. its
beyond imagination...hats off to u aamir khan
Hari Sivasubramaniam on September 03, 2009
Thuje subhe patha hena maaa
MrDevdutt on September 06, 2009
Meri maa tujhe sab hai pata
pforpappu on September 16, 2009
This song always makes me cry. A releationship between a mother and her
child - be it either a boy or a girl, is something unique.
Win3689 on September 24, 2009
True salman5zaheer. No one can replace Mom. All Mom's are a form of God on earth. I pray that your Mom stays in peace.
Naresh Kumar on September 26, 2009
I love you MAA...!
IMSMNoman on October 03, 2009
I LoVe U Ma "MOM"
IMSMNoman on October 03, 2009
Dis Song Makes Me Cry' Whn Ever I Listen It. Its A Natural Touchy Song HEat
2 Heart
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