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Comments on song "Zindagi Maut Na Ban Jaae Sambhalo Yaaro"
Don786k on March 25, 2009
excellent quality bro love it

cheers 4 dat
gaurav448 on March 26, 2009
Absolutely superb song. Jatin-Lalit's patriotic magic, voiced magically by Sonu and Roop Kumar
saire111 on April 08, 2009
absolutely brilliant .. thanks for the post ..
mastdevil on April 15, 2009
Nice work .. many of us like this song but only few have wrote about the lines that are narrated before this song.
mastdevil on April 15, 2009
"Zare zare me chupa hai Hosle walon ka josh...

Paida hote hai issi mitti se Sarfarosh"

Absolutely Brilliant !!!!!!!
vasudevannamboothiry on June 03, 2009
Amazing song! One of my favourites! Jai Hind!
dhruvsarvatra on June 21, 2009
one of the ultimate songs.
absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!
gives rise to goosebumps immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!
it seems as if i can do anything for my country
Jai Hind!!
gaurav448 on July 02, 2009
one of the best patriotic songs... magical song, magical singing of Sonu and Roop kumar, and magical music of Jatin Lalit from an equally unforgettable movie.


laksh20 on July 02, 2009

sriram0936 on July 02, 2009
hallo can any1 give me perfect meaning of "SARFAROSH" ?? :))
gaurav448 on July 02, 2009
As far as I know, SARFAROSH means DAREDEVIL
shaunak786 on July 27, 2009
very patriotic song.and a mindblowin movie too...aamir rocks
guruofanarchy on August 03, 2009
thanks for the upload ashish.. much needed!
happysad121 on August 15, 2009
movie and this song are awosome
happysad121 on August 15, 2009
people made awosome songs from 1950 to 2000 after that nobody made good songs
mendrakex on September 11, 2009
Eak Taraf Pyar Hein Chahat Hein Wafadari Hein Eak Taraf Desh Mein Netagiri Hein :)) Wah Wah.. >More Dangerous Than Terrorist
banuvaibhav on October 02, 2009
sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamera dil mein hain DEKHNA NA HAIN JOR KITNA BAJUA KATIL MEIN HAIN
yovenash on November 22, 2009
just felt like crying when i listened to this!!!wow..this is so wow~!!!!
rafahenara on January 21, 2010
is sonu nigam the best singer or what
ganman2001 on May 01, 2010
Truely the powere of the poet (and the voice) is x times powerful than the power of the bullet. Awsome song!
BollywoodFreakk on May 03, 2010
viveknair3 on May 04, 2010
@rafahenara Roop Kumar Rathod has been more brilliant than Sonu in this song ...
rafahenara on May 04, 2010
@viveknair3 Common man, listen closely
viveknair3 on May 05, 2010
@rafahenara Alternate stanzas are sung by Sonu and Roop Kumar in the song . Personally I likes the stanzas from Roop Kumar :)
sonudevgain on May 09, 2010
I proud to be an Indian...
Waqas0343 on May 12, 2010
Sar baichne Wala ,, Meaning of Sarfrosh
musamamushtaq on May 15, 2010
means kisi de cheez kay liya jan ki bazi laga daynay wala
MsAbdulkhalique on June 03, 2010
especially i dedicate this song to the jawans those are in the border

shera281 on July 01, 2010
a fantastic movie a fantastic script afantastic songs

TheLaxman001 on July 13, 2010
How can I Download this Video?
Anyone HElp Me!
Omkara777 on July 20, 2010
@TheLaxman001 use keepvid(dot)com
shail9236421690 on July 24, 2010
its an awsum song
whomsoever have written d lyrics...from my side hats of to him

ravindra7775 on August 04, 2010
@TheLaxman001 ..simple ..share it on your gmail account by sending it by email
TheKalimata on August 04, 2010
@dhruvsarvatra couldnt agree more with you my friend...jai hind...jai maha kali..
iamthedarklord1314 on August 05, 2010
@happysad121 Your right. Songs are good now but they dont always move you the way older songs did.
rahulbhai9350 on August 20, 2010
this song is gorgious for sa sheedon
001sharry on August 23, 2010
Among the most patriotic Songs ever scripted and brilliantly drafted, Jai Hind
mmoushumi on August 24, 2010
this is one of the most inspiring movie ... and a fantastic song .
mmoushumi on August 24, 2010
this is one of the most inspiring movie ... and a fantastic song .

abroshahid on September 02, 2010
Sonu has sung this incredibly, wonderfully.
hindigeetmala on September 13, 2010

Lyricist for this song is Israr Ansari. Music by Jatin Lalit and singers are Sonu Nigam and Roop Kumar Rathod.
ROONEYGIBBS6 on December 22, 2010
GR8 ACT BY AAMIR and really really good movie with gr8 music and lyrics.
mamgain15 on January 16, 2011
this song is very powerful to fight against terrisum
mamgain15 on January 16, 2011
this song is very powerful to fight against terrisum jai hind

mushii0807 on January 22, 2011
one of my favourite songs... brillant!!
suhasa31 on January 27, 2011
super love the song and the movie..
burbuwaswa on February 22, 2011
for sriram0936--Sar-means head and farosh means seller. So, sarfarosh means "one who is ready to sell or give his head for some noble task. Sarfarosh means "one who is ready to die for some great work" like Subhashchandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Ashfaqullah Khan, Chadrashekhar Azad who were ready to give their head, ready to die for the sake of 33 million Indians who were slaves of British. Jai Hind.
dan90sh on March 06, 2011
@sriram0936 sarr ki baazi lagane wala...
bijdavbby on April 12, 2011
It is a beautiful and meaningful song. It should be dedicated to all martyrs who have lost their lives for a worthy cause.
byomjan on May 14, 2011
@sriram0936 - Mad for country..
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