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Comments on song "Yeh Jo Chilman Hai"
mesheikhoo on June 14, 2008
absolutely right.. She looks like a Doll , isn't?
mesheikhoo on June 27, 2008
japanese doll.. :) .. like me , lol
judaai786 on July 04, 2008
aha kiya baat he sroor aa giya bhi g mein din mein is gane ko kei baar
sunta hoon beast song & video
Sweetgirl1213 on July 16, 2008
leena chandavarkar looks stunning
and her eyes omg
koi pagal ho jaye
zeeekooo75 on August 14, 2008
soooooo cute song but what doese it mean :) please
IARSHAD1 on August 25, 2008
Greetings All

I just like to say that the woman in this vidoe clip is so adorably beautiful, if a woman looking like came to me, I'd definately be a one woman man.
confusedimigrant on September 04, 2008
ok i will translate it for you it starts as
this curtain (between you and me)is our enemy
how shy is my bride ho ho
this curtain is our enemy
(music plays and then he says)
why there should be someone else but us(twice)
why there should be someone between love and beauty. ho ho
i have complain about this silky scarf
why it hides your face ho ho
this curtain is our enemy
ho ho ah ah aa
how possibly can you lover see you
how can he be blessed with you bright sight.
confusedimigrant on September 04, 2008
i swear to god these tresses(your hairs)are like clouds
how beautifully they are scaterresd on my lovers cheeks ho ho
this curtain is our enemy
when you started revealing yourself
oh my god why my heart beat is faster
oh yes it beats faster
oh i am on fire
oh i am suffocating
this heart beat is our enemy
how i controle it is my nightmare
ho ho
this curtain is our enemy
how shy is my bride ho ho ah
jksohal on September 25, 2008
This is my all time favourite song. Mohd Rafi is on top form as usual and Rajesh Khanna and Leena Chandavarkar are perfect!
rayhaan23 on September 27, 2008
amazing...and she is way better looking than the cheap actresses we have today...genuine beauty.
sightsandsoundsofpak on September 29, 2008
What a song, what a voice, amazing lyrics and what a style..unbeatable and uncompareable with nowerdays.
MUSLIMAxAMIRAH on October 06, 2008
what a difference to the hindi films today..those days the people were so decent and natural and classic...these new films will never compare
janaahi on October 12, 2008
waaah waaaah kiya tarana hai , kiya awaaz , kahan rafi aur kaha rajesh or
leena, never can be repeated
ERUMBAIG on December 18, 2008
HaPpYpRiNcE1 on December 25, 2008
mohd rafi saab jesi hasti kabhi nahi paida ho sakti un ki azmat ko Salam,i
love mohdrafi
Sam on January 24, 2009
waaah...waaaah kia jadu bari awaz hay.
Sam on January 24, 2009
yara qiamat gana hay
NinaSky11 on January 29, 2009
Luv this song..which movie is it from??
MEENAKAKAR on January 31, 2009
this is such a graatttt song rafi's ka awaz is to die for!!!!
ameera102 on February 03, 2009
such a wonderful song and wat a nice voice r.i.p rafi
rajamuddassar on February 06, 2009
very good i cant believe m rafi
IRAQI786 on February 10, 2009
my favorite song by mohammed rafi omg this song gets me all crazy lol
zaalim gana
allahrakhee on February 11, 2009
foodyme on March 06, 2009
woww..wot a song so romantic...movies name is mehboob ki mehendi
M11RZA on March 25, 2009
This is by far Mohammad Rafi's BEST song ever!
albadari on April 26, 2009
Yes he had great voice, but i would have liked him to record an Azaan or complete Quran in his beautiful God gifted voice. This must have helped him where he is in today>>> 6 feet under.
U2PusudiMan on April 29, 2009
decant song n lovely
urduwala on May 09, 2009
Yes ! thats the beauty of Eastern (indian) culture. Sharum and masumiat are the parameters of purity. and rafi sahab voice is from heaven.
lalam1354 on May 10, 2009
This is Muhammad Raffi! no comments at all.
lalam1354 on May 10, 2009
To Albadari, your thinking is nice but how did you end up watching this song instead of azaan or holy Quran?
raviiee271183 on May 13, 2009
just great..sung by revered legendary Rafi saab.
raviiee271183 on May 13, 2009
just awesome.sung by the VOICE OF GOD Rafi saab
contactasap001 on May 20, 2009
Albadari you you typed in Azan and this song came up. This must be a
miracle. By the way, music is prohibited in Islam and I wonder what brings
you here.
FromPakLand on May 30, 2009
I was an ardent fan of Rafi sb, & i had his collection probably no one could ever have. But i left all that behind me in 1998 alhamdolillah. No more movies , songs , pictures & anything of that sort. My friend was watching this song on his computer and i felt like commenting on that. Thanx..
FromPakLand on May 30, 2009
I have replied to a similar question asked by lalam1354, plz read that. Thanx
FromPakLand on May 30, 2009
This "albadari" commenting from my friend's desk[FromPakLand], forgot to sign out his nick. Sorry
lalam1354 on May 30, 2009
keep it up have made a wise choice,i am curious to see how long you can keep it up.May God give you the strength to have your control.
albadari on May 30, 2009
JazakAllaho khair brother, keep praying for me inshaAllah. Plz try to join me on paltalk>> in sirat e mutaqeem room or dawat toheed wa sunnah. Im there with same nick. Thanx
blumenladen252 on June 05, 2009
Wow this girl looks so cute , inocent and very very feminine
MrBilal2009 on June 08, 2009
This is the most beautifully picturised song of indian film industry.
kukko2010 on June 11, 2009
come on guys, u have gone far from the topic. Rafi was a great singer and particularly this song has its own class. not to forget the performars in the video, they also made a great contribution to make this song live forever.
7marguerite on June 27, 2009
beautiful song with a great voice actualy y tried to listen all his songs
he is UNIQUE
MrWiseButt on July 13, 2009
excellent performance by Rafi.
Kartik Rathnam on July 15, 2009
what does chilmun mean? any idea?
Jagjit S on July 18, 2009
im not sure but i THINK it means curtain?
sohamoti on August 02, 2009
song has depicted the real feeling of true love
itachi029 on August 04, 2009
what's the name of the actress? she is so beautiful and was in the song Jane kyun log pyar kerte hain.she looks like my beloved, it reminds me of her. Please! someone tell me her name and biography if u know
Gagan Bedi on August 22, 2009
Actress name is Leena Chanderwarkar second wife of legendary Kishore kumar
Kartik Rathnam on August 22, 2009
thanx jag...
Kartik Rathnam on August 22, 2009
thanx moin,,,,
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